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Kenny Hardy for Sheriff!!!

March 24, 2014


We would like to formally introduce Kenny Hardy to our readers! Kenny is running for Davidson County Sheriff vs. The ‘good ol’ boy’ Daron Hall. Kenny’s views on how he would change the agency are EXACTLY what the tax payers of Davidson County need! We are impressed with Kenny’s intention to WEAR THE SAME UNIFORM as his deputies! Kenny also vow’s to LOWER the amount of lawsuits paid out by the Sheriff’s Office as Daron Hall keeps racking up the dollars spent on lawsuits. We understand that Daron Hall has a reputation for retaliating against those who oppose him from within the agency. However, we would ask you to be BRAVE, stand up, and vote for Kenny Hardy! We need a new leader!!!!

We would like to point out that Kenny Hardy has not reached out to this blog, nor does he have any affiliation with this blog. We will however, support him in any way possible!

Fire Daron Hall
Hire Kenny Hardy

Here is Kenny’s message from his social media site’s…

>I am seeking election to the office of Davidson County Sheriff based on my thirty plus years of government, state, and local law enforcement experience and qualifications, to fulfill an advanced leadership position within a large size organization with the flexibility to use my accumulated life, educational, military, criminal justice, investigative skills, coaching, instructor, teaching, combat service, proven and demonstrated leadership experiences, human resource training, personnel management skills, and supervisory experience in a criminal justice environment. I desire to use my proven ability to work with diverse groups in all types of environments in protection, interviewing, recruiting, training, and management. I possess demonstrated performance proven, leadership, loyalty, multi-tasking abilities, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and positive team building experience in excess of thirty years.

The early voting dates are April 16- May 1, 2014.
The upcoming primary voting day is May 6, 2014. I am challenging the incumbent Sheriff Daron Hall who has never had an opponent in his 12 years in office.

I will be attending the following events:

April 3, 2014, Thursday, The Not So Sure Shot Rabbit Hunters Supper (Just a name no rabbits will be hunted or served)

April 6, 2014, Sunday, 4:00 PM Candidate Forum at St. James Missionary Baptist Church 600 28th Ave. North, Nashville, TN 37209

April 10, 2014, Thursday, 6:00 PM, The Twenty-Fifth Annual Crown Affair, 174 Rains Ave at Wedgewood, Nashville, TN

I can be reached at kennyhardyforsheriff­ and on Facebook @kennyhardyforsheriff.

I plan to restore the prestige, honor and credibility to a time honored profession and organization.
I will listen to all shareholders of Davidson County.
I will create an open door policy where every officer, staff member, and citizen can speak with their sheriff and truly passionately listen to their concerns and act on them.
I will be accessible 24/7 to the organization and community.
I will wear the same uniform as the officers of the Davidson County Sheriff Office.
I will ensure promotions are fair, unbiased, and are openly competitive.
I will visit officers and citizens in the places where they work and live.
I will work with the diverse cultures of Davidson County.
I will reduce the number of lawsuits paid out of taxpayers dollars.
Finally, I will personally ensure that each officer is properly paid in accordance with the current law for work performed.



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  1. Darrell Richardson permalink

    Well now it is time to vote Davidson County. If we all stick together and vote Daron Hall out of office things will change. He is spending a lot of air time with his comments. The people have spoken and we are tired of your history.
    1. Speaking to a racist group.
    2. Sending racist and insulting cards as a joke to the same people who put you in office.
    3. Pushing 287g for non criminals.
    4. Not paying over 500 officers for overtime worked, which will cost about $6.2 million dollars.
    5. A record of losing lawsuits against employees and folks suing Metro and Davidson County Sheriff Office over $ 1.1 million tax dollars paid out.



  2. Darrell permalink

    Well hello everyone. I just watched Channel 5 News in Nashville and I saw Sheriff Daron Hall yet explaining to media personnel why he sent out over 30,000 gift card mostly to people in minority areas. This is not funny and there was a lady that made a statement on the news who was very offended. So where are you NAACP.

    Sheriff Hall said some of the folks he mailed it to thought it was really funny. I wonder which folks he is speaking of. Again our sheriff in the news again. This guy actually is considered for mayor. Someone had better wake up the sheriff and tell him to clean out his office of 12 years. The sheriff is doing a great job for the underdog duh.I know who I’m voting for.

    Peace and love

  3. Darrell permalink


    Yesterday Mr. Hall mailed fake gift cards and get out of jail free cards to hundreds of people in Davldson County. First I do not find this funny even on April fools day. If you know anyone that has ever been incarcerated you would understand. Coming from an elected official makes it even worse. I wonder if the folks who fought during the civil rights. Era would find this coming from the sheriff would think this so funny. It is tasteless disrespectful. Shame on the sheriff laugh when I and many like me will not vote for you Mr. Hall. I guess if your in office you can say anything. Try giving it the White supremist group that he spoke with. Anything for attention. This why the sheriff stays in trouble. Maybe he could have given it to some of the folks he paid lawsuit money to from being I’m his jail. Now that I would take. A fish gets.
    Caught because he can’t keep his mouth closed.

  4. Darrell permalink

    Hello everyone on this site. I attended the NOAH event on Sunday at Bethel AME Church that included diverse members of faith from our community. This event was filled with multiple candidates that are running for office. This young black guy stood up when they asked were there any candidates for office available. I was actually looking for Sheriff Hall who I have voted for in the past. I was impressed that Mr. Hardy showed up. I saw him speaking with some of our elderly community members and they all were shocked that an African American was running. Everyone said I like what I heard and I’m voting for Kenny Hardy. I like what I heard the young man state his beliefs are. He said he will be the peoples sheriff and will not be out to visit just when election time comes around. He has our vote. Wow what a positive young man. I’m voting for him.

  5. Kingleo permalink

    This is what the sheriffs department needs a real sheriff not a wanna be politician. Darron Hall and john ford has let high level and mid level supervisors use intimidation, scare tactics, and take personal vendettas against officers . These supervisors put targets on peoples back while they let ” certain ” officers do what ever they want . The high-level supervisors help their friends while everybody just shakes their heads in disgust . If u say anything you will become a target of abuse . The promotion process is corrupt at best . Its solely based on ” have u voluntered ur personal time on the weekend for the sheriff?? “. Not on your qualifications.! The morale is Horrible !! Most people are worried about being thrown under the bus for trumpeted up accusations. There are more former officers and currant officers suing the sheriffs office then inmates. Something really wrong with this!! Right now the word at work is if you are caught on this site or speaking out against the department be prepared for retaliation against you. More intimidation. The mid level and high level supervisors live like they are elite while everybody else sees the corruption and mis treatment on a weekly basis but have no voice to help them. We can do better ! Vote against Darron Hall and let’s take our sheriff’s office back !!

  6. Wendy Richter permalink

    Mr. Hardy will have my vote! If Robert Arnold can dethrone Truman Jones in Rutherford County, then anything is possible!

  7. Clark permalink

    You will win!!!! The problems and corruption runs deep and everyone knows. Need any volunteers? Many are ready to go including me!

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