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Who is ‘Cobra Commander?’

December 3, 2013








For the past year, we have received a plethora of information, pictures, emails and comments from an individual known as ‘cobra commender’ among other screen names at A quick Facebook search revealed a profile with that email assigned to Sheriff’s Deputy Philip Dover. We personally do not know Philip Dover, however associates claim that this was his email and Facebook profile. We appreciate all the information that Dover has funneled to us…HOWEVER, we have received some troubling accusations from a source in management claiming that Dover recently gave statements to internal affairs. It is alleged that Dover falsely gave the identities of certain individuals claiming they were associated with firedaronhall. Most troubling is that Dover allegedly claimed that his ‘friends’ and fellow coworkers sent information, resulting in a witch hunt and disciplinary actions towards innocent people! We have a multitude of information which shows to the contrary, and that DOVER was the one who appears to have sent in pictures, and information. Hopefully, this is the first and only time that we reveal a source.. However, we refuse to sit back and watch Philip Dover get innocent people in trouble, in order to save himself.

We would like to say to all the hard working deputies.. It is your first amendment right to speak your opinion. You are protected by the whistleblower act when dealing with the wrongful acts of supervisors. You do not have to admit anything regarding this site to administrators and certainly do not play innocent and then blame others! We will continue to fight for you and be the VOICE of the people!



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  1. jk1116 permalink

    If there is any truth to this post I have only this for Dover. Your “Being choked out 3 times” clearly conflicts with your SAIR report. Was coached and encouraged? Why would you state ” At no time during the incident was Clark unconscious,” yet make such a statement? One more point, why would a comment about my consciousness be in your report to begin with? Was your writing this report while talking to Franklin?

    If so, Franklin did this recording have anything to do with it?

    • Mr. Clark,

      Please use the posts by ‘Dover’ as well as the IP addresses in your case. One of the IP addresses comes to an address in Spring Hill and the other to a cell phone. We are pretty sure he admitted to IA recently that he made those comments, so you could get that documentation as well.

      • jk1116 permalink

        Don’t get me wrong. I greatly appreciated Dover’s comments and revelations. See I never knew I was choked out 3 times. When I saw this comment, I researched the information with all the recordings and testimonies that were given. Corporal confirmed the first choke hold before being slammed to the floor. I didn’t remember that due to the impact to the head causing the concussion and post concussion syndrome. The second choke hold (Scissor lock) was obvious because everyone seen it and I started regaining awareness. The third was also witnessed and confirmed by Peralta (I don’t remember that one either). What is very interesting is the Sheriff’s office never teaching or permitted to train officers in choking maneuvers. We are only authorized with level 5 use of force. Yet our expert investigator couldn’t find anything even though Peralta admits all of it. The multiple lies are also easy to find but ignored. For example, we are often trained as inmates to push off and escape the officers position according to Peralta’s cover story.

  2. Corky from Springfield Tennessee permalink

    Oh what a horrible week! First nick Saban goes out and tries a 60 yard field goal when we can’t even hit a 30 yarded. My 90 year old barber lost his protractor and he got my flat top 2 degrees to the left! My wife caught md cheating again but I lied my way out of it as usual. My size 46 pants just keep getting bigger, I was at Kroger police walking around and my pants fell to my ankles. I had my belt on as tight as it could go! I know my gun didn’t weigh my pants down because ever since I pulled my gun out in court, Johnny fords makes me carry a pellet gun. Now this Philippe Dover character is trying to snitch on all of us like he did cox and tevis! Well no sir-ree bob! Dover will be coming to an SMU near you!

  3. Coming live from my deer stand permalink

    Dover is a grade A piece of selfish trash! It was all fun and games when he was making fun of Clark, Laura, Chesser and others. As soon as he gets called to IA he chokes up and starts blabbing on everyone else! Rumor is that Dover is gonna go in to Admins office on his knees begging and offering whatever he can. All he has to offer is more lies! I guarantee that Dover sent in the information about Pearson in the courthouse, Pillow selling dvd’s and Jamie Johnson working out. What a real
    Piece of crap to Blame his friend a week before his friends wedding.

  4. curiouser and curiouser permalink

    His brother Ben Dover taught him everything he knows about dealing with admin.

  5. Copper Kettle permalink

    What we have here is a clusterfuck ladies and gentlemen! How is Dover gonna go back to work with Sgt. Pillow as his supervisor? Dover is talking about things that occurred at work, doesn’t that violate the social media policy? This guy should be moved out of ASD and into CJC SMU! It all starts with admin investigating WHO leaked the information, instead of if the Information is valid or not!

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