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Struggle speaks!

November 2, 2013

I received word today about the situation with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office regarding the release of my latest project “Black Curtains”.. Apparently they feel that they were “tricked” by us.. Well I honestly believe this was not the case.. When the production company arrived at the jail they were given guidelines and proper procedures to follow during filming.. Forms were signed and access was granted.. No laws were broken and we meant no disrespect nor were we shown any.. A public relations representative for DCSO was present in the room the entire time and like all of the staff at the jail that day they were kind and professional to myself and my crew in every way.. Our plan all along was to film enough footage to release a short film, in music video format, to build awareness and excitement for the full length “I Am Struggle” documentary. My team is preparing to launch a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to finance the completion of the documentary.. Releasing “Black Curtains” was the perfect way to build momentum and insure a successful campaign.. So during filming that day, when we saw the opportunity to shoot the performance footage for “Black Curtains” we respectfully asked permission. We were granted permission to film my vocal performance with no limitations placed on how, when or in what format it would be used.. Our intentions were never misrepresented, maliciously or not.. We didn’t trick anyone.. We didn’t lie about anything.. Ultimately, this is a matter of miscommunication at worst, and misunderstanding at best. The message behind my story is the importance of breaking the vicious cycle that has impacted my own life as well as so many lives around the world.. My first several months at DCSO were a major factor in the life change that I’ve come to embrace.. It set the stage for a new chapter in my life where I’ve made a commitment to use my story and my mistakes as a way to help others avoid getting caught in that same cycle.. The “Black Curtains” video embodies my stance that we’re all accountable for our own actions and that with courage, strength and faith, we all have the ability to turn a negative situation into a positive one.. Regardless of the circumstances.. What upsets me the most about the way the DCSO has misrepresented this situation is the fear that it will take away from this message and even stop others from following my example.. People all around the world have written me to tell me that my story, music and videos have inspired and motivated them to make a change for the positive.. With all the negativity surrounding us in our world these days we all need a little inspiration.. People are hungry for a taste of optimism.. We filmed this with only the best of intentions.. Our actions were anything but disrespectful or deceitful.. My only hope is that my story and message will reach others and show them that the cycle of the criminal lifestyle can be broken.. That other fathers like myself can take a stand and save our children and our future by becoming the men that we want our sons to be.. Tearing down that black curtain that blinds us, hindering us from reaching our full potential.. I firmly believe that we can overcome this and continue sharing this positive message without any further backlash..

Watch the Black Curtains video:


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  1. lpl permalink

    Oh, man, guys, you are hitting nerves now! I admit I don’t like the officer vs. officer stuff on here, but when you get focused and go after admin, y’all rock. Keep the focus where it belongs.Though Farley was fair game because he allowed himself to be used in a CWB rap video. But yeah. I’ve seen no mention of Tony Wilkes’ special bathroom he had built so that he didn’t have to use the one at JNC after working out. Built if right over D cell a little over a year ago. Crap coming down from the ceiling. Because, yes, they ARE special.

  2. Black N White permalink

    Well I read in 1 of your comments to read the whole Blog starting from the beginning and some of the comments. That is some reading!! Then I Google Sheriff Daron Hall and see some of the things that he has done and accomplished for the Community of Nashville, Tn. Parades, Programs that have been started, giving food to the homeless, donations, community work saving taxpayers money. Nowhere in Google does it say that he supports Criminal lives or their life styles. He must be a really terrible person this Hall guy. Then I stop and think for a minute at who must be the head of this site. This guy must have been a real upstanding individual. Probably was fired from his job wrongfully, I’m sure. Probably had an excessive force on someone, maybe had a DUI, I’m thinking maybe you are even a White Supremacist only thinking of White Power after all you’re probably affiliated with the CWB (Crazy White Boys) Free Struggle. I would think that you are probably White, have tattoos, stand about 6 ft something, workout all the time, maybe a skin head mid 30s, probably worked for the Sheriff’s Dept for about 10 years before you got fired and full of rage. You probably wish you could be half the man that this Daron Hall is because he probably fired you for some wrong doing. Funny thing is I don’t know of a single thing that you yourself have done for the community. Maybe you don’t have the time because you’re probably too busy working another job that doesn’t pay as well. Maybe a truck driver or work in a Warehouse or something of that caliber. Well whatever it is I bet the community of Nashville is probably better off without you. You, your Cronies and your thug friends can’t touch Sheriff Hall because if you could, you would run against him and take him to the Podium, with all that you know. I am sure that he is shaking in his well polished shoes and thinks about what kind of individual that will never have the chance to work for his Dept again. Hey it’s just satire we all know what that means… I will be surprised if you post this because the truth probably hurts.

    • Thanks for the comment! This site is maintained by a conglomerate of individuals, as we have said many times before. We would advise you to please be wary of making assumptions.. We all know what happens when you assume! I’m sure it is easier to sleep with the thought of only ‘fired’ officers running this blog.. The reality is that is farthest from the truth. Look at our blog again.. You see pictures taken from The Hall Monitor, emails from Daron Hall to employees, resignation letters sent out to employees, use of force pictures from the G drive, and plenty of information that ‘fired’ officers would not know. I do like your description of your possible assailant.. Unfortunately I’m shorter than six foot and haven’t worked out in years 😦

      • Chezeray permalink

        This site is maintained by whinny bitches, yourself included. If you pussies are so dedicated, why the fake names and shit? This site is run by people who have been fired, looked over or written up. The ones that comment on this site that still work for DCSO need to stop being bitches and say who they are. ALL OF YOU ARE COWARDS HIDING ON THIS SITE. Man the fuck up. If you don’t like working there GET THE FUCK OUT. Or just wait until you get fired and this site will mean a little bit more to you because you’ll have friends to cry with.

      • The real question is why does you life hinge on what we post here?? Because you are directly linked to RUBY JOYNER? Hmmmm are you Ruby!?

      • Kevin Tevis permalink

        Speaking of using your ‘real name’ I pray to God that your real name is not CHEZERAY!? If that really your name, I should go back in a time machine and castrate your dad and your mom’s dad. What the fuck were your patents thinking!? CHEZERAY!? WTF! Sounds like a broke down crack addicted gay porn stars name… Or a cheap ass type of liquor. You mom
        Should have given your dad a blow job and them spit you out in the sink! So the site moderator says your related to Ruby Joyner? She is a damn worthless tank ass! She smells like a pig truck! I guess her big ass sweating in her cheap Burlington coat factory business suits don’t mix with her ball headed hair grease!

      • Tevis,

        Should you really be talking about this poster’s parents and his screen name? If anything you should be mad at your parents for passing down the gene of baby hands! Of all the features we have done in this site, we received the most flak for posting your resignation letter. The consensus is that you and Kevin Cox were two snakes in the bundle of Daron, Ford, Gentry, And their administrators. This is a great teaching lesson for all the sheep and followers.. THEY WILL TURN ON YOU!

    • Billy Shaw permalink

      So now you want to blame Daniel Harding for this blog? The poor guy damn near died and lost half of his brain function and you IDIOTS let him wear a uniform again! Then you leave him out there to fail and then you discard him like a piece of trash. He should have been given a cushy job like Daron gives all his cronies.

      You want to talk about fits of rage? I heard when Jamie Johnson went into a fit of rage over Cothron was epic! Jamie’s fits of rage in roll call are hilarious though. He sounds like Carlton Banks cursing! What about Dan Weikels fit of rage on Officer Hibbs? Didn’t he get suspended over that? Dan went into a fit of rage over Tom Davis over Karla.. Isn’t that why they moved Tom to records? What about Jamey Taylors fit of rage when she caught John Taylor cheating? I’m sure it was similar to Daron’s first wife when he cheated with Ginger. Tony Wilkes went into a fit of rage on a metro cop and ran over his pinky toe. Daron went into a fit of rage in the recent employee meeting on Case manager Hicks. I bet Daron went into a fit of rage when his nephew he hired was sleeping with a female inmate at CDF. Philip Shipley went into a nice fit of rage when he threw three bombs on an inmate cuffed to a wall. Chell Ray and Katie Stone recently went on a rage at a Chinese buffet. Calm down ladies your going to burst your lap band surgery! Dan Weikel went into a fit of rage at the Three Crow Bar in east Nashville when he discovered his FB date was a catfish. Corky Pearson went into a fit of rage in Judge Morelands court. Keep in your holster buddy! Kenny Crossland went into a fit of rage when he was demoted, so now he is faking Injuries. Jamie Johnson went into a Fit of rage on some 10lb dumbells, he had a flash back to his domestic.

    • Ineedavolunteer permalink

      Parades and programs? For real? Now thats funny. I guess he’s got nothing else to do, he cant arrest anyone.

      • Daron has saved tax payers money? By NOT giving officers raises, eliminating their positions forcing demotions, yet creating a 90k a year job for Tony Wilkes. Didn’t the admin keep receiving their raises? What about all the lawsuits and back pay for wrongfully terminated officers? That is costing the taxpayers!

      • AnonymousOfficer permalink

        ALSO know every time Daron gave money back to the general fund, He proudly forged his political reputation taking from his employees and their families. Wonder what Metro counsel and Mayor was thinking? Starting to see the true nature of government. You would think a real DA or Attorney General could gain major political points exposing these blatant activities. ACA must feel embarrassed now. I understand why Daron never visits his jails and saves his grand moments for the new cadets unfamiliar with the organization and still brainwashed by the accountability, diversity … slogans. I understand now why the good people are targeted or leave and those still there feel disgusted by the system.

  3. joe permalink

    It is so obvious that the user nicknamed “Give it Up” and “your not using common sense” are the same troll who is not just some citizen as they try to convince others when they lie over and over again.

    Quote from “Your not using common sense”-

    “Have you perhaps considered that the name is a reference to the fact that I am supposed to be the commons sense that you are missing? Apparently it hadn’t occured to you. I’m quite fond of word games personally. As for the claim that I’m a DCSO officer, I can guarantee 100% that I am not.I am in fact not employed by any government agency whatsoever, just an average citizen looking at a blog and seeing the nonsense that is involved.”

    Let me help you out: There are two r’s in “Occurred” and there shouldn’t be an s in the context you are using it at the end of common before the word sense. Spend more time getting that education and less time being nosy on this blog. For most people who have even a small amount of education, putting two r’s in the word “Occurred” is just “common sense.”

    • Your Missing Common Sense. permalink

      Ooooooh, we can read AND spell. Though our reading level seems to be quite low, as we can’t tell the difference from “Your Missing Common Sense” and “You’re not using common sense.” I applaud the effort though, I know it must have been hard for you. You’re far ahead of the game from most of the rest of this crowd. It’s a shame you don’t realize that sometimes people make mistakes when typing up paragraphs, and sometimes we people of the world have lives that require us to do a little more than stare at the internet all day. I realize you might not be gainfully employed, but I DO have business to take care of and do not worry about small mistakes. I actually noticed both of these things after posting that particular comment, but alas wordpress doesn’t come with an edit button, nor did I find it necessary to add another comment just to make a correction when the meaning is brought across quite clearly.

  4. High School Sweetheart permalink

    Karla West Weikel Crocker Davis Gentry is from the Cookeville area! She graduated from TN Tech.. She might be taking classes or teaching? It looks like the three comments were last night between 5-10!!! I can’t wait until she is busted LMAO!!!

  5. Give it up. permalink

    A friend of mine sent this blog to me in an email and I have been following this blog for awhile now. I have read some things that seem to be comical as well as damaging to the people that you have been attacking in your forum. True, the truth needs to be told and you fellow officers/employees, past or present, have done a pretty decent job of doing so. But now I kind of wonder what kind of officers that you really were or are?? I find it kind of strange that you want changes in an administration that has turned their backs on you but then I begin to read how you people will support a known Drug Dealer and Gang Member that is affiliated with the Crazy White Boys (CWB) as you so affectionately call them. Look at Struggles picture; is this really an upstanding citizen of your community? (Makes me wonder if he hasn’t really killed anyone after seeing his video) If you are or was an officer of the Sheriff’s Dept was or is this the sentiment of everyone that works there or are they trash like the trash that you represent. Where is the damage now is it the Sheriff’s Dept or is it you. I am sure that this blog was set up to have people express their complaints and grievances to let everyone know that an administration does not care about you or the officers/employees that they represent but now you have lowered your own standards. First Amendment Rights need to be protected but you became the catalyst of a known convict to gain extra money and fame all at your expense. He seemed to use the Sheriff’s Dept to gain Notoriety but in addition he also used what may have seemed like good officers. Has anyone been fired since this site has been formed? I have not read of any, even though you keep complaining which tells me that your accusations are probably frivolous at best and that the administration that you hate so much has eaten you up and lowered your standards to the inmate that now you now love and loves you because of it. After all, the Devil feeds off of weak minded people and makes them lower themselves to his level. Maybe you should regroup and make different aims that don’t make you look like complete scumbags like the scumbag that you represent. After all now any gang member can access this site and give him the respect that he demands. Or maybe he has “duped you into his followers” He definitely duped you into letting people access his site completely free of charge I’m sure. Anyways I’m not part of your dept. but if I was your Sheriff it would be a cold day in hell before I caved into a bunch of thugs as yourselves. I’m just a reader looking in with my own opinion and observation.

    • Obviously you do not have a filter for satire, comedy or sarcasm?

      Struggle sent us a rebuttal to the News 5 story, we just copy and pasted it. He added his links in the rebuttal and we have no issue posting them. In all honesty, what makes him any different than anyone else? Struggle is trying to make money? SO! Daron Hall allegedly handed Alan Shonting a Captain job in exchange for a campaign contribution. Struggle has a criminal record? SO! Do you realize that many DCSO supervisors have been arrested! Fixed tickets. Drank and drive. Domestic assaults. Take Lt. Philip Shipley for example, he ADMITTED to punching a man in the face repeatedly who was HANDCUFFED BEHIND HIS BACK TO A WALL!!!! Shipley could and still could have federal civil rights charges brought against him. Instead he was promoted to Lieutenant. Do not for one second think that you are any better than an inmate or a anti-Hall employee.

    • Swap Shop Joe permalink

      Free Struggle!

    • joe permalink

      dumbass you and “your missing common sense” are the same person and posting from cookville tech from what I was told but pretending to be more than one person. Here you are talking about common sense and education and you don’t know the difference between “your” and you’re” you illiterate faggot.

      • We currently have an employee with the DCSO searching for current employees who live in the Cookeville area. The individual is using the internet at Tennessee Tech University. We are also checking over 65 comments from DCSO computers! 50 of which have been from CJC. We will have the exact computer numbers soon.. We will then cross reference with DCSO IT to see which exact computers they are. What happens in the dark… Will come to light 😉

      • All 3 comments were from Tn Tech between 5-10 pm.. We’re guessing a supervisor who teaches a night class, or someone taking night classes. We will find out!!!

      • Your Missing Common Sense. permalink

        Have you perhaps considered that the name is a reference to the fact that I am supposed to be the commons sense that you are missing? Apparently it hadn’t occured to you. I’m quite fond of word games personally. As for the claim that I’m a DCSO officer, I can guarantee 100% that I am not.I am in fact not employed by any government agency whatsoever, just an average citizen looking at a blog and seeing the nonsense that is involved.

      • Your Missing Common Sense. permalink

        Again, I must note that you cannot discuss anything without insulting people. Using homophobic insults doesn’t really offend me so much as amuse me. Of all of the words you could use to describe someone you view as being of lower intelligence than yourself, you chose the slur against gays? I am again shown what kind of support this page garners. Intolerance seems to be a large part of your little community. And this witch hunt for the person whom disagrees with you amuses me even more. Seeking to unmask the person against you while attempting to retain your own anonymity is such a hypocritical action that it begs for nothing more than laughter. And perhaps a small amount of derision.

      • Good morning and THANK YOU for your constant views and comments. The site had 1800 views yesterday alone and approaching 200,000. We will gladly accept the ‘cheap heat’ that ‘trolls’ like you bring! You are entitled to you opinions, no matter how skewed they are.

        We would suggest popping some popcorn, cracking a mountain dew and go back to the first post and read them all. The site contains plenty of pictures, emails, and JMS reports. There is some pretty credible information to point towards disgusting acts by the administration from within the DCSO. We have no need to argue or defend ourselves to you, who obviously has a vested interest in arguing. Our information speaks for itself 🙂

    • Give it up. permalink

      Unfortunately, you threw class out of the window when you began supporting a known criminal. The type of criminal that might even be considered classy died out a long time ago. What we are left with is the garbage that you are backing.

    • Your Missing Common Sense. permalink

      I don’t know what beasts from the bridge have to do with your posts, though I’m beginning to believe you to be delusional. As for calling my opinions skewed, an attack on my point of view as being flawed from the outset is at least a bit more clever than your readers seem to be capable of, though only a bit. It would be my humble opinion that the man who sides with a known convicted criminal, whom admits to having been a member of a gang as well as taking part in gang related violence, shows nothing other than skewed morals. What morals should you teach your children then? “Break the law, son, after all, this great example of society did, and look, he got famous and made money from it. And I helped him do it from inside the correctional facility!” Truly I pity the generation which suffers from mentors such as yourself.

      • Thank you again for your comments! We are not supporting Struggle. We only posted his side of the story! We do not know the man or anything other that what we have read. Please study what sarcasm in literature is and then re-read the original post about a rap video being filmed in CJC. Have a good day! Hold on.. We are going to be satirical… FREE STRUGGLE!

      • Your Missing Common Sense. permalink

        It amuses me to see that you are now trying to hide your agenda of releasing a convicted criminal as being satire. If it truly were satire, why would it be in the conclusion of your evidence of his side of the story? You could have simply ended it on that note, and people would understand your intent was only to share the other side of things. Instead you put “Free Struggle” at the end of a post meant to show his side of the story. I’m afraid I don’t believe you capable of satire, as it requires some degree of wit, of which I find you lacking.

  6. HaroldT permalink

    Whats really messed up is if you check this convicts record all you see is bunch of moving violation charges, seat belt law charges and such. This aint no gangsta, this fool just tryin to make some money. How much time is he doing? Is he going away for life? Probably not…Struggle…..sheeeeeeeit, gimme a break!!

  7. Your Missing Common Sense. permalink

    Filming a music video isn’t filming a commercial for a documentary. It’s filming a music video. Releasing the tracks for sale is showing that the intent from the start was to get money, not spread awareness of an issue. You want to spread that awareness, release it for free on any media possible. Don’t try to profit on it.

    • SEIU permalink

      STFU! This poor guy is locked up and trying to survive. The SHERIFFS OFFICE had the opportunity to tell him NO NO NO!!! But they didn’t! They allowed his film
      Crew to come in and film a video. So they’re saying they allowed them to film, but not for a music video? GET THE FUK OUTTA HERE! The Sheriff is an idiot and luckily until now, nobody gives two shits about jail guards, which is all we are! Thanks to this blog, the truth about how the officers are treated, and how many laws are broken are finally coming out!!!!

      • Your Missing Common Sense. permalink

        You sound like an incompetent member of your system. If you REALLY consider yourself to be nothing more than a jail guard, then your self esteem must really be low. Even the security guards at the mall consider themselves better than that. These sound like issues that need to be discussed with a therapist, not a blog. And swearing, especially when you can’t spell your profanity correctly, only shows me that you are incapable of having a calm reasonable discussion.

      • Please hold the cursing to a minimum. We can get our point across while remaining classy.

      • Your Missing Common Sense. permalink

        Unfortunately the majority of your readers seem to be of this mind set. Perhaps that should tell you something of the cause you are supporting. Consider it.

  8. rundmc permalink

    So what you are saying is she knew you was going to be lip sync/rapping to your music? To me a short video in music video form is a music video. What did Karla West Crocker Weikal know and when did she know it? Who was the person that said “hey this is a go, lets do this. Who signed off on the documents that you speak of and where can we get a copy of it?

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