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“Experience Matters”

January 11, 2014


“Experience Matters” is Daron Hall’s 2014 campaign slogan. As difficult as it is to read that slogan without laughing..Daron does have a valid point. Daron Hall has been Davidson County’s Sheriff for 12 long years. The taxpayers of Davidson County and the employees of the DCSO have EXPERIENCED Daron Hall. Daron Hall is the ONLY Sheriff in Tennessee without arresting powers and virtually never steps foot in his jails. Daron was a “programs” guy, he has no experience as an officer, as a Sergeant, a Lieutenant, a Captain, Daron has no clue what the officers of the DCSO go through on a daily basis and obviously does not care. Daron Hall surrounds himself with friends, cronies, “yes men”, campaign contributors and volunteers and has promoted these individuals to the highest ranking positions within the Sheriff’s office. These administrators are not the most qualified, not the most experienced and are not the best managers. Daron Hall has created a agency rampant with favoritism, politics, cronyism, while the low level officers are under paid, under staffed and Daron DOES NOT CARE! Since his employment with the DCSO, Daron has left his ex wife for a fellow employee, Ginger. Daron’s administrator’s Dan Weikal, Jamie Johnson, Mike Raines, Kevin Cox, Tony Wilkes, John Taylor, Kerry Hall and others ALL have a cloud of unprofessional behavior that has followed them throughout their careers. Daron Hall has wrongfully terminated numerous employees, such as Tanya Mayhew, Clarissa Cross, Charles Foster, Jerry Clark and many more. These wrongful terminations are a direct result of inept, vengeful, and evil administrators. The single most troubling wrongful termination was the disgusting and vile treatment of former HR employee Jeanette Porter. Porter was FIRED without a disciplinary hearing for allegedly telling the truth about an overtime coverup by John Taylor involving the order of protection division. Metro SETTLED with Porter quickly and admitted it would be best for Metro for the case to be settled. Daron Hall has faced hundreds of lawsuits, including a pregnant woman shackled during pregnancy, multiple inmate on inmate assaults and deaths, multiple cases of inmate on staff sexual relations, and many more. Daron Hall continues to treat his cronies different than the unconnected officer. For example, Lieutenant Philip Shipley BEATS a african american inmate who is chained to a wall, and keeps his job and rank..meanwhile Vincent Carr, Wade Hales, Tanya Mayhew, John Holliman, Derrick Gleaves, Joseph Porch and many more lose their rank and salary for MUCH less, and even more are terminated or forced into termination for much less. Daron Hall’s “community work” is nothing more than political positioning for future votes. How many times has Daron Hall went into low income housing and helped anyone? Ever notice how many events are in the Donelson area and Donelson senior center? How did Justin Norris STEALING while on duty help the community? Of course Norris was not terminated, due to his mom and dad’s political connections. How did Allan Shonting go from a corporal at the jail, to a CAPTAIN over community services? Did he donate to Daron Hall’s campaign? Even more disgusting is how Daron Hall uses “volunteering” as a gauge in promotions. In the next months, we will continue to remind the public of our “experience” with Daron Hall and his cronies.



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  1. James Ross 1st floor rockman permalink

    I would like to personally thank Lt Adam Goodrich for bringing me in creatine and letting me swap out the camera videos at Cjc.

  2. Anonymous Person permalink

    Meanwhile at HDC, a clergy member was caught having sex with an offender on camera on 1/11/14. Chief Brown reviewed the tapes of her previous entries and noticed shes done it more than once. All she walked out with was a slap on the hand and was banned from visiting the inmate. If it were to be an officer participating in lewd conduct, we´d get arrested and FIRED! No wonder half the people get away with what they do. That building is so relaxed, its ridiculous.

    • Where is PREA coordinator Marcus Bodie!? Maybe he is working out with Jamie Johnson? Why was this individual not PROSECUTED!?

      • Mike Murphy. permalink

        blogger please remove my previous post which I evidently didn’t write too well. It appears that it is being misinterpreted by others (if the texts and calls I received are any indication) as saying that Marcus Bodie is running for sheriff when in fact it is not him at all.

        I’d hate for Marcus to be summoned to the administration building and be falsely accused of running for sheriff. All I meant about Marcus is that he is a good guy who I’m sure is a good PREA coordinator.

        The person who may run has not made up his mind and I was excited for him as he is a good man and good friend (to not just me but many others) who has done much for this Nation and his community. But he hasn’t made up his mind and it was premature for me to say anything. Just was excited for him as he is a good man giving it some thought.

      • Yes we have heard the rumors of a great man possibly running for Sheriff against Hall.. We can assure you that if it comes to fruition, we will be 100% behind him!

    • JohnCoffey permalink

      P.R.E.A. !!! Where is the so called coordinator? She wasnt prosecuted because she was a “Volunteer”. You know Hall like Volunteers. Plus,if they make a big deal about it then its all over the news and Hall doesnt want that. Chris Brown did what he had to do to keep Hall’s name out of the mud. Marcus Bodie you be careful because you will be under the bus when someone decides to suit. You’ll be the one they say is the person not doing their job. Document Document Document.

    • curiouser and curiouser permalink

      Did you say she is only restricted from visiting THAT inmate? Unreal.

    • Jeremy Goinz permalink

      If that happened on my watch I would have beat his and layed my fat belly on him until backup arrived. Hey does anyone know my drug dealing piece of trash juice monkey snitch cousin Shawn goins?

  3. Daniel Cash permalink

    I witnessed Dan Weikal open a secure cell door, enter while holding a cup of coffee, and rip the inmate down from the top bunk dragging him into the hallways, meanwhile hot coffee is spilling all over his carcass who lay in fetal position.

    • Kevin teviz permalink

      These baby soft hands are now roaming the cell Blocks of TDOC! I only make 22k a year but nobody bothers me about my weird noises I make. Tell Peraltas wife hi for me

  4. Natyhan Hibbs permalink

    Dont forget Weikal’s two tickets that he got fixed

    • Sgt cogdil permalink

      Will everyone leave dan Weikel alone! Everyone gives shit to gilmer and Roberts but I’m his true butt buddy.

  5. Richard Ramsey permalink

    I worked with Jerry Clark and he is an idiot! He used to ask ABL for 60 sack lunches when he only had 54 inmates. hmmmmmmmmm

  6. Big Lou Krocker permalink

    Hey Daron F YOU! Dan Weikal I punked you out once you sniffling little girl, and I will do it again when I get back from over seas.

  7. Kevin Tevis TDOC permalink

    Saint Leo’s University and Park University.. WTF are these two internet, fake ass schools that John Ford has degree’s from!? John Ford ran down to booking once when a guy who was fucking his daughter got arrested for beating her ass. That guy would have choked Ford out in under a minute! Ford served 22 years in the military and all 22 were behind a desk. John has spent his DCSO time behind a desk. Ford will look you in the face and tell you one thing and then do another. John Ford is a true american coward.

  8. Master permalink

    See this what pisses me the fuck off! Daron is racist piece of trash and spoke to white supramasis group and band dreadlocks in black peoples hair! No one will run against daron because the sherrif in nashville is a joke. Daron doesnt even police the streets or have a got damn gun! I been working these floors for 14 years and i have never never ever seen daron muthafuckin hall in a damn jail. in stead he sends uncle tom cracker loving mfs like tony wilks and jamie johnson to police his negros and do his dirty work. Tony wilks is like steven on django a piece of trash cocaine snorting light skinned hores like meshawyn cook.

  9. Tommy bogel permalink

    Man after I brought Leo waters in to roll call, I had to suck Daron off to get to warrants. I can be found coaching Smyrna bulldogs living vicariously through kids.

  10. Voluntold permalink

    It should say Daron Hall, Warden.

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