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December 25, 2013


Here is another small snippet from Dan weikel’s conversation with what appears to be an unknown civilian female. From what we hear, Dan is CLAIMING that his conversations were photoshopped and not real.. We can assure you that they are authentic! Discussions included everything from firing employees, DCSO lawsuits, baby being allegedly flushed down the toilet at CJC, rumors of a confrontation with Tom Davis, and much more! We will save the juicy stuff for election time along with conversations with many more top officials 😉

Dan continues to embarrass the Sheriff and himself! What happened to ACCOUNTABILITY INTEGRITY PROFESSIONALISM!? I guess only lowly officers are held accountable? Dan has fixed tickets, allegedly challenged Nathan Hibbs to a fight, not to mention all the issues at CJC, alleged incident with Tom Davis and much more.. Cut ties with this beer drinking train wreck Daron!


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  1. jk1116 permalink

    It is interesting to consider the size and complexity of an administration that has resolved itself to a corner of lies. When I measure the damage they have created: retaliation, perjury, conspiring, assault, tampering, falsifying, and several more. It boggles the thoughts of why? Is pride the key motivation? Pride always comes before the …?

    Peralta video

    Note the admissions, remember Clark had the role of officer, Peralta role of the inmate. DCSO NEVER authorizes choke hold NOR teaches them. The training maneuver was basic defensive entry with arm bar and securing gun side arm to a padded wall. Static low level effort maybe 20-30%.There was no escapes being taught at the time. We never train with inmate escaping and pushing off the officer. ALSO note the “Hate” comment and at the end the two walking out and one saying “I miss you” Also know Feggin claims Clark took Peralta to the floor was a blatant lie during the investigation. Peralta himself clearly states he flipping Clark to the floor. so much for the no takedown concept. Curious how this is going to be covered-up? Also remember several orders too stop were ignored and Peralta admits hearing them yet Investigator Franklin only needs to get his ducks in a row to make things come out the way they’re suppose to come out. Don’t question the about the subject of his investigation…. (Alleged assault complaint). Ignore the choke hold comments, ignore the flip, ignore the NON-denial regarding Clark (legs giving out etc) due to Peralta admitting to scooping him up by the neck in another chokehold for 15-20 seconds. Ignore at least 15 other comments confirming violations by Peralta (Who is already on probation and been suspended recently) Wonder how this all got covered up in the investigative report? Franklin my professing Christian brother or wolf in sheep’s clothing? Manipulating the truth is still a lie. How about the Dan Weikal lack of confidentiality during an investigation and reported to both CD Ford and Sheriff Hall just before the investigation by CD Ford. Why would CD Ford call me at home to say “Don’t email me anymore outside your chain of command” and advised me “My legal counsel is present”? Was this conversation before or after you called Investigations approximately a week after I filed a police report and report the attack. So much for preserving evidence? MORE is coming!

  2. Minions of dans minion aka gulmer permalink

    Dan fill out your SAIR report and go down to admin and throw a temper tantrum like Jamie did. Maybe they will pick a fish out of the barrel to sacrifice for you. God knows they will never hold you accountable for your actions.

  3. Margarine incisors permalink

    Oooooh is Dover walking around pouting and mad at the world? Typical self serving behavior. Inability to accept responsibility for his own actions! You are the one who walked into that room and pushed your friends under the bus one by one. They had zero evidence other than your statements. Now it backfired and you want to blame others lmfao!

  4. Leo Waters permalink

    Omg lmmfbao! I bet Carla was on the phone with dan within minutes of this popping up! In surprised she hasn’t commented from the Tennessee tech campus lately. I bet Dan deletes all the bad messages and brings in his doctored conversation to internal affairs today lol. Dan have you done your SAIR report yet!? Poor Byron’s head must be spinning with all this mess, he walked into a hornets nest. If Byron does what’s right, like Jim Kramer used to do, it will get a little better. Jim would take a bullshit case from a ‘retaliatory’ administrator and throw it out. These administrators are just daron’s friends and have no damn business managing hundreds of people. They all have short man, ugly man or little d*** syndrome it’s sickening! We at the sherrifs office really appreciate all that you do!

  5. Jameyjohnsone@apartmentsecurityfinder permalink

    This is exactly why I have been keeping recordings on dan! He is going down and I’m
    Not going with him. I will turn a negative into a positive and take his position! Dans problem is that he thinks he can do what he wants and doesn’t give a damn about the sheriff or policy. Recently Dan entered a secure cell while holding a cup of coffee and drug an inmate out into the hallway spilling coffee everywhere. Hell, we have suspended and fired officers 4 doing the same thing! Here he is talking about Dcso business on Facebook, that’s a violation of the social media policy. Carla has always wanted me anyway, I’m Bigger and sexier then him and I remind her of her former love Kevin kinzer. The only thing dan has on me is that little domestic issue and weekends I had to do.. But the sheriff knows about it! Let’s just say I know a little about john fordy too… His daughter got beat up by her bf and john went into booking after him… Mhmhmhm bad boy! Going to the gym to work on these chicken legs ttyl!

  6. Steelcityblues permalink

    I saw this fool way out my side of town one night drunk as hell with some ol’ gal who looked like she was old enough to be his mother.

    • WayneGentry permalink

      Im sure he told her he was the adminstrator of some great correctional institution. Man you just work at the county jail. There is a man/woman running every jail in every county in the state of Tennessee and you’re just one of them. The smart thing for Dan to do is move on because this is only going to get worse for him. Him and Tom Tom going to be thrown under the bus by Daron. The guy you think you are protecting will be the same guy you hate soon. Dont say we didnt tell you so.You’ve done nothing to protect him and he is keeping score, believe that.

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