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What is going on at CDF!?

November 16, 2013

We recently received allegations of female inmates at CDF using staff cell phones and having inappropriate relations with officers. Heather Romero (Neisz) was incarcerated at CDF, and alleges to have used officer cell phones on a regular basis. Romero even posted in May, bragging of how she is able to access her facebook account from jail! A quick gander at Romero’s friends list, reveals DCSO officer Lori Hurst as a friend. As we all know, CDF has been rampant with sex, drugs and love affairs since its inception as several officers/employees have been busted.. Including Daron Hall crony Ricky Martin and allegedly Daron Hall’s nephew. Meanwhile internal affairs are in our opinion, HARASSING officers and conducting investigations in regards to this blog. Jamie Johnson is working out on duty, while female inmates are posting on Facebook! This is only the tip of the iceberg as to the Information that we have received.. Don’t worry AK Carroll and Chelle Ray, we will do your jobs for you, as you chase your tails around searching for the employees who manage this blog.






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  1. P Dizzle permalink

    Would the REAL cobra commander please stand up.. ? Patiently waiting to confirm what is suspected. Then i hope your ready for the repercussion’s. 😛

  2. Richard Ramsey permalink

    This doesn’t surprise me! The supervisors on first shift don’t do nothing but play dictator and get their rocks off pretending to be rulers.

  3. BlakeCantrell permalink

    So whats the Shift commander doing while inmates are on Facebook? From the looks of things she had a male friend that “saw” her and posted on her page and she responded. How was he on FB in jail? All of this is going on inside a correctional institution? Internal Affairs need to thank this site adminstrator for helping them do their jobs. Meanwhile Im sure CJC Chief of Security was working out at JNC while inmates are posting on Facebook. Dan the man was somewhere being” Catfished”.

  4. SMDH permalink

    Sooooo this trick posts on fb from CDF and a CDF officer is friends with her … Hurst may be innocent but It sure is dumb to befriend A. An Inmate or B. a perfect stranger ! Either way Hurst is dumb as a bag of hammers. And where is Goodrich during all this? Prob bragging about beating up Robert Norwood when I worked for him on the 2nd floor SMDH

  5. lauralooch permalink

    Ms. Romero has access to all kind of officer info because Ms. Hurst does not protect her friends list and has many, many DCSO employees as friends. Fun times.

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