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Why is ‘Cobra Commander’ still in ASD?

December 19, 2013

The Sheriff’s Office appears to be continuing their practice of punishing officers with the same offense, with different punishments! Corporal Philip Dover aka ‘cobra commander’ is alleged to have blamed fellow officers for their alleged involvement with this blog. After his comments on this blog were posted, Dover then decided to come forward and admit to some of his comments, and again blame even more officers for their alleged involvement. You would think that someone with a military background would know about loyalty, brotherhood and honor. Now there have allegedly been several officers suspended.. had their commissions stripped, removed from the SORT team.. Yet Dover is allowed to keep his commission and position in armed services!? Dover has made comments about administration employees, a fellow officer going through a lawsuit, several African American officers, and supervisors in transportation. Why is his commission not being stripped!!??? Is he being given a lesser punishment because he drug others under the bus with him?

If there is one thing we have learned in our years in law enforcement and life… It’s always safer to KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!!


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  1. Randall Hayes permalink

    What a piece of trash! All he had to do was deny knowing anything and nobody would have got in trouble. Instead his natural instinct is to tattle tale so he gets himself and some of his best friends in trouble. What a coward! This job isn’t for everyone. Dover should go work in customer service or something. How could anyone want to work with him? If he was a real man he would request transfer out of transportation.

    • jk1116 permalink

      Dover clearly has a problem with the truth and will quickly falsify facts and play to the pressures of others even if it violates the law. Dover provides a statement that clearly defines key points that are questionable in his SAIR report. What is truly interesting is the fact that he plants specific evidence in his statement during an official investigation and ongoing criminal investigation. Ask yourself this, Why is he even reporting “at no time during the incident was Clark unconscious…” Is a person being conscious even relevant to the report? But it was this time. Dover waits 3 days (Talks with others to determine what to say?) prior to entering this carefully manipulated SAIR report to cover for…? It will be interesting in the discovery process how they all testify and explain the multiple cell phone conversations between multiple witnesses. Explaining the differences in testimony and when other reveal what he was saying and what he was told will be fun. But don’t feel alone! Feggin and Franklin will be joining him. But several non-witnesses also added to the cover and were not even present during the attack.

      Feggin’s contradictions between his SAIR and video are very interesting.


      Video testimony

      What is very interesting about Feggins testimony is his prediction before the attack and what he told his partner McMaster.


      Feggin how did you predict this attack before it happened? You will also get a chance too lie and cover up that in a court of law. Lying and giving false testimony is one thing, but tampering and conspiring is serious time. Wonder how well perjury will add to it? Saving the best for last?

      Sometimes people make bad choices and act out of emotions. It is easy to forgive an isolated mistake, But the attack appears to be much more than one person snapping on another. The multiple influences and bad mouths allowed to infect a whole division and lack of proper leadership to hold them accountable helped to get me attacked. But what is HIGHLY troubling is how Administration could quickly ignore: refusal of direct orders as witnessed by everyone, the multiple cursing and degrading of officers, the dishonesty and violation of multiple laws, not to mention the numerous admissions by Peralta in his testimony. Yet they too chose to break the law and retaliate against an honest hard working and committed officer who took the mission serious. They clearly chose to attack me and my family versus enforcing the mission statement they so easily encourage their new officers to uphold. We are told if you make a mistake just tell the truth? Yet they work behind the scene to manipulate the truth to reduce their liability? I always thought the truth manipulated is still a lie right? Sad how so many chose to steal others dreams and ambitions, kill others opportunities, and destroy moral and job appreciation/satisfaction. You can always tell a tree by its fruit. Steal, kill and destroy defines the tree you clearly serve and know I can never bow to your gods, And my Father will deliver me from your evil practices. This system took a bad act by one and made him look like an angel compared to their conduct as ruled by both the Judge and now the Civil Service Board. I don’t doubt the Sheriffs and Metro Legal already know this was wrong. Yet they continued to exploit a good officer and his family for selfish misguided reasons. I ask a long time ago to set an appointment with the Sheriff. He was the only one who could have fixed this mess. I will once again offer a hand of cooperation.
      The CSC

      The Judge

      The rest of my brothers and sisters at the Sheriff’s office, Your prayers and kind thoughts have encouraged me much. The Lord has let me know I still have a family there and will be back soon. I do miss you and think of you all much especially during the holiday season. The wife and I did enjoy giving out the cards and treats every year. It was fun giving back a little joy in remembering all you have done for me. If you are thinking I wonder…. the answer is yes this includes you. I have had amazing fellow officers, Lt’s, Chiefs and a Captain too. You all are wonderful. Hope to see you soon.

      Have a Merry Christmas and may the Lord’s blessings be poured out to you and yours.

  2. Butler Pennyslvania permalink

    Dan Weikal speaks on his beef with Nathen Hibbs

  3. Hay Kay Karol permalink

    Thank you Mr. Dover for your cooperation. You will now be under the witness protection program with John Bass.

  4. Church Lady permalink

    Who is Influencing Dover, hmmmm could it be Satan

  5. dover permalink

    Does anyone knows if case manager barbara jackson still sexually harrasing officers? She is pam hales little cronie. When i used to work at hdc she was never to be found. Then when she finally shows up she wouldnt do her job but instead do her homework from college. Several officers got in UOF incidents because her work ethics. However since she is pams little helper she never got fired.

  6. Jk1116 permalink

    No one seems to ask the right questions. If Dovers comments on this blog are correct, then they are in strict contradiction to testimony given during a criminal investigation. If so, he may have falsified evidence to protect others. (conspiring and assessory after…..). Maybe Dover is protecting someone more serious? Interesting, I wonder when the other shoe will fall. See this is about accountability and doing the right thing. Serious problems can turn into wildfires. Some forgot you never attack a brother of the badge. If you do you better aviod God”s children.

  7. Lil Evil permalink

    Thats how dcso operates. They find one guilty party and intimidate them until they get them to tell on another officer. Then they fire the other one for doing the same thing. The snitch keeps his job with a slap on his hand.

  8. PH33rd degree permalink

    This does not surprise me. The Sheriff is a slick racist anyway, everyone knows he spoke to a white supremacist group. The sheriff band dreadlocks, what race wears dreadlocks? The sheriff band coloring your hair bright colors. They allow white women to die their hair red and stiff but the black field were told it was against policy. The Sheriff created the chief of corrections position just to get a black guy in the admin building. We need to vote a black sheriff into office! And not some uncle Tom like Tony Willkes. We have been working with our pastor to find the perfect candidate. Look at Rachel Bell who won the judge vote because she had the black church vote.

  9. Bucky Puff Pillow permalink

    This ambien popping som of a biscuit eater better not work on my shift that’s fo sho! So what if I sell pirated music and movies? Tony wilks used to sell them too! Now how can he stay in transpretation after all the stuff he said about black folks? Every year there is another drama filled issue with Dover. First they put a remote control in place of his gun lol then he lied on flatt and said he had a knithe, then he told on Cocks and Tevis! Dover needs to be moved to SMU.

  10. ShipleysDonuts permalink

    He’ll move up in the department now. Just the kind of guy they like. Probably related to somebody in upper management. The son of a friend’s friend that contributed to Hall’s campaign.

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