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Captain Michael Gilbert and the mysterious missing backpack?

March 21, 2014


Everyone’s favorite Wakenhut door greeter turned DCSO captain is investigating a case straight out of a Scooby Doo episode! Allegedly an individual was taken into custody while attending court. The individual was in possession of a backpack containing a laptop among other items. Captain Gilbert’s security staff decided that the backpack would be best left in the courtroom rather than accompanying the detainee as is normal procedure. The backpack is said to have sat in the courtroom for several weeks until the food inside went bad and smelled up the room. Captain Gilbert is said to have then ordered his security staff to place the backpack in their control room for several more weeks until the backpack MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED!! Captain Gilbert is allegedly blaming the REAL Sheriff deputies for not obtaining the backpack when the detainee was taken into custody, even though they had no idea that it existed. Captain Gilbert is said to be ignoring the fact that ONE OF HIS SECURITY STAFF HAS STOLEN THE BACKPACK!!! Common sense would tell you that the last place the backpack was viewed, was In the control room and his focus should be on finding WHO STOLE THE BACKPACK! Captain Gilbert must be upset that he is not a real deputy and only a glorified security guard? Gilbert has a history of throwing the corporals ‘under the bus..’ He must take issue with them making more money than him?

You hired a private security guard to be a CAPTAIN.. Bypassing hundreds of supervisors with more tenure.



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  1. john permalink

    guard gilbert is a joke he sucks john fords goober he day is coming

  2. Jk1116 permalink

    This always bothers me. What is the purpose of degrading or looking down on others because they are apart of another agency? Whackenhut, TDOC, METRO or any public service agency deserve respect for what they do. You may target individuals for misconduct. Many see it as a form of accountability but you really should show respect to the hard working people who go out everyday and give their best to keep others safe.

    • In our humble opinion JK, the DCSO and any other agency should PROMOTE WITHIN! When the Sheriff overlooks solid DCSO veterans to promote a Wakenhut security guard with alleged family ties, it is a problem! We agree that one should be proud of wherever they are employed and be the best at what they do. Nothing wrong with working for Wakenhut or TDOC.

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