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Kristi Cole named TRAINER!?!?!?

March 19, 2014


Let us start by saying that we have nothing but good things to say about Kristi Cole. She seems to be a sweet person and nice lady.

However, WHAT A SLAP IN THE FACE TO ALL OFFICERS WHO APPLIED FOR THE POSITION! Kristi has been a secretary for the training division. Kristi has never wore a uniform, never been in a use of force, never worked I side a jail as a officer. How in the hell does the Sheriff’s Office think she is qualified to train new cadets!? We know of some GREAT officers who applied for the position. It’s disgusting to tell these officers that a secretary is more qualified than them!



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  1. john permalink

    A joke just like Ford and Wilkes their day is coming Hall you need to find another job you allowed this to happen What a joke just like you are

  2. frontlineofficerinCJC permalink

    One thing that I’ve noticed from the several of the last classes to graduate is that most of them do not have previous corrections experience, to me it sounds like their hiring people who have no idea what their getting into so its easier to indoctrinate them with bullsh*t that admin wants us to do. And now seeing that a secretary is being selected to train cadets my theory is now confirmed. To the moderators of this site. Thank you please excuse my language but i have to say this.

    F*ck you jamie johnson
    F*ck you tony wilkes
    F*ck you dan weikal

  3. HDC officer permalink

    Wow what bullshit! I worked for the Dcso for 13 years and I get turned down for the secretary!? Reminds me of when Daron hired all those warrants people who were in clerical positions. How did that work out? They can’t even qualify with weapons! I’m sick of this shit hole. I make 36,000 a year after 13 years! Thank you for starting this blog.

  4. thebrownhornet permalink

    OH MY GOD!!! Seriously!! All the Lt’s an Sergeants who have put their time in that place and you make the secretary a trainer? How much money did she give to Hall’s campaign? How does the Civil service board approve this hire? Wht are the qualifications here? Might as well put Sheila Stinson over there.Im sure they will have her instructing classes that have nothing to do with Security issues. This is their way of giving someone a raise without it looking so obvious. A paid position, Daron got paid and she got paid.

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