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Daron Hall violating civil service rules?

January 20, 2014




Between 3/19/2010 and 3/29/2010 a job bid for corrections officer was announced with the DCSO. An astounding 450 qualified applicants applied! How does Daron Hall treat these 450 individuals who sought employment with his agency? Daron Hall allegedly ordered a friendly letter to be sent to these citizens stating that there application is in ‘process’ and remain ‘patient.’ MEANWHILE Daron Hall holds a special civil service test for ONLY 6 people… A few of which are sons of Daron Hall cronies! This disgusting act of cronyism is a perfect example of Daron Hall’s character, and priorities as a Sheriff. As the months and days draw closer, we will routinely post reminders of the Daron Hall ‘experience’ because ‘experience matters!’

PS we have hundreds of emails regarding this type of activity and we will be saving the best for a courtroom or the court pod public opinion as the election nears.

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  1. thebackslapper permalink

    12 years ago I helped you get into office and my little Tommy was 10 then. Well he’s 22 now and he needs a job.So what are you going to do?

    • Apparently Daron will say SCREW the 450 available applicants, I’ll hold a secret special exam for lil Tommy..

      • Parker permalink

        That is strange. When I applied in 2007, you could only apply ONLINE. There was no such thing as a paper application. I wonder how many low income or minority individuals wanted to apply for that position but didn’t have access to a computer; but if you are white and your family is making their campaign contributions to Daron; obviously an exception with taxpayers money will be made. Moderator if you are willing please scan and e-mail me a copy of this paperwork. I have all of the campaign finance records since 2006. I will forward both to the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, the ACLU, and the NAACP.

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