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Does Dan Weikal ‘fire people?’

January 20, 2014


Dan Weikal can claim that these conversations are ‘photoshopped.’ However, we can assure you 100% that they are not! In this excerpt, Dan appears to be discussing the ‘rumor’ of an altercation between Dan and Tom Davis in regards to Tom and ‘Dan’s ex wife’ (Karla West Weikal Crocker.) Dan goes on to claim that someone he ‘fired’ started the rumor. Since when does Dan Weikal ‘FIRE’ people? If Dan requested charges to be brought on an individual or if he a sat on a disciplinary panel… Wouldn’t it eventually be Daron Hall, John Ford or HR’s decision to terminate employment?? Is Dan boasting to this young lady to gain her affection or possibly begin a courtship? Is that not using your position for ‘personal gain’ Very professional Mr. CJC Administrator! Rumor is that Dan will be switching buildings soon, as CJC appears to be an utter mess! However, we were told in training by Heath Kane that the Sheriff does not ‘move’ problems?

Daron, it is time to cut your losses and show the officers and citizens that you will not tolerate unprofessional behavior.. Even from administrators!


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  1. Robert Gilmer permalink

    I can assure you that these ‘conversations’ between Dan and Ashley are photoshopped!

  2. Dick Sargent permalink

    Leave Mary Thomas’ name out of your mouth. She’s a good person and officer.

  3. Hulk smash permalink

    Susana is a good person, go fuck yourself! Joe Gaines is a cool guy, but why wasn’t he fired when he slammed an inmate at cdc who was walking away from him. What about all the warrant officers like Mcgee and prater who allow women to take their belongings to a storage unit instead of putting their shit on the street corner per policy? Speaking of working out on duty, why is McDowell always in the weight room lifting 145 with his skinny arms on duty?

    • Alan Shonting permalink

      I was having an affair with a woman and she killed herself. Her dad begged the sheriff to fire me, buy because I donated money to the sheriff he didn’t do shit.

  4. Revolution permalink

    Let’s be honest here, Dan and Jamie are both evil mean people. They will get everything that is coming to them and virtually everyone with the agency will be happy!

  5. Ghost of Wilford Ratton RIP 4A SMU permalink

    Mercer Pa is so proud if Dan Weikal!

    Not this Dan Weikal, but his dad the ball coach that is in the Mercer HS sports hall of fame.

  6. Parker permalink

    Who is he claiming he “fired”? This info would be very valuable to that person

    • Spur lock permalink

      Maybe if it was ‘Lil Nate’ Nathan Hibbs (5’4 160) Dan wouldn’t have acted so passive aggressively. Dan is the kind of guy to hold grudges against people who are smarter, better looking and more talented than him.

    • Robert Gilmer permalink

      Dan fired several pieces of trash that summer! People who didn’t deserve to wear out great uniform. When you put others at risk you must go.

  7. JoseCuervo permalink

    This is probably the only way he can”pick up women”. I hear JJ is notorius for this type activity as well. His a** should have been fired for threatening one of his subordinates. If he worked anywhere is in America he would have been out the door…quick. But noooooo, the Davidson County Sheriff Office in Nashville,Tn allows this to go on. What happened to Accountability, Diversity, Integrity and Professionalism with this agency? How can this be your creed/motto when this type of activity goes on? Is this Accountability?

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