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Daron Hall ‘world class racist?’

May 6, 2014

Daron Hall is World Class LOL


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated and untrained men, they marveled. And they realized that they had been with Jesus. (Acts 4:13 NKJV)

    Seeking or lost in the blindness? Also know the one who steals your sight adds confusion so that you will not walk.

    • thebrownhornet permalink

      I hear dan weikal has turned the cool air off again like he has done every year since he has been Administrator. Those poor officers have to come to work under those conditions. They deserve better.

  2. The lost one permalink

    I think you lost that one….. Still fun to debate…..accept reality and act accordingly ! In 10 years this will still be a gossip column and nothing will have changed. Lots of rhetoric an preconceived notions flying around.

    • Ashley Herrera permalink

      Hello, I just found out that my ex boyfriend hacked my Facebook and screen capped my conversations with Dan Weikal. I feel terrible about it!!! My ex boyfriend is named Philip Dover. I told Philip that if he released the nude pictures of Dan that I would sue him.

  3. The lost one permalink

    Ok…. Is Dcso not a LE agency? All LE groups follow a para military guideline in regard to appearance and grooming to include hair length. If an inmate were to rip a CO to the ground by the scalp and injure him or her who is to blame? By the discourse of this blog that would be the sheriff’s fault…. Why add another “natural handle to the body”? Common sense please! It appears reason holds no weight amongst the commenters of this site which leads me to believe its curators are jaded due to their obvious miscontent for whatever went wrong in regards to their employment. As far as hair coloring seriously? It appears you guys are running out of ammo at this point! How would you have the SO ran? No rules? No policy? No order ? Anarchy in the jail? Hell maybe y’all could just slap a badge on old jumpsuits to save a buck……maybe the next guy can do better right? I bet if I lined most of these anti SO employees against a wall they would fit the same description, a wrinkled uniform and tarnished brass length away from an avg POS – 😉 have fun being miserable

    • Technically Ryan, NO the DCSO is NOT a law enforcement agency. Officers at the DCSO have as much arresting powers as a dropout MTSU student. Daron Hall is the only Sheriff in the state who does not police his county, hence the name Warden Hall. Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a Warden, or a jailer.. But be proud of what you are and don’t pretend to be something you are not. Why was ‘law enforcement agency’ added to the mission statement? Ironically, it was around the time the President was giving grants to law enforcement agency’s. Your statement about officer safety is accurate.. However, the DCSO has not given officers a raise in years. The DCSO has forced Sergeants to manage TWO floors instead of one. Officer morale is low, vacation and sick days are used and the jails are short staffed. SMU corporals are forced to manage their units with virtually no help from the Sergeants, as they have two floors to manage. Ask officer Hal Van Metre about officer safety,.. His face was rearranged by an inmate.

    • Joe McCarthy permalink

      Not being a Nashville history buff, I believe there was a time before Metro was chartered that the Sheriff had law enforcement capability and patrolled the county.. When Nashville became a Metropolitan government the Nashville Police Department handled all law enforcement responsibility. The Sheriff had the responsibility of running the jails, and delivering civil process. The DCSO is a correctional agency. Large and small jails are structured as paramilitary organizations with a rank structure. If I recall correctly the position of Sgt was implemented at the CJC by John Ford when he was the Assistant Administrator. No other facility was able to implement that position. The unique thing that I always wondered about was “why the Sgt had no real supervisory responsiblility, input on his/her employees schedule, input on evaluations, policy input? Officer safety should be of paramount importance to the administrator, chief of security, Lts, and Sgts because they are the leaderdship of the facility. Why is the SMU a one officer post? If Sgts are responsible for two floors what is the Lt doing? The ideal when you implement a policy particularly one that is controversial, input is sought from other correctional agencies, leadership within the agency, and line staff. Writing a policy is not the problem but the implementation. How many years has it been since officers got a cost of living raise? What is the rationale for not implementing any raises?

      • 12yearsaslave permalink

        Dan Weikal took all responsibilities from his Leiutenants. He basically gave them nothing to do so he and the so called” Cheif of security Johnson” could then run the show. Another name for Johnson is “Mr. Monday morning” because if any changes are made it needs to start on Monday morning. Its never a need for immediate change with him. So Weikal gave the LT”S nothing to do so that way they’ve got nothing to complain about.

    • gladimgone permalink

      No. It’s not a law enforcement agency. It is a fucking joke. Look at metro PD. That’s a law enforcement agency. That’s why you don’t have any LE authority. You fucking poser.

  4. The lost one permalink

    Keep guessing lol

  5. Master permalink

    Dis the same officer Cochran that was dating the black nurse and a brotha started tapping day ass lmmfbao you got in great with uncle Daron and Uncle Tom tom

  6. The lost one permalink

    Threats? How does one threaten an anonymous surname? Lol I was unaware that affluent young men such as the individual you speak of ever entered the world of corrections ? Anyways I try to give advice to improve this blog and it mistaken for some sort of ideological rhetoric ? Enjoy your gossip column girls…. Maybe Phil Williams can do a better job. It must suck to blame all the waverings of life on someone else being racist …. What ever happened to personal accountability – did the clippers win tonight ? Lol

    • Thank you for your patronage, Ryan! If you go back to out very first post in November 2012 and read every post to date.. You will discover that we post ALL issues from within the DCSO! Not every topic is race, however with recent actions by Daron Hall, it has come to the fore front. We did not make Daron Hall ban dreadlocks or black women coloring their hair, we did not make Daron Hall speak to a white supremacist group, we did not make Daron Hall shackle a pregnant Hispanic woman during labor, we did not make Daron Hall send ‘get out of jail free’ cards up minorities on Nashville. Warden Hall decided to do these things. We only posted our opinions on the matter. We are here for the front line officers, who have not had a raise in years, who are harassed and scrutinized by admin, we are here for the officers who watch admin do things that they would be fired for.

      • Joe McCarthy permalink

        After reading your reply to Ryan, you raise a lot of questions regarding racial discrimination.from the upper management of the DCSO. What does banning dreadlocks and the coloring of hair have to do with employing sound correctional policy? Did upper management meet with a group of African-American employees before implementing such a ridiculous policy? How many employees did this effect? Did the communications director google the name of the group before the Sheriff spoke to them? Was someone held accountable? Under normal circumstances two chiefs and a communications director should have known who the Sheriff was addressing. Putting shackles on any woman(African American, Hispanic, or Caucasian) giving birth is an egregious correctional and security error. Did anyone ask what the escape risk was shackling her?At the time this incident occurred I was a site monitor at an ICE facility in Miami, and we heard about this incident there and wondered how much the lawsuit was going to cost ICE.. Was anyone held accountable(i.e. chief, dept head)? Is there a plausible answer as to why “get out of jail cards” were sent to a minority community. If it wasn’t racism, the perception was there. Under normal circumstances a strong union would be raising all sorts of objections, but the SIEU has never had an impact on the administration. I cant determine whether the administration is racist but I do know for certainty there is a lot of stupidity and arrogance floating around 2nd Ave.

      • Very good points Joe! The African American employees were not consulted prior to the policy changes. A lieutenant with dreadlocks was forced to take a counselor position, a female officer was forced to resign and several females were forced to cut their hair. Karla West was not reprimanded in any way for scheduling the meeting at Picadilly Cafeteria with the white supremacist group. Daron claims the ‘get out of jail’ cards were sent out as marketing for his campaign, however, they were ONLY sent to minority neighborhoods. As you already mentioned the SEIU is not a strong union. The head union steward for the DCSO is best friends with Dan Weikal and has a history of doing nothing more than candling to Weikels ego.

      • thebrownhornet permalink

        Basically they had a Leiutenant who had let his hair grow long and the next thing you knew”dreadlocks”. He kept his hair up off his shoulders while in uniform but to them i guess it didnt look professional. I guess their thinking was that if the officers see the LT looking this way then its okay for them to do it as well. They were trying to stop a fad before it got started. However, they then proceeded to create a policy to to get the LT in line to look more professional. Prior to creating the policy, a husband and wife are hired,sent through the training class and passed and then went to work for DCSO with dreads. Then all of a sudden the policy changed and now the married couple are caught up in the middle of the feud with the LT. The male officer decides to get in compliance but the female didnt feel she needed to make a drastic change. Her hair was in compliance as far as length and color. It applied to everyone accept Marcus Bodie, who still to this day never got rid of his braids/dreads.

      • The main issue we have is with females. An African American female having micro braids, or ‘dreadlocks’ is much different than a male. We feel is was disgusting to force these women to cut their hair.. As you can’t unbraid ‘dreadlocks!’ Also the ‘coloring’ of the hair to an un-natural color was targeting black women as well. How many white women die their hair blonde, red or dark? It was a disgusting policy.

      • Joe McCarthy permalink

        It is hard for me to believe that a chief who is an African American with a vast amount of correctional experience allowed such a policy to be implemented. Did he consult with the large jail network at the National Institute of Corrections ? I wonder how many other jails across the country have a policy in place. Don’t recall that there is an ACA jail standard that pertains to dreadlocks and hair coloring. If so I must have missed that along the way. I am surprised this issue hasn’t created a lawsuit. I wonder what the speech was about at the Pickadilly cafeteria? If you google that group it is pretty plain that they were white extremeists and what their mission and goals are for existing. With as much baggage that Dan Weikal brings to the table it doesn’t surprise me that he is well heeled with the SIEU steward. Then again he was well connected to Jim Kramer and John Ford. It certainly wasn’t his correctional knowledge and character that got him promoted along the way.

  7. The lost one permalink

    So much for no libel / slander lol have fun boys.

    • Please understand, you are entitled to your opinions .. And so are other readers. We have no clue who you are, never worked with you and frankly don’t care. It is almost troubling to think that someone out there knows you so well, that they actually picked you out on an anonymous posting!? Please don’t waste your time threatening people on here with frivolous law suits. No one has harmed you monetarily.. They only spoke their opinion if you, which is protected. If you do not like the blog, please refrain from visiting. Thank you!

      • Joe McCarthy permalink

        Just for the record I was being facetious regarding the vast correctional experience of the African American chief. The real question is why haven’t these women filed a gender discrimination lawsuit? It appears that there are issues with female staff and female inmates. You have a PREA coordinator and a laundry supervisor who didn’t lose a job after an incident with a female inmate. Lots of double standards occurring in this agency.

      • thebrownhornet permalink

        Hall wont give officers raises because he doesnt want them to be able to afford attorneys to suit him.

  8. IKnowAllTheBusiness permalink

    I need to know how to give information on this blog. I have ALOT of info about a few people that have flown under the radar far too long and it’s time for the truth ALL OF IT to come out.

    • Please use a valid email and we will have someone contact you!

      • I did use a valid email address….I just want to talk about Sgts that have done some very unscrupulous things to people and it’s high time people know the truth. I dont really understand how to post it so that you can “hold” the info till the right time to let it ALL out. Im not really familiar with blogging though lol
        But I KNOW that people at ranks of Captain and below were involved in some major bullsPit. Help me do it so you can make this a featured Posting please. Give me an email so I can send you all the info I have please

      • Check your comments on your blog!

  9. Sarge permalink

    GREAT SITE. I just happened on to it. Stay tuned.

  10. The lost one permalink

    It appears the blogs readers / posters will continue to repress it’s potential and keep it at tabloid status – unfortunate truly unfortunate

    • Philip Dover permalink

      Kevin Cox, how have you been? Are you still lying about being a navy seal and MTSU all American safety LMAO! You didn’t leave the DCSO on your own? You went out and got not one.. But TWO DUI’s. After your dumb ass got busted for pulling people over in your personal vehicle SMH. You sir, are the EPITOME of what is wrong with this agency. You did so much stupid shit and were allowed to hang around, when the average officer would have been fired long ago. Poor Shelton at CDC got a DUI and they gave him such a hard time HE KILLED HIMSELF! You got a DUI and they let you put a hilarious apology letter on the Hall Monitor. GKY Kevin Cox because your a loser and a jerk off!

      PS I have pictures of you nude from your swingerslifestyle profile… STAY TUNED

      • CJC LIEUTENANT permalink

        Lol good guess! ‘The Lost One’ is actually skinny rich kid RIAN CORCHRAN! He worked at the DCSO/CJC for a short time, made Corporal in 2012, resigned in 2013. Corcoran’s parents are rich, have land and are Daron Hall Crony’s. Ryan was a waste of a uniform as an officer and bragged that he was leaving because mommy and daddy were sending him back to school. So obviously a kid with a silver spoon, and rich parents won’t understand what a minority officer goes through. Ryan’s attempts to be your grammar professor, are nothing more than a weak and feeble attempt toake fun of blacks because he thinks we’re ‘stupid n*****s!’

      • I know an ASD 2nd shift Sgt that is on that same site. The name is AttractiveSexyCouple and another one too look up the name

  11. The lost one permalink

    You could try your luck in the private sector Jim….. Thing is you would be asking the same questions just replacing names with others…. Not too urge you to accept the status quo but I stopped saying ” but it’s not fair” ! When I was a child… far as what people do in their private homes and bedrooms who freaking cares…. Yea man I benefited so much that I left to pursue other opportunities lol , next!!!!

    • Sonic da Hedgehog permalink

      You don’t work at the DCSO anymore? Yeah BULLSHIT! Why didnt you answer the mans questions! Because you know Daron’s Crony’s have no accountability. GTFO

  12. Jim Crow permalink

    Lost One,

    You are an obvious Warden Hall cheerleader, which leads me to believe that you have benefited from his cronyism. I have a few questions for you:

    1. Daron Hall held a special civil service test for 10 people (sons of Daron Hall friends.) He then sent 450 applicants a letter stating that there were no positions open. Is this fair to the 450 applicants?

    2. Officers have not received raises in years, however administrators have. Also, Daron Hall created a ‘chief of Corrections’ position for Tony Wilkes. Ironicallyweeks after speaking to a white supremacist group became public. How do you explain this?

    3. Why is Karla West Weikal Davis allowed to continuously have sex and relationships with coworkers?

    4. What does Mike Raines do?

    5. What does Rick Gentry do?

    6. Why Is Warden Hall losing so many wrongful termination suits?

    7. True or False: Jamie Johnson was arrested for domestic assault.

    8. True or False: Austin Bodie has two DUI convictions.

    9. True or False: Daron Hall cheated in his first wife with Ginger?

    10. Daron Hall is the SHERIFF. Why will he not wear a uniform?

    • Joe McCarthy permalink

      The dialogue between Jim Crow and lost one reflects a frustration that exists as part of the culture within the rank and file of the DCSO. Jim mentions ten points that apparently are frustrating because he is trying to point out obvious discrepancies that are common knowledge within the DCSO.These noted points are frustrating but what really needs to be changed ? How can the culture change? You have four more years of the same. Will you be asking yourselves the same questions four years from now? Out of the ten points that Jim Crow raises three are of real significance and need answers. Why haven’t the line staff been given raises? If the Sheriff is turning back money to the general fund why cant that be utilized for raises? Did Metro Civil Service authorize a special test for ten people? If so was this Jim Kramer authorized? If an agency loses a large percentage of wrongful terminations, it is usually a good indicator there wasn’t sufficient documentation to support the termination. The other seven points are all true but those are character weaknesses and part of a political environment. One of the truest axioms in the correctional arena is “If you don’t document it didn’t happen.”

  13. The lost one permalink

    Also- since you have the ability to mediate the comments posted on the blog it would be well advised to not allow posts from individuals who post incoherent nonsense with gramatical and or spelling errors – just because supervisors at various facilities sign off on such garbage does not mean the curators of this site should – English 101 – ” lowly TSU / Trevecca / name your lodge graduate “. 🙂 I’ll stop now. – don’t worry this consultation is pro bono

  14. The lost one permalink

    Thank God for Joe Mac nice to hear some real advice as opposed to a slew of rhetorical BS from the curators of this site ! Take notes ” lowly TSU Grads”

    Your words not mine

    – some people are so far behind they actually think they are leading

  15. Joe McCarthy permalink

    After becoming aware of your blog, it is apparent that “lost one” has some very valid observations. You have four more years of the Hall dynasty unless he is going to run for mayor.If by some reason voters would entrust the city to him, you can be sure that his successor is waiting in the wings. Until someone is elected as either an independent or Republican, you can expect more of the same. I think this blog can become the watchdog of the Sheriff’s Office. Why does any politician give back a million dollars to a general fund? Sounds like an accounting maneuver to look good politically. Sheriff Hall is the consummate politician not the consummate corrections professional. One shouldn’t be surprised that he hasn’t been in the jails except for a graduation. When he was the chief deputy he never showed up in the jails. Why would you surround yourself with professionals that might disagree with you when you have all the answers particularly as the past president of the ACA.
    This blog has an opportunity to be the corrections watchdog as well as a watchdog for the voters of Davidson County. If there is workplace harassment it needs to be pointed out as well as violation of first amendment and civil rights. Don’t get mired down in gossip but rather facts that can be validated. Look at each department objectively and point out issues that are suspect. Become the voice for the investigative media. No politician should be a dynasty nor should they impose their will on any employee. There are a number of DCSO who want to do the right thing. Become their voice but in a professional way.

    • Very good points Joe! We post content labeled ‘gossip’ to protect ourselves from libel/slander. We verify content to the best of our ability and it is up to the viewer to believe it or not. However, one can not argue with facts, as you said. Emails from Daron Hall, pictures of administrators, lawsuits lost, Facebook conversations, terminations over turned, etc are facts. We will continue to post information. There are several stories that have not been posted yet, because we require more verification. There have been instances where a jail administrator fed false information to a friend of the blog, just to see if it would be posted (we’re smarter than that.) The snowball is growing everyday and will eventually turn into a full fledge avalanche.

      Please feel free to send us information in the form of a comment. We will not post the comment and look into the story. Thank you to the hundreds of tips we have already received over the past 2 years!

      • Joe McCarthy permalink

        I believe you have the instrument that could be representative of the staff at the DCSO that are looking to do a good job as long as you keep the blog professional. The jail administrators are only reflective of the leadership from the top. They are only doing what they have been instructed to do.

    • @therealbignate permalink

      Hey Joe! You were my criminology professor at CU. Your a great guy and I hope your doing well?

  16. The lost one permalink

    Careful evaluation of my statements yields no direct support of the current Sheriff, however my goal is to point out that this blog serves no real purpose In ousting the current Sheriff from office. This blog is to change what national enquirer is to news, ie nothing tangible just lots of gossip. If this blog held the political sway which it alludes to when it’s curators make claims of it’s popularity amongst its viewers, then we would have seen a much different outcome in the voting differential of the past election for Sheriff. I am indifferent to your struggle because I am no longer affected by it, this blog for me as i would imagine is the majority consensus serves more as a source of entertainment than a source of reliable information. Banging your chests and shouting loudly rarely helps one’s cause, more often than not it simply makes one a bigger target. Change your tactics and you may get the change you desire. Learn to articulate your concerns as opposed to blabber one sided idiotic rhetoric and possibly more viewers will see this as a reliable venue for information. I am giving advice as opposed to be being critical of your cause. For the latter will accomplish nothing……

  17. The lost one permalink

    As the curator of this site do you really think that referring to the democratically elected sheriff as required for each county in the state of TN under the state constitution as “Warden Hall” is helping your cause? That would be the equavalent of me promoting my conservative ideals by referring to liberals as stupid commies lol. It does nothing for you or your agenda other than show that your political debate skills are sub par at best. You have to present facts in order to strengthen an argument, not attempt to belittle a position that in mandated by the state constitution. We all know in the case of Davidson county / Metro Nashville the only reason the DCSO does not serve a more traditional role in LE is due to the consolidation of duties known as the Metro Charter. It has no bearing on Sheriff Hall nor is it indicative of his abilities as a leader. Mind you this is all coming from someone who left the DCSO by free will. As stated yesterday I just cannot stand for this site to atrify to the point whereas it’s only obvious intention is to promote a new candidate for reasons that appear to be more about race than merit. Maybe try a campaign commercial next time or possibly put some yard signs out in East Nashville to promote your candidate. Key words “next time” :)….

    • We appreciate your consistent patronage! Please understand that we do not have a candidate. We are a group of DCSO employees who are tired of mistreatment by our Warden. Who would have thought, a group of lowly ‘TSU’ graduates could create a blog that has over 300k views. On Election Day alone we had 1506 views, that beats every Daron Hall/ DCSO YouTube video combined. Maybe Karla West should stop sleeping with coworkers for a second and contact us for advice? Kenny Hardy had 25% of the votes, with 0$ spent and only a few months of campaigning. Warden Hall has sent emails and spoke on the hall monitor about the blog, held meetings and speaks at the security meetings about the blog. Warden Hall went as far as sending out letters to officers asking who is talking about the blog or contributing to the blog and even suspended officer for the mere SPECULATION of their involvement. Wardon Hall, John Ford and company are worried to death about this blog. John Ford is down to skin and bones stressing over the blog. We receive emails daily, pictures and reports weekly and we will continue to post the wrong doings of Warden Hall and company.

      Again, thank you for your patronage 😉

    • Tahitian Noni permalink

      Daron hall has never wore a uniform, never comes into the jails, never gives us raises, gives his butt buddies raises and creates positions for them, Daron is a racist, spoke to white supremacists, banned dread locks and black women from coloring their hair, sent out disrespectful cards to minorities, lost millions in lawsuits, continuously wrongfully terminates employees because he is so out of touch with his agency and he trusts idiots who donated money to manage people. Dan Weikel can’t even manage a check book, Karla can’t manage her vagina, Raines can’t manage his eating, wtf fire this bastard already! The sad thing is nobody cares because he’s only a warden and doesn’t do shit for the people

    • thebrownhornet permalink

      WoooHooo…sounds like we got a real Warden Hall lover on board. Whoever you are i’m sure his feelings toward you are not mutual.

  18. The lost one permalink

    My apologies i will reference Trevecca next time as it appears the Nazarenes have thicker skin lmfao what a joke. This blog allows all kinds of reverse racism however I reference tsu and it’s a “pot shot” that’s great…….

  19. Elvis permalink

    Why LOL? It worked. He will be reelected.

  20. Darrell permalink

    World class city Nashville is not because in order to do so you must have diversity. The sheriff sent black people 30,000 get out of jail cards as a joke regardless of how black people feel. He sent over 20,000 latino home under the 287g program. Nashville is a world class city just do not include blacks or Latinos the sheriff true colors have shined through. He shows no remorse and will not accept any responsibility for his office.

    • The lost one permalink

      It’s quite interesting how this site has evolved from a site which appeared to be making light of problems at the DCSO to a site which seems to have a political agenda ie promoting the new candidate for sheriff. It disturbs me that the presence of a black candidate brings forth a racially charged discourse to the integrity of this site. It makes me wonder why I have spent so much time ingesting the materials associated with this site. Promote your candidate by all means, however don’t make it a racial matter if you wish to win. TSU must not cover such matters in undergrad political science courses :). That is assuming said individuals are educated to that extent.

      • Was the ‘TSU comment’ a pot shot at the black viewers of the site? And you wonder why Daron Hall is being called a racist? Please understand that this blog was here in December 2012, long before a democratic candidate emerged to oppose Warden Hall in the democratic primary. Kenny Hardy is a great man, but he entered the race very late and it was a long shot. We do appreciate Kenny stepping up! Daron had to dig in his pockets, or ask those wanting promotions to dig into their pockets to fund a campaign. Congratulations to Warden Hall on another 4 years of raping and pillaging the tax payers, and officers of the DCSO. We will continue to report the gossip from within the agency. We find irony in Warden Hall’s claims that he made the streets safer.. Meanwhile his jails are ran by incompetent, narcissistic administrators who’s actions have left officers faces disfigured and wrongfully terminated, inmates assaulted and raped, and cost the tax payers HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in lawsuits.

        Congrats Warden Hall

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