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Want to move up in the DCSO? You better VOLUNTEER!?

November 6, 2013



Robert Harris began his career a few short years ago with the DCSO. Harris seems to be a very nice, dependable officer. A few years into Harris’ career, he began to volunteer for virtually every event Rick Gentry had to offer. A short time later, Harris went from being a bottom of the totem pole jail officer to being promoted to the coveted warrant officer position. To clarify, we are not upset on Harris, he played the game and it payed off! We can’t help but wonder however, how fair is it to those who CAN’T volunteer?! We received an email from a female officer, who has already qualified with a weapon, had a bachelor’s degree.. And 3 children. She claimed that when asked in the warrants interview if she ‘volunteers’ she informed them that she can’t as she is a single mom. Allegedly, she was later told that she had POINTS TAKEN away because she did not volunteer! In our humble opinion this is disgusting! For ever officer promoted because they worked events for FREE.. There are officers not promoted because they cannot work for FREE! This criteria need to be taken out of the promotion process!!


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  1. Sarge permalink

    When I was a sergeant at DCSO, I was interviewing for an open lieutenant position. I was considered by some of my fellow sgts. of being the frontrunner for this opening. During the interview, I was asked by one of the panelists what I had done for “my community”. I replied that I was active in our community baseball league, served as a volunteer mentor on the community center, was an active sponsor in our church youth group, etc.. The panelist then stated let me clarify my question. What have you done for your community as a representative of the DCSO. I answered. Evidently, it wasn’t enough. You absolutely MUST volunteer in this agency to be promoted. Anybody remember a guy named Fate?

  2. permalink

    Could you guys do a piece on warrant officer Alan Shonting! He donated money to Daron Hall’s campaign and was promoted from Corporal to Captain! Him and Jabba the Hut ‘Mike Raines’ couldn’t get along so they moved him to warrants. Since he has been in Warrants he keeps getting wrote up for driving like a maniac!

  3. Banarama permalink

    I used to be so proud to be a Sheriff Deputy. Mainly because I thought for a brief time, that we were like real cops. I soon realized that we had no arresting powers, do not police and are laughed at by the rest of the law enforcement community. I was still proud to be a Deputy, however because I was brain washed in the training academy. I was taught that the Sheriff was honorable, trustworthy and that with hard work and dedication we could move up in the office. Boy was I mislead!!!! I have been stuck on 3rd shift in this damn jail for 2 1/2 years! I have a bachelors degree, never had a write up, and I can’t move up because I don’t volunteer! The leaders of this jail are real pieces of crap and I’m tired of working here! I bring home $850 every two weeks! I can’t even live off that! Everyone at CJC walks on eggshells. You never know when the fucktards Weikel or Johnson are going to harass you. Our Lieutenants talk about this site all the time and it always makes me smile! I can not wait until we get some new leadership in this hell hole!

    • Other than a few boot lickers.. We have all been in your position! We would suggest keeping a journal and documenting every bad thing you see happen within the jail. Keep a recorder and record all dealings with supervisors, especially administrators. Print off JMS reports and emails and photos from the G drive. The best advice we can give you is LOOK FOR ANOTHER JOB! You can double your pay in the private sector with 1% of the stress! The days of a ‘government’ job being better because it is steady are long gone! Daron has not given officers raises, moved some into security where they make as much as a fast food employee, and look at the multiple cases of wrongful termination that Daron had lost. Daron is also facing a multi million dollar class action lawsuit for poor treatment if his employees. Daron went outside the agency to hire a Captain and allegedly continuously allows employees like Justin Norris to break policies due to his family ties.

      Personally, I am going to stay here as long as I can to report the regime for what they are.. Then I will ride off to a better job with a smile on my face!

  4. The question shouldnt be on the promotion of employees it should be on what does the current employees in transportation do with little to no supervision? I have it on good authority that one Mr.McCoy is often spending more time in the restroom than an average person should. This is happening at hospital post, and in the transportation office. Why if your in the restroom does a camera shutter go off? I mean come on we all know he favors the male genitals, so now since he is out of the jails DCSO is paying him to take self shots while in uniform?

    • Does not surprise me… Pearson is a waste of a paycheck, McClure is even more of a waste of a paycheck, the Sergeants are all good people (except for Pillow) and they are spread out across the county. McCoy was once suspended for watching gay porn at work, is that correct? Nothing wrong with homosexuality, but there is something wrong with being lazy bums like Pearson and McClure.

  5. Prater permalink

    What Is bullshit is his how John Taylor lets Kenny go work a light duty post for months, but last year they told me there wasn’t any light duty posts! WTF I should sell my shotgun again!

  6. Disgusted veteran permalink

    I went up for a promotion and the panel didn’t even ask if I had any college. Jamey Taylor asked me what all have I volunteered for AND what have I done for the DCSO outside of work. I told them I coach baseball and she said it doesn’t count because it is in Sumner County. I have 15 years tenure, a bachelor’s degree, no disciplinary history and I’m a Lieutenant in Corrections. They hired Harris instead!

    • Ineedavolunteer permalink

      Oh it counts, it counts against you….now that I look back it was truley a blessing that I never got hired for that job.

  7. Ineedavolunteer permalink

    A few years ago I found myself going through this interview process and was ask about my “Volunteering status”. I had been working at Dcso for several years and thought I was a decent employee. However, I felt this very question disqualified me right on the spot. I could sense it and see it in the eyes of the interviewers. As I was waiting in the hallway to be interviewd,i was told who was going to get the position(s). Well that person was exactly right. The two people who received the positions were guys who had pull within the system now that I look back on it. They put you through this process knowing who they are going to hire anyways. Trash…

    • Jk1116 permalink

      Modern day exploitation of employees and abuse of power and authority. Another failed example of quality leadership and good character. True leadership is not forged and imitations always falls short.

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