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Lieutenant Don McLeod ARRESTED!?!

March 14, 2014




Dan Weikal’s favorite Lieutenant Don McLeod arrested for alleged assault?! McLeod, who is said to be a raging alcoholic, micromanager and Weikel cheerleader is said to have been involved in a bar room brawl!? Special thanks to the DCSO employee who emailed in the picture and information. We hear Dan Weikal sat down with McLeod in Booking? Special treatment?


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  1. Bud Weiser permalink

    I guess this Jackass couldnt stand the thought of facing those officers after this incident. I hear he is retiring. He wont face those officers that he expressed his hatred for. To him they were a lower form of human being, dumb and stupid. Well Mr. Mcleod sometimes it takes a hard fall for a man to get his shit together. I hope you are doing exactly that.

  2. john permalink

    yes john and joan is an item

  3. john loves joan permalink

    Don’t be so hard on Lt. Don Lets talk about John Ford and Joan yes we all know about it and so does Hall. Wilkes is the biggest liar in the dcso and Hall knows this as well Hall has let Wilkes and Ford run wild what trash does Ford and Wilkes have on Hall they must have a lot to be able to get away with the things that they are doing

  4. dcsoemployee permalink

    When I found out, It made my day, I was hoping to be the first to let everyone know. Lol

    • If you are the one who sent in the email, THANK YOU! What we find disturbing is Dan Weikal allegedly sitting and coddling McLeod.. While another officer was placed in a holding cell with no shoes and jacket? Imagine if an officer came to booking to coddle a friend or family member who had been arrested? They would be In front of AK Carroll watching him scratch his hives by the end of the day. Please stay tuned, we have been working with some enlightened people the past month or so and have some stories ready to go.. When the time is right 😉

      REMEMBER officers.. Keep a RECORDER on you at every meeting with supervisors! We have some INSANE recordings, however we are waiting on the results of a recent hearing. We do not want to release the recordings.. YET just incase they’re needed in a future hearing. Officers, you are a fish swimming in a barrel and at anytime, no matter who you are, these egotistical administrators could reach in and throw you on the ground to suffocate. Be prepared!

    • booze it and lose it permalink

      They run off good officers to keep a piece of shit like this. This guy here doesnt have an ounce of compassion for another human being.Its all about him. Well hopefully he will get some help with his issues and his attitude. What goes up must come down. Thats the way of the world!!

  5. Aneeta welch permalink

    don was the best sex I ever did have

  6. Larry Hoover permalink

    What a croc of shit! Officer Torres got arrested and Conrad threw him in the stupid box with no shoes or jacket. Diaper Dans butt buddy gets arrested and he sits down there with him and strokes him off. McLeod is a douche, wanting everyone to stand to attention in role call lmao! I remember back in the day when he challenged Clemmie Jones (inmate) to a fight and jones knocked cycle odd teeth out!

  7. JoseCuervo permalink

    Couldnt have happened to a nicer guy…

  8. Clark permalink

    Sad! the house of cards? I hear the wind is kicking up strong now! Wonder how many felonies it takes to cover up this mess? I heard falsifying legal docs and fabricating reports is simple for this one. Wonder if the buddy system includes more organized criminal activities? I think most seen this one coming. See you soon

    • Clark permalink

      What are my chances I can catch the LT opening?

      • good ole boys permalink

        Do you do alot of volunteering?
        How about brown nosing?
        Or perhaps are you good at burning your fellow officers?
        If yes, than your chances are very good

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