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Black officers being harassed at CJC?

April 19, 2014

As if you would expect anything less, troubling news if emerging from CJC! Allegedly, an African American officer is being harassed at Cjc by Dan Weikal and has been placed on ‘administrative leave!’ The officer, who we will keep nameless for now, is a great person and is known to speak his mind against the current Sheriff. The alleged ‘charges’ against him are laughable and the timing of this harassment is ironic. The officer is an out spoken supporter of Kenny Hardy, who is running for Sheriff vs. Daron Hall. As we know, Daron Hall has a history of alleged racism.. As he spoke to a known white supremacist group, and passed several policies targeting black officers. Daron Hall recently mocked the black community as he sent fake ‘get out of jail free’ cards to low income neighborhoods. Daron Hall has also been blamed for racial acts towards the Hispanic community as he lost a lawsuit for forcing a Hispanic woman to give birth while shackled and for the 287G immigration program.

Daron, creating a made up position for Tony Wilkes will not keep the minority officers from seeing through your racism.



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  1. Dee permalink

    As you all have seen the sheriff in Rutherford county is going down. So gather your evidence and get it to a federal prosecutor as no judge in Tennessee will indict Mr. Hall. The issue with the stolen 10 000 in cash from the safe by a former employee and tampering with records if his son was arrested and the record removed. Under the Sunshine records act get copies.

  2. Darrell permalink

    Ok I was at several locations yesterday and saw Kenny Hardy there talking to people. I really liked what he said and what he values. People who are voting are looking for Sheriff Hall to come out to the polls. I’m saying because people see you in person and vote for you. I guess your past actions speak louder than your current.

    Send home 10,000 Latinos, mail 30,000 get out of jail free cards to African Americans, and hold a meeting with a White Supremacist group. The record stands alone. What next. How could such a person even show up for the MLK March or at a Black church. I guess actions speak louder than words. Thanks Sheriff.

    • ManuelNoriega permalink

      287g was a racist program if you really think about it. It separated families as well. A man has been an upstanding citizen for 4 years gets stopped cause his headlight was out and he ends up deported and separated from his wife and kids who are American citizens. Why was it all of a sudden stopped? Because it kept up too much negative publicity.

  3. Henry Lehman Travis permalink

    Is Austin Texas Bodie showing up drunk for work? what does Travis and Page do? What does Paul do? What does Harold Wilkes Taylor do? Taylor and Paul works 2 hours a month and were sick of Sheriff Tony Wilkes not address this matter

  4. Henry Lehman Travis permalink

    Lt Rutledge showed Daron Hall didn’t she

  5. Corinthians 612 permalink

    Is Dan Weikel a racist? Well years ago he wanted to become a Mason. He asked me and everyone else about it, inquiring for information on several occasions. He asked a fellow brother of East Lodge once specifically if the nigg*r masons are legit and he didn’t like that. We explained to him that yes Prince Hall lodge is recognized by the Grand lodge in Washington DC, Prince Hall was free man, they go through the same rites as everyone and to be careful of using that language as it would paint Masonry in a bad light. Weikel, as we all know along with John Ford could not cut the mustard and quit after the first rite. This man and Ford still claim to be Mason’s are that is false! We are good people and not racially divided as they were 100 years ago. Daron Hall’s father was also an alleged huge racist and bigot.

  6. johntonykarlaraines permalink

    Word is that Karla West is a hoe?

  7. johntonykarlaraines permalink

    word is that warden hall is having an affair? is there proof? I hear that there is? hes just like ford and wilkes

  8. johntonykarlaraines permalink

    Is John Ford SUPERVISOR Tony Wilkes ? I hear that Wilkes is dating Karla Crocker West ect what every her name will be tomorrow she is passed around just like fords woman ms cracker jack passed around Joan is Byron really a hr manger if so tell me why we keep losing at our civil service hearing what a joke does Byron like little boys? that’s the rumons

  9. johntonykarlaraines permalink

    Is William Swafford and John Taylor having an affair? are they gay lovers?

  10. johntonykarlaraines permalink

    why does wilkes tell ford what to do? are they loves? hall lets this keep going on

  11. johntonykarlaraines permalink

    why is joey freeman retiring? word is that he is being forced out of dcso by Shelby park madom kim I will blow you perry kim I will blow you and lynn the booty pumper Norris are running will once again they are allowed to run off another good man just because hall will not do his job what a joke

  12. johntonykarlaraines permalink

    john ford and tony wilkes is darron halls nightmare warden hall will sone figger this out and what about mike raines his division is a melting pot fat boy raines is just like ford and wilkes they will bring hall down its just a matter of time

  13. 12yearsaslave permalink

    Uncle Tom Tom and Jamie “Stephen” Johnson went down to the crossroad and sold their souls and they cant get it back.

  14. Gary Wilkes permalink

    Jamie Johnson and Tony Wilkes are SELLOUTS Uncle Tom pussy mf’s!!!!

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