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Racially motivated prank by Daron Hall!?

April 2, 2014

Daron Hall racist prank

by Todd Walker

NASHVILLE, Tenn – April Fools’ Day is one you either love or hate, but all of the pranks and jokes are normally in good fun.

An April Fools’ political flyer from Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall is not being received by some with the same humor he intended. Some are calling it offensive.

Beverly Townsend said she got what she thought was a card in the mail from a charity she donates to.

The outside said “A gift for you.” She opened it and out fell a yellow card which was modeled after the card in Monopoly which read “Get Out Of Jail Free.”

It was one of 30,000 Hall’s re-election campaign sent out.

Since they only went to certain people Townsend felt she and her neighbors in North Nashville were being targeted because of where they live.

“I was appalled to find out that it only came to certain areas,” she said. “I find that quite discriminating – very insulting whether intentional or unintentional.”



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  1. s paul permalink

    Why does Austin Bodie let Harold Taylor work 1 day a month Who is Taylors boss is it Wilkes or Ford they know it and have allowed it I cant tell you when the last time that I have seen Taylor at work yep this is one more thing that Hall allows to go on I heard Phil Williams is going to crack this story very soon So be ready folks

  2. john permalink

    Why does Our High Sheriff Hall let Wilkes and Ford run wild and treat people like crap word on the street is Hall is running fir mayor not sheriff I heard this from Fords mouth and Wilkes is running around likes he’s somebody The high Sheriff better take his trash out There going to bring him down just like Fate Thomas boys took him down Daron knows this and sits back and does not address the issue This best is yet to come

  3. interesting permalink

  4. Chris Prater permalink

    Hey guys I am Chris prater of the warrants division. A few years ago I claimed my shotgun was stolen and really I pawned it. I suck john Taylor and McDowell off so they swept it under the rug. Recently john bass was forced to resign for having his weapon stolen from his vehicle. Man I’m lucky they like me and let me stay working here. Good luck in all your future endeavors Bass LOL!

    Chris Prater

  5. 12yearsaslave permalink

    Narcissism at its finest! Im sure he wonders why people are fed up with him and his crony’s. I find it to be very racist.

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