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‘Loose lips sink ships’

January 20, 2014


Dan Weikal, CJC Administrator appears to be speaking with an unknown female in regards to Sheriff’s Office matters!? What would possess Dan to open up about his ‘deposition’ for a lawsuit to a non DCSO employee and then claim that ‘they won’t win?’ Is Dan throwing around his position and importance to this young lady to gain her attention? How many times is Dan Weikal going to be allowed to embarrass Daron Hall, John Ford and The agency!? Dan already fixed two tickets, challenged a subordinate to a fight, not to mention the multiple other rumors of unprofessional behavior! Geez Dan, they are doing a good enough job by themselves without your help!

Mercer, PA must be proud!

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  1. Parker permalink

    Moderator more CATFISH please. This is hilarious

  2. blackandgold permalink

    Whats good is Hall wont fire any of these losers because of this blog and they keep making him look bad. Thanks Dan, keep up the good work for us. Ladies and gentleman this is just the very tip of the iceberg. “There is no love in my heart for a loser”

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