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Don ‘TOUGH GUY’ McLeod

March 15, 2014



Here is a picture of 64 year old Ghasem Mohaghegh of Nashville. Davidson County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Don McLeod allegedly choked the 64 year old victim at TNT sports bar on Nolensville road. What a tough guy Don McLeod is!!! Please look closely at the picture of the 64 year old Ghasem Mohaghegh. I guess a win is a win eh’ Mcleod? Ladies and gentlemen, this is YOUR sheriffs office! Cronyism at its finest!


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  1. Master permalink

    Too bad Uncle Tom Tony Wilkes doesn’t wNt to have sex with McLeod or he would keep his job! Tonya Chesser got arrested for assault on an officer and later dui. Of course tom tom wants that booty so she is still in uniform man it’s crazy! I would have enjoyed it if Shipley placed McLeod on the restraint bar then punched him multiple times in the face lol! Oh wait, Shipley only does that to black inmates. Why didn’t they throw McLeod in the stupid box like co Torres? Maybe cause Torres is a minority?

  2. Parker permalink

    How quickly everyone forget’s. In 2008 Mcleod and several co-workers met up to have drinks after work and he did the EXACT same thing to a subordinate officer. It was reported to Admin. and of course nothing happened. I wonder if the DCSO would have dealt with this behavior then, would Mr. Mohaghegh been a victim now?

  3. Nikita Kolov permalink

    Rick Gentry has a cool atv

  4. omaha omaha permalink

    Meanwhile, you have a man selling pirated CD’s/DVD’s, an administrator threatening subordinates to a fight, Chief of Security working out while on duty,the sheriff giving special treatment to a few to get them hired, CJC administrator being”catfished” and bragging about firing people, officers being written up for being 1 minute late on rounds, employees being told if they dont like it they can find work at Mcdonalds, and now you cant even bring a decent amount of water to work with you after they took all the water fountains off the floors years ago.A class organization. Those poor officers.

    • Jk1116 permalink

      Cant wait to get back there…..
      It will be interesting! Guess you all have figured that out by now. Anyone have the attorney general’s number?

      • Did the DCSO appeal your victory? When is your next hearing?

      • Clark permalink

        Yes but I will be surprised if the Judge allows it, What is there to appeal? They admitted (Stone) in the hearing they fired me for filing a police report and reporting injuries suffered on the job. They were beat by their own evidence, There were at least a half dozens admissions on video or audio that were never used due to the fact they admitted to breaking the law by retaliation, But at the same time they were able to influence the medical treatment and get a Civil Service Commission (CSC) Board member too flip and do a 180 with no new evidence. Officers should know the system is getting worse or more corrupt. The arrogance and self glorified politicians now run the system. I agree with the “logbook” concept. People should be recording and writing everything down in a personal journal time and dated. I was taught early to document, document, document! I suspect the shakedown is coming. Know that every time they act out and have to cover up their mistakes they are also breaking several laws. Retaliation and civil rights are one thing but felonies are another. The old heads are already falling and drawing more attention.

      • We are very happy for you Clark! We can not wait to see you back in a DCSO uniform! You were a great officer and there was no reason for them to do what they did! It’s disgusting and they should pay for it!

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