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Another year closer to a NEW administration!

January 1, 2014



We would like to thank all the viewers of! 157,000 views in a year is amazing! The activity on this site dwarfs every social media outlet by the DCSO COMBINED! To witness the effect this blog, and it’s viewers have.. Simply google search ‘Daron hall!’ The actions taken by the DCSO in regards to this site prove that the movement is happening. They appear nervous, scared, desperate and want to keep the skeletons in the closet! If Daron Hall does not want to hold his Cronies and administrators accountable for their actions, the court of public opinion will! Several big lawsuits are scheduled to be heard in 2014, several big stories and posts are coming… this will be a huge year for the good guys.

In our Daron Hall voice “for everyone who volun’told for sober ride last night, we thank you’


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  1. Steve knauff permalink

    It is interesting to see the things written about my childhood friend Dan Weikal. I googled his name to show a friend his title with his agency.this is the first thing that popped up. This really hurts someone professionally. What is dan tries to get another job? People need to think about others feeling before posting this crap. Dan Weikal is a great man.

    • DonCrownover permalink

      Your friend sold his soul. Your friend challenged one of his subordinates to “come outside”. He was disciplined for it. Its on record and we can get a copy of it if you want it. Your friend put his staff in jeopardy by schmoozing with a female support staff. Your friend is going to need another job soon so why dont you get ready to help him out.

    • Nate Tevis Parker Clark permalink

      Yes Steve, Dan Weikal is a good man. This site is run by individuals who have either been terminated from the agency or disciplined. Its a little like the tabloids at the grocery store in that everyone looks at it but you take everything it prints with a “Lot’s wife” size piece of salt.

      • This is Sparta!!!!! permalink

        Take this with a grain of salt:

        – Karla and Donna had lesbian relations
        – Karla and Donna snorted pain pills
        – I have pictures of Donna flashing her boobs on an old Polaroid picture.
        – Dan refused to fight Lou Crocker
        – Dan bounced Frankie Richardson a check for a vehicle he purchased from Frankie
        – Dan had two tickets fixed
        – Dan is best friends and protects Paul Roberts. Paul was suspended once for play wrestling with a max inmate and co Jared king sprayed the inmate with freeze. Paul told Jared to lie and not do a report. Many have been fired for less.
        – Jamie was arrested for domestic in another county
        – Dan drives drunk regularly and has been taken home by metro police.
        – dans other BFF is SEIU steward gilmer. Gilmer will screw over co’ she represents in disciplinaries if Dan tells him to.
        – Dan was suspended for challenging 4’8 Nathan Hibbs to a fight
        – Dan is such a sucker for female attention that he has been ‘catfished’ multiple times.
        – the 4 above mentioned former employees.. One resigned, one has already won his job back, and 2 are in the process of winning back pay and their jobs back. Dan has more suspensions then all four combined.
        – Dan and many more have commented here from metro computers and metro legal has the IP addresses.
        – Karla commented from tenn’s tech wifi but doesn’t realize that the actual device she used has a specific IP address
        – Paul hangs out in the parking lot drinking beer after work and has cheated on his woman with Pam Rutledge in the parking lot. (Oral)

        Just a few bullet points for everyone to take with a ‘lot sized grain of salt’

  2. Jk1116 permalink

    Isiah 29

    We walk a path and the journey is to discover who we are in Christ. Receive His gifts and know His fruit reveals the gifts of the Spirit. We are coming into a time where many will see and the blind will see and the deaf will hear. Know the teacher of fear comes from the commandment of men. We all know this is a special time. Do not fear nor be afraid our Lord is with you, He will never leave you nor forsake you. The Father sees us from a far and RUNS to us.

  3. jk1116 permalink

    It gets thicker, They lost and are trying to use my attorney against me. I informed the attorney NO DEALS. They denied me any chance to properly defend myself while suffering with injuries. The Judge clearly recognized the serious injustice and abuse of power by the Sheriff’s office. Even the Civil Service Commission board member couldn’t understand the 10 day suspension. Now they want my attorney to agree too strike the Whistleblower retaliation finding of facts by the Judge. NO DEAL! Sheriff Hall and staff freely and willfully acted in violation of state and federal laws. I told them a long time ago I will not lie to save my job. They informed my attorneys earlier I would be fired again even if I get my job back (Not smart). Now they want to change horses midway and fire me for an administrator (Dan Weikal) conversation. Don’t go there unless you get the whole truth! It will get very ugly going forward for you (Closets are deep with filth). My heart still goes out to those who were abused before me. Baltimore, Mayhew, Kincaid, White, Porter, Shelton and many more… My appointments with State Attorney General and more are coming soon. I have given you every chance to get it right! My Father knows your heart and you better read the path you are on. Anyone who jumps on that boat better know it is a sinking ship of lies and deceptions Still waiting for the call.

    • Could you shed any light as to this conversation with Dan Weikel?

      • Jk1116 permalink

        Better yet maybe post the hard copy I sent to Sheriff Hall and cd ford about DW’s lack of confidentiality regarding an ongoing investigation. And his inapproprate comments to a female trainer

  4. Lil Evil permalink

    I remember very clearly daron halls speech during my class graduation in 2003. Daron said that to get promoted within the office you must do volunteer work. Then during 3 interviews for promotion I was ask if I had done any volunteer work. I still to this day never volunteered and laugh at the people who do. Why would you volunteer and help daron look good. He doesnt even show to half of the events and when he does he leaves right away. To make matters worse he disrespects his own people by not wearing the Sheriffs uniform. What does that tell you?

    • Hardy_Mayor permalink

      That may be why you don’t get promoted, and post on this website while you’re supposed to be working…. Lil Stupid if you ask me

  5. Sandusky's favorite permalink

    Did dan go to penn state and live on campus or did he get a fake diploma online like Ford, Ruby and Tony Wilkes?

  6. Starbucks Murfreesboro Rd Antioch permalink

    Tony Wallace pulls up in handicap and the Starbucks employees bring him free coffee to his window. Everyone else has to come in and wait in line and pay! Tony probably needs the coffee after being drunk!

  7. Kenny Crosslands of warrants permalink

    I’ve been on IOD in warrants for months even though john Taylor told others in the past that there are not IOD positions in warrants. I sat in my car and dripped meatball sauce on my shirt.

  8. YolandaKeefe permalink

    Dan Weikal I know you’re gonna read this. You’re going to be the 2nd guy under the bus after Tom Tom. I know you guys think that Sheriff is going to protect you but its not going to happen. This blog is not going to stop, we are not going away. Things are only going to get worse for you. We receive info daily on your shortcomings. The worse thing I have seen here is you calling out one of your subordinates to” meet outside” and telling him “he aint got a hair on his ass” if he doesnt. What kind of supervisor does that? Very professional huh? That officer should have had your sorry ass in court for workplace harrassment. Attorneys are all over this blog so dont be surprised if you get hit in the ass down the road cause everything you are doing there is being documented by everyone. Remember this, the policy and procedure that govern what you do today are from the screwups you did way back in the day. Yet they will have to rewrite some again after you are gone because you keep screwing up.

    • Joe McCarthy permalink

      Very accurate description of Mr Weikal. You nailed it Yolanda regarding his professionalism.

  9. Jk1116 permalink

    Gave blood and volunteered for sober ride multiple times because they are a good example how we can minister to others. Voluntold is about the heart who is doing it. In any case, I was still targeted, attacked and wrongfully termunated for filing a report Just like I was trained. People should never settle and God’s children are more than conquerers.
    The Branch

    • Glass Joe permalink

      Lol good post, I was actually wondering how many people were ‘voluntold?’ I know some do volunteer out of the goodness of their hearts. However in warrants for example, they are literally TOLD to volunteer. And some like yarlett and Harris volunteer for every event just to get promoted. The sick thing is Daron and Gentry just use volunteering to put a good face out to the public. They are evil, nasty people.

      • Jk1116 permalink

        What is really sad, the problem solution is so easly. But they are standing to close to the trees to see.

      • jk1116 permalink

        Officers know that preserving evidence is vital when there is a suspected crime scene, especially involving a critical incident. The attack was 10/5/12, the criminal complaint and supervisor was notified 10/6/12. Why would it take almost a week to start an investigation and why would the sheriff’s office conduct a criminal investigation?

        Here’s the original case summary for initiation of investigation:

        Franklins manipulated summary report:

        Note the pattern to declare it unfounded even though attacker admits wrongdoing and Judge Wilson determined otherwise. They knew it was wrong and covered it up. If the false information and evidence was used to influence the official criminal investigation it becomes a felony it multiple crimes. The FACT as declared by a judge violating state law under retaliation also opened the door for several criminal liabilities. The legal battle has deteriorated to desperately needing the Honest Judge’s ruling modified to cover up the criminal liability. It will be interesting to see how many will crawl in the sinking boat? Here is the Judge’s Facts again!

        Here is their attempt to control the damages by petitioning for reconsideration. The Judge shot it down. Wonder how the Civil Service Board will see it?

        If you wonder why I am sharing this, the light will always expose that which hides in the dark. The information I share with others is legally available for them to use for up to10 years in a court of law. Sheriff has a huge paper trial that continues to grow. You only truly reduce liability by stopping the damage and attempting to correct the wrong. They appear to practice the spaghetti law skills and hope something sticks to the wall. SAD! The mission of integrity, accountability and professionalism appears to be dying. The answer is simple to see but hard to implement when you feel committed to the mistakes and feel little obligation to those who fought to uphold the mission. If the charges arise I wonder if the three panel board will qualify for conspiring. They committed a crime yet hid the true motivation to cover up a problem. The problem was a felony assault charge. When the Metro PD files are exposed, the whole nightmare will unravel.

        Victory is clear, but the damage is not. I encourage them to clean it up before the next person is hurt, before the next family suffers from their ignorance. With great power comes great responsibility. Serving selfish interests only defines the lack of leadership. Making the tough choices defines true character and its for the good of all. Best is coming soon and I am still waiting for the call. See you soon 🙂

      • Thank you for sharing this information with our readers Mr. Clark! Wow this is truly disturbing, however does not surprise us. Imagine how many are out there who were done in the fashion as you, yet they resigned because they were scared.

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