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January 26, 2014



Wade Hales, Derrick Gleaves, Vincent Carr, LaTanya Mayhew, Clarissa Cross, Nate Sherron, Jerry Clark, William Cothron and MANY MORE have been victimized by retaliatory, narcissistic, self absorbed administrators. It is a shame that Daron Hall promotes his friends, cronies and those who volunteer/donate.. But even more of a shame is the havoc these individuals wreak on deputies. Please explain how Phillip Shipley can beat a black inmate who is CHAINED TO A WALL and get promoted to Lieutenant, yet Wade Hales pushes an inmate down with his foot who is attempting to stand up during a code red and he is demoted? We have multiple cases of administrators, often using AK Carroll’s investigative staff to make half truthed, biased investigative reports. In many cases IMPORTANT facts are omitted, facts that would assist the officer on his/her defense. It appears administrators will single out and go after officers that they do not like for whatever reason, and investigations is eager to assist in order to justify their existence. AK Carroll will never be more than the leader of the RAT SQUAD, as his Williamson County Sheriff bid netted around a cool 10 votes LOL. Why has the DCSO Legal and Investigative staff quadrupled in the past 5 years!? Daron is wasting tax payer dollars for staff whose sole purpose appears to be to harass officers and clean up the messes of administrators

Daron Hall refuses to hold his administrators responsible as the wrongful termination lawsuits continue to stack up and cost tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars!



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  1. Baba permalink

    Why was Haggard fired? He seemed like a good guy, but was almost worthless as a CO. He spent more time sleeping than anybody else I knew.

  2. Casey White permalink

    It has been quite some time since I have commented on here. This common sense person is definitely part of, as DeNiro said, the inner circle of trust. From forst hand experience in Correctional Services, I can speak on many topics with nothing but the truth and evidence to back it up. How is it that we were supposed to be helping the community and non-profit organizations, but still cut grass at about 8 Masonic Lodges? Also, we cut grass at Goodpasture School before Mike Raines son was in school, next thing you know, his son starts going to Goodpasture, hmmm! We were instructed on several occasions to call in the physical address or “forget” to mention we were going certain places. Then I got in trouble for letting my inmates get cigarettes. Norris was caught in the act of buying his guys cigarettes and for stealing on duty, which I have no clue as to how he is still employed there, just kidding, who you know, not what you know:) During my investigation, AK was obviously very one sided. He would take up for Mike and disregard my questions. Is there a way I can get a copy of it? If so, I’d love to share with you guys how it went down. I asked repeatedly for me to have a lie detector test about buying cigarettes and doing things I knew I was not allowed and asked them to give Mike one also about the things Norris was doing and what he knew. AK told me they didn’t use lie detectors any longer. I absolutely believe the best thing I have ever done for myself was to leave that place. This site is awesome and I hope it continues to put FACTS out there that obviously some people refuse to see as such. Good luck with future endeavors!

    • Thank you Casey for the comment! You are welcome here anytime or feel free to email us! Mike Raines is a disgusting person and Justin Norris is an embarrassment to the badge! We’re glad to hear that your doing well! We love to hear positive stories from those who were SCREWED over by the administration! We received a email from a former employee who was (soon to be proven) wrongfully terminated, who sent his W2 from 2013 and made 57,000! The individual works better hours which zero stress or harassment. As for ‘your (should be you’re) missing common sense’ we have an address and are narrowing their identity down. We have MULTIPLE posts from metro computers and will eventually be releasing the building and who (administrators) posted the comments. There is also a certain female who has posted from Tennessee Tech campus and we have proof of her connection to the campus. We will give you a hint.. She is known for her multiples marriages and relationships with coworkers (professional and classy)

      SO MUCH TO COME IN 2014! Please be patient we like to release our information strategically 😉

    • Stalactite stalagmite permalink

      Justin Norris was fired from juvenile detention and CCA for inappropriate relations with an inmate.

      • Randy Porter permalink

        All you have to do is call IA and request copies of your investigation its public record.

  3. Randy Porter permalink

    All I want to know is why is evryone on here hiding behind fake names? I mean really we are all grown, but yet everyone wants to hide is that because they would get in trouble for posting on this site. Every time I have posted something I use my god given name but noone else I think you are all cowards. Just my opinion.

    • 33rd Degree Mason permalink

      Dan Weikal and John Ford both ATTEMPTED to be masons and could not cut the mustard. Most of the lodges around Nashville are shit. They allowed Lew Walser to steal money from his lodge and they allow people like Mike Raines be a fat racist blob.

  4. Your Missing Common Sense. permalink

    It looks to me like once again this site promotes violent people as innocents, while simultaneously laying low others. Who knows what the real story is with anything you say here? The claims that you put forth as being all sides of the story are nothing more than hearsay. The name of your blog shows the true intent of it’s posts, and obviously nothing more than what benefits you is posted. You don’t want people to know the truth, you only want what you believe, or want people to believe to be heard by anyone unfortunate enough to have their time wasted by the filth which you provide.

    • Thank you for your CONTINUOUS patronage to our blog! We find great irony in the fact that you call the blog ‘filth’ and ‘time wasted’ however your life hangs on every word posted. Also ironic is how closely your description of the blog resembles a DCSO investigation. ‘You don’t want people to know the truth, you only want what you believe.’

      Have a great week, and we can ASSURE you there is much much more to come!

      Stay Tuned 😉

      • Your Missing Common Sense. permalink

        “Continuous” is a bit of a stretch there. My visits are infrequent at best. And to say my life hangs on every word implies I have nothing better to do than to read the garbage on here. The fact that I haven’t clicked the link to this place in months should set that aside as nonsense. And the fact that the DCSO, whom you call corrupt and weak, are on the same track as me, tells me only that you fear them because you constantly accuse me of being a part of it. Seeking to find your dissenters while hiding behind a veil of anonymity. I believe I’ve addressed this once before with no reply from you. Cowardly at best. Gonna make a couple corrections here for “Master.” The word is “Hearsay,” not here say, and the tool in question is a breathalyzer. There are no lasers involved. Once again, I am shown the kind of people who support your blog. I remain unimpressed.

      • The British called the Americans ‘cowards’ during the Revolutionary war due to the use of guerrilla warfare… We all know how that played out!

        Please understand that WE did not start this movement.. The movement started us! For years Daron Hall reigned without fear of reprisal or accountability for his heinous actions.. We are here to bring accountability in the court of public opinion.

        We can assure you that the BEST IS YET TO COME! More of Dan Weikal and other administrators disturbing Facebook statements, many many many more damaging Vickie Black/ Daron Hall emails, and much much more!

      • omaha omaha permalink

        Who is this “Common Sense”dude? Sounds like the typical Daron Hall boot licker. Its nothing you can do or say to protect him sir or maam. The things you have read here is only the very tip of what is about to come. The officers/staff are feeding us daily with shortcomings of Hall’s poor excuse for an administation. Your attempt to rescue him will fall short. This blog is not a person, it is people.People who are tired of being run over by a dictator using them as a pawn in his game for personal and political gain.

      • Your Missing Common Sense. permalink

        The difference was that we Americans, note my inclusion of myself in the word, as I do believe in standing by my country, launched effective attacks against the British. We also looked to allies in the French, and with their help, overthrew a tyrant. We did not huddle in our warm little room behind a computer, or any other source of media if you wish to be technical about the time-frame of the events. We went into the fight, and we DID fight. We didn’t hide as cowards, but rather ambushed the British. You on the other hand do nothing more than cower behind the screen, afraid of any reprisal from this authority which you disdain. We Americans fought for our rights and our freedom. You mock the memory of the men who died for our country by seeking to align your selfish cause with their righteous one.

      • Believe it or not, we did take history as part of our ‘TSU education.’ Not sure if John Ford studied history with his multitude of DeVry’esque online degrees. We understand that effective campaigns are fought on many fronts. We would argue that Daron Hall’s monthly meetings and emails regarding the blog, John Ford’s comments regarding the blog, the multitude of investigations, man hours spent and tax dollars spent regarding the blog prove that it is EFFECTIVE. We have 200,000 (how many are yours?) views in a year, I would argue that the message is getting out. Hopefully Daron Hall will eventually listen to his people and hold his administrators accountable for their actions. A biased investigation could cost the tax payers as much money as an officer abusing an inmate for example. However, there is no retribution for the harassment and retaliation by administrators and investigations, yet an officer would be brought up on charges for abusing an inmate. Clarissa Cross, LaTanya Mayhew, Jerry Clark, Jeanette Porter and many more were proven to have been wrongfully terminated.. WHY WAS NO ONE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!?

      • Your Missing Common Sense. permalink

        You claim all these views on your site, but most are probably the same people looking at the site again. I’d dwindle that number down to maybe 5k at best of how many are different people. Not exactly the foundation of a revolution there. As for your “TSU education” I don’t see where your college should matter in that. Assuming YOU went to college, which, judging from the intellectual level of your postings, I sincerely doubt. Perhaps before you dropped out of high school you picked up a short bit of American history. Good for you. Yes, the sheriff and his subordinates are looking to find the people who claim to be his enemy. What madman wouldn’t? I suppose your candidate, whatever poor fool you have lined up for the job, wouldn’t ever look over his shoulder to make sure he wasn’t being stabbed in the back. Surely such a fearless and manly leader should be congratulated for his foolhardy recklessness. What kind of man are you attempting to promote who could be so idiotic that he wouldn’t even investigate slander against him?

    • Master permalink

      So everything here on this site is here say? Then how do you explane the documents, pictures, emails and legitamate evidence that wrong things are happyning!? Why was Phillip Shipley not charged demoted or termamated!? Because Danny Weikel likes him! If Lamondo brown or a Brother did what ship did then we’d be fired! Also how does Chesser get to keep working with all these dam arrests!?!? Because Tom tom likes her? Fucked up ass place

      • thebrownhornet permalink

        It is my belief that Tom Tom and that female officer been doing the nasty or otherwise she would be fired like Billy Haggard. He couldnt fire Pillow cause he bought pirated CD’s and DVD’s from him and allowed him to prosper from his illegal activity during work hours.

      • Master permalink

        Tony wills also didn’t fire Tina fern after she came to work a few times and failed a breath laser test. Because tony and fern rode to the Obama inagueration together

    • Rob Lillard permalink

      Racist much? You are the same one who previously mocked people with a ‘TSU education.’ I’m sure you love that Daron Hall spoke to a white supremacist group, and banned dreadlocks and braided hair in the DCSO.

    • Redrum permalink

      Can some one please tell me how PHILLIP SHIPLEY kept his job after beating a man chained to a wall!? This blows my mind.

  5. Real talk permalink

    I doubt this is really Gilmer, probably some other douche bag Weikal/ JJ nuthugger! The post is dead on! I was involved in an investigation once where AK Carroll straight up lied on the investigative report. A guy I grew up with was on the floor and I emailed my Sgt’s per policy at the time and let them know. Ak said I failed to advise anyone and I went to Dboard. I came with copies of the emails and presented them. Jim Kramer looked at AK like WTF!? AK got all red and prissy and broke out in hives. I guess he was banking on me taking the 5day deal they offered, which many people do.

  6. Robert Gilmer permalink

    Derrick Gleaves held a man down and spit on him, he should have been terminated!

    • Real talk permalink

      Sheila Stinson should have removed Gleaves from the scene. Edward ehonwa a max inmate with a history of violence spit in Gleaves face. Also, in Big Nates case his Sgt Chrid Hampton sent him into court with 30 inmates alone while he sat downstairs on the bench with 5 other officers. Of course Mcclure and Pearson threw Nate under the bus to save their friend Hampton. This place is a trainwreck and I can’t wait to retire in a few years!

  7. Robert Gilmer permalink

    This site is pure bullshit! Everyone mentioned above is a Piece of trash and deserve everything they got! You bash good people like Dan Weikal, Jamie Johnson and John Ford. People with class who Daron Hall are proud of. All the people who comment here are cowards and pieces of trash!

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