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Catching up with Kevin Cox

February 1, 2014



Who remembers Daron Hall’s former favorite crony Kevin Cox? Kevin was an administrator at HDC when he was arrested for DUI, kept his job and sent out a hilarious apology letter, was arrested for DUI again and weapon possession while intoxicated and resigned. Allegedly Cox previously was disciplined for pulling people over in his personal vehicle. Cox was previously moved from transportation after a plethora of allegations from Philip Dover surfaced, such as using DCSO as a personal drunk taxi service had much more. Cox is currently living in Suffolk, Virginia. Cox is alleged to be a frequent guest at church on Sundays while maintaining a profile on (allegedly there are nudes, gross.) We know Cox touched so many lives while a supervisor at the DCSO, so we would like everyone to be aware that he seems to be healthy and living out his sexual fantasies. Luckily he left the DCSO in good standing, even though Billy Haggard was fired for the exact same criminal charges.

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  1. jamie johnson permalink

    Can’t we all just get along?, after spending 1/3 of my day at jnc flexing in the mirror and drinking my protein shakes at birch courthouse the last thing I want to do is see my name smeared on this website!. I mean, my job of passing judgement on uses of force and tightening the noose on the nobody officers is hard enough without all the negativity!. Its not that hard to do your job, if someone spits on your face all you have to do is write him up and t hindsle will give that inmate 10 days no commissary. If an inmate takes your cuffs away and beats you to the ground call a code red and begin to cower in a corner so as not to offend the inmates religious believes!. And come on people!, remember, while at cjc your transparent tupper wear container has to be regulation size and no 5 hour power energy supplements or reading material. Theirs plenty to do, you can count the rat and roach droppings in the corners, you can hand out grievances and sick calls, you can stare blankly at the wall until your next round approximately 27 minutes later,but do so diligently because im watching and waiting so that I can make more bullsh*t rules. Next in my agenda is strip searching our officers to prevent any type of contraband objects entering cjc and banning some types of deodorants and undergarments due to them being a security issue like I already did with mesh and clear backpacks.

  2. Vasili Mitrokhin permalink

    Did someone say Byron Grizzle? I would love to see that douche’s internet search history. He seems like the kind of guy who keeps a shrine to Selena Gomez in his closet and partakes in auto erotic asphyxiation. The dead brain cells from the AEA could be the reason he has a lisp and lazy eye. It’s impossible to have a safe word when your alone Byron, therefore you should fond a partner to help you. Try craigslist casual encounters T for M. You could always try to court Karla Weikal West Davis Crocker. Karla is always willing and able to help a loser, hell she married Dan.

    • Laura Tingo permalink

      Hi ….I’ve just started seeing Dan Weikal….Please tell me more…This scares me…reading all this. I really need to move on from him quickly. Sounds like a big loser! Please send me more information on him.

      Laura Tingo

  3. Sgt. Cogdill permalink

    A good friend of mine named Kenny Hardy is running for Sheriff. Kenny is an operations officer off the state of Tennessee and a great guy!

  4. shaking my head permalink

    So who is Really? really? He has to be either clueless or connected. Were he clueless, there would be no real reason for him to peruse this entire blog. He is, I think, connected and desperately attempting to make himself sound like a disinterested observer in the hopes that the people here will say, “Oh shucks, he’s right…we work for a great sheriff, and there’s no nepotism or corruption or back-slapping going on at DCSO at all…and all the administrators and LTs are faithful to their wives and not creating little harems around them, and all is just peachy keen in the land of Hall.” So he’s an imbecile too.

  5. Randy Porter permalink

    What happen to freedom of speech? Does it not exist anymore? Has the Sheriffs Office got so bad that an officer cant have an opinion anymore? I havent been on here in a long time and all I can say is wow, if half the stuff on here is true the Sheriffs Office has gone crazy. I know that some of the administators and chiefs lie all the time to try to make themselves out to be something they are not ( Weikal, Wilkes and Ford). People need to grow a back back bone.

    • Hardy_Mayor permalink

      “People need to grow a back bone” *he cowardly posts anonymously in an online blog


  6. Randy Porter permalink

    Ok so the administartors can get on here without fear but line staff can not makes sense to me. lol

  7. Randy Porter permalink

    Again why all the fake names. What does everyone on here have to hide?

    • I can understand the current employees using fake makes, as they desire to speak out against the administration. The DCSO has proven to be retaliatory and wrongfully terminate good employees! What I don’t understand is the DCSO administrators coming here in a feeble attempt to spin things who use fake names.

  8. Karla Weikel West Crocker Davis permalink

    Hello, I am Karla. I am the spokesperson for the sheriffs office. I usually sit around all day and actually work. Never. I have sexual relations with co workers like Dan Weikel, Tom Davis, rick gentry, Lew Crocker, and john Taylor.

    • Laura Tingo permalink

      Please tell your brother/ex husband to lose my phone number and to stop texting me. Didn’t realize he’s such a loser! Talks a good game, but glad I found all this out about him now.

      Laura Tingo

      • Paul Roberts permalink

        You want to know about Dan Weikel aye? He looks like shrek, can’t manage his finances, has bad credit, notoriously known for ED, has an inferiority complex, keeps a few lackeys around him to boost his ego, has a bad body, breath stinks, tiny greg, couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag, drives drunk, fixes tickets, rents a couch from his ex wife, waste of a paycheck, he couldn’t pull pussy off a troop train, anything else you’d like to know?

  9. REALLY? permalink

    Are you kidding me, this is the best that you have against the Sheriff?? A man that was fired for committing a criminal act outside of the Sheriff’s Dept. That is hilarious!! Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to distance themselves from a Criminal? If I was the Sheriff you could bet your bottom dollar that I would fire him in a heartbeat. This Blog on the other hand from what I have read believes in Criminals. Let me get this straight. This Hales guy kicks a restrained inmate, admits it and there should be no penalty for his actions. This Blog defends a known Criminal called Struggles and his video and you have the gall to say that you have a candidate in mind for Sheriff. You make me sick. It would only be a matter of time before you run a Blog against the person that you would want to represent for Sheriff. I personally would be scared as hell against you promoting me. I guess this Cox guy didn’t pay enough for you, huh. What do you want him to do, maybe die? Would that fulfill your needs and anger towards the Dept or the Sheriff. He already lost his job, probably his family, his life and anything else that was dear to him but nooo you got to make sure that a man is really down to get to your objective that probably fired you for your wrong doing. The worst part is you don’t think that you deserved to be fired for the things that you did. Your Missing Common Sense is absolutely right; you are not much of an intellectual. If anything you are vile. I for one would never vote for a Sheriff that would be represented by you or the minimal amount of people that follow you. That is my sincere opinion!

    • thebrownhornet permalink

      You sound like some upper management dude. Cox had more than a few infractions. You need to know this Mr.Really? The things you have read here is just the beginning. Post all the rants you wish but know that this will not end until mission accomplished. The good stuff is coming so get ready. Everyday the very officers/staff you tried to silence with your made up policies are feeding information to the blog. Dan Weikal I know youre going to read this, you are going to be the main guy under the bus when Hall gets in a corner. That weasel named Jamie Johnson is going to turn on you real quick. Im sure he’s got documentation to cover his a**.

      • Laura Tingo permalink

        I’m seeing Dan Weikal….Please inform me of his crazyness….. I’m scared of what I’m reading. Sounds like a loser

        Laura Tingo
        561 853 7808

  10. @theRealBigNate permalink

    Cox was always cool to me, it’s unfortunate that he got caught doing what most people have done hundreds of times. I do feel administrators should be held to higher standard, however Daron does not operate that way. My first hearing is 2-24 and it is going to be very exciting! I have a lot of surprises coming out. A lot of people in the crowds stomach’s will be upset as the information starts to flow. I say it all the time, prepare for war in times of peace. The best advice that I can give current officers, is always keep a recorder on you. You would be surprised what administrators and supervisors will say when they turn their recorders off. Please know that no matter how loyal you are to the agency and your supervisors, they do not care about you, your children, your bills, they only care about themselves and their ego. I really hope Jonn Ford didn’t reassign my SORT locker. The main issue I’m having is wether I’ll buy a Hummer or a boat with my back pay 🙂

    • Frank Underwood permalink

      How’d that work out for ya?? Hummer or a boat?? HAHAHAHA

      • @therealbignate permalink

        The hearing went GREAT, thanks for asking! I was surprised at how weak their case was, it was laughable. Everyone testified that I was a great officer with zero disciplinary history and no history of violence. Sgt. Hampton admitted that the courthouse was understaffed that day and 1-2 more officers should have assisted me. Randy Davis admitted that he stayed in the back and never cake out into court to assist me. The DCSO has set precedent with how they handle use of force cases. Phillip Shipley, Joseph Porch, Paul Roberts and several more kept their jobs following a guilty disciplinary. We submitted 12 cases to the judge to review and half of them are way worse than my case. The hearing went so well that we decided to save all my recordings for the civil service board just in case it goes that far. The best part of the day was watching Byron Grizzle try to testify, only to get shot down because he wasn’t even in HR when this occurred. I’m also a little worried about John Ford? He looks 70 years old and 140 lbs! Is he sick? Or is the stress of this blog and all the lawsuits taking a toll on him?

      • We have heard from sources within the admin building that John Ford is in fact OBSESSED with this blog.. So much so in fact, that we guarantee he is reading this! John, how do you explain to officers that your family friend Erin Vague is more qualified for a promotion than they are? How do you terminate an officer for wearing her Dcso jacket to pay a ticket? Yet, allow administrators to use their position to FIX multiple tickets? How do you allow Dan Weikel to use his position to brag to girls on fb how he is ‘better than a cop’ and use his position for personal gain? How can you allow Justin Norris to STEAL on duty but demote Casey White for allegedly having cigarettes? How do you tell officers they do not deserve a raise, yet CREATE a chief position for the biggest joke in the DCSO Tom Tom Wilkes? You JOHN FORD are a coward and a REMF!

  11. Kevin Cox permalink

    This is some really cowardly bs! I had a disease, I addressed it and got it fixed. In 4 years I can gety DUI expunged and I will return to law enforcement. I’m guessing that low life scum rat Philip Dover did this shit? I have a masters degree from MTSU, a black belt inane martial arts, a former navy seal and all American defensive back for MTSU. What are you so jealous of Dover? I would be happy to swing with your wife, but I don’t do over 200 lbs. See you soon losers!

  12. booze it and lose it permalink

    Now this guy is a prime example of a back slapper. Never really liked him, he thought he was above everyone else in the room wherever he was. How much did he pay for his positions while at DCSO?

    • Real Talk permalink

      Cox and Daron were good friends at CCA. Cox got a second mortgage on his home when Daron ran for sheriff vs Leo Waters.

      • Mike Murphy. permalink

        I feel sorry for him and sincerely mean it. I was highly critical of him when we both worked there, especially bfore I left but his last words to me on my last day were, “I wish you well and I sincerely mean that.” A few months after he left, My conscience got the best of me regarding how critical of him I was and I found him on facebook and apologized to him for my remarks about him and to him that I made while we were both there. I didn’t get a response but understand it.

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