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Are the inmates running the show at CJC?!

November 18, 2013


Meet ‘Young Sticcz’ allegedly incarcerated at the trainwreck known as CJC! Sticcz is enjoying his time at the jail, running his Facebook page, posting to his girlfriend and his fellow ‘Main street mafia crip’ gang members. Sticcz wanted to personally thank Jamie Johnson for spending so much time working out and eating at the AA Birch courthouse cafeteria. The lack of leadership at CJC has really made Sticcz’ time much easier. Maybe Dan Weikel should go back and run ORC? He seems better suited for a minimum security jail that runs itself.. It would give him more time to reminisce over his days with Karla and Donna Kline? Just a thought..



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  1. Local 140 permalink

    What is happening at the Sheriff’s Office is very sad. I worked there for years and left to become a fireman. It was the best decision that I ever made. The front line officers are treated like pure garbage. They are underpaid, over worked and under appreciated. It takes more than an appreciation email, or jail lunch every year to show appreciation. It is the constant badgering, harassment and belittling from administrators that beats the officers down and makes the good ones leave! How can you spend all this money for camera’s, systems and investigators to harass officers, but no raises!? How many times has an administrator been held accountable for his/her actions? There are decisions made by administrators that end up on the news, cost tax payers hundreds of thousands in lawsuits, administrators breaking the law, breaks civil rights laws and ate just plain mean and nasty. An officer misses logging in a round because he is running an entire floor and he is written up, yet am administrator can workout on duty? What the hell is going on here!? Finally it is all coming to a head and the officers are revolting and fighting back! How does the administrators answer? Do they sit back and re-evaluate how they are running things? Are changes made? No! The officers are harassed more and scare tactics are used agency wide. I viewed the Hunger Games 2 last night, and I can’t help but notice the similarities between President Snow and the Government and Daron Hall and the DCSO. The citizens are unhappy? More public floggings, executions and martial law! It is truly a sad situation for the hundreds of officers who have been affected by these people like Dan Weikel, Jamie Johnson, Austin Bodie, Harold Taylor, Chris Brown, John Taylor, John Ford, Pam Hale, Granveisse Young, Travis Pearson and Daron Hall. I am so lucky to have been hired by the MNFD! I pray for every officer at the DCSO and the ones who have been wrongfully let go.

    • Don Mcleod permalink

      We agree with you wholeheartedly. A Sergeant being written up because and officer is 1 minute late on his rounds? Because of that one minute tardiness and corrective action that Sgt cant even apply for other job openings within the department. One Sgergeant I know of was a 12 year veteran with the department and had never received any diciplinary/corrective actions for anything. Then all of a sudden an officer is late on their rounds and he catches paperwork for it. Who is the person supposedly holding these guys accountable and why isnt he doing it? Nowhere in America can you screw up as much as Weikal and Johnson and still keep you 60,000 a year job.Im sure Hall regrets the day he put that Weikal guy in charge of anything. That was a crucial mistake for him. Weikal I know you’re reading this blog and just know this, that snake Jamie Johnson is going to get you one day soon so watch your back. He is waiting for his opportunity. Im sure he has documented all kinds of stuff on you to cover his ass because being a man in his position working under a screw up like yourself I would be doing the same.

  2. KevinWilliams permalink

    I agree with BillHampton. All these security issues and the Chief of security is still holding his position? You got Rap video’s and cell phones, people on Facebook, inmates being assaulted,staff being assaulted, inmate left in leg irons for days, alleged sexual harrassment, an inmate having sex with another inmate, staff selling bootleg CD’s and DVD’s. I have one question. Why isnt the “CHIEF OF SECURITY” being held accountable?

    • Ghost of Jerry Newsome permalink

      OBVIOUSLY, John Ford and Daron Hall do not hold their administrators responsible for their actions! If an officer made as many mistakes as Dan Weikel and Jamie Johnson, he would have been harassed and terminated years ago! Both Dan and Jamie are disgustingly inept at their jobs. Karma will come soon when a new Sheriff is elected! I’ve heard rumors of a candidate, and if true, Daron will have a lot of time on his hands! There are some long term respected DCSO employees who are directly linked to this blog and the potential candidate. From what I hear the WORST stuff is being saved until election time! The REVOLUTION IS NEAR!!!!

  3. Voice of reason permalink

    I heard some people at CDC talking about this blog yesterday. They had never heard of it until Monday and said they spent hours reading and said it is the greatest thing ever lol. Keep up the good work and keep fighting the good fight!

  4. BillHampton permalink

    What I cant understand is how you can be the”Chief of Security” and all these security breaches are going on but you still have your job. Everything going on at CJC from a security standpoint has gone on on his watch. Why hasnt he(Jamie Johnson) been held accountable? Its obvious he isnt getting the job done. So whats the alternative? Send Harold Taylor back there to clean up his mess? This guy will have an investigation going on and you’ll be the last to find out. Officers under investigation and dont even know it.Trust me, it happened!!

    • The best possibly scenario for everyone, would be for Daron Hall and every administrator to be voted out! We will play a major role in the next Sheriff race.. It may seem hard to believe, but we are actually saving the best stuff for then!

  5. Tom permalink

    Bahahaha way to go Dan and Jamie! Y’all suck at your job and suck at life!

  6. AnonymousOfficer permalink

    Shame how Daron has turned the sheriff’s office into a personal playground loaded with the corruption and criminal activities for his family and friends. Sad and embarrassing legacy for Metro/Nashville. Time bomb is ticking on your career Daron, Ford and company.

  7. Richie Incognito permalink

    This entire thing is a huge misunderstanding! Karla West allowed sticcz to take pics Inside the jail but it was for the purpose of a collage that he was making for art class NOT for Facebook! Please excuse Karla she moved back to cookeville to be closer to her mom and bf. her teaching career is taking precedent over her Dcso career. She knows Daron is a lame duck!

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