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CJC rap video featured on News Channel 5

November 1, 2013

Inmate Secretly Records Rap Music Video Behind Bars

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A Davidson County Jail inmate was able to get a film crew behind bars and record part of his new music video without anyone knowing.
What we often see in music videos is recreated to make a certain image, but the images in rapper “Struggle Jennings” video are very real from inside the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) jail.
“A lot of people have stories to tell that might help a young person change their life and make sure they don’t end up in jail; there are messages to be told,” said DCSO spokesperson Karla West.
While serving time for drug related charges, Struggle Jennings, whose birth name is William Harness, was able to arrange a camera crew to come inside the jail and film parts of his rap music video “Black Curtains.
“They came to us saying they wanted to shoot a documentary,” said West.
She said like any request for a documentary or media interview, she and an officer were with the crew and inmate the entire time.
“They sat there and asked him 20 minutes worth of questions, just as they would with any documentary about his life and different things like that. At the end they asked, as part of the documentary, could he mouth some of the words to his song and I allowed that.”
What West said she was told; those final moments would be used in a music video later posted on Harness Blog and YouTube for the world to view.
“Again we were duped when it seems as though now, their purpose from the beginning was to try to get that accomplished so it could turn into a video, not a documentary at all,” said West.
The song is a message to Harness’ son about not following down the same path that landed him in jail, but West says, “The lie completely covers up whatever the message is of the song.”
West said the interview was shot in November of 2012, two weeks before Harness was transferred to a Northeast Correctional Complex in Mountain city, Tenn.
The sheriff’s office did not find out about the video until last week and West said, “We don’t want people to believe we would just open our doors and allow this to happen and know it.”
West said Sheriff Daron Hall sent a letter to the out of state production company, Creativity for Hire, asking to remove any footage of the facility, anything depicting DCSO and any video showing the sheriff’s deputy.
Legal options are being explored by the DCSO, because West said the production company misrepresented their purpose.

As we pat ourselves on the back for bringing this video to light.. We can’t help but notice what appears to be DCSO propaganda in this report! Karla West (formerly Crocker and then Weikel) claims that the DCSO was duped and they never allowed the video to be filmed? If that is the case .. THEN HOW IS STRUGGLE LOOKING INTO A CAMERA RAPPING!? Also how in the heck did a camera FOLLOW STRUGGLE UP THE BACK STEPS AND VIDEO HIM ENTERING THE UNIT!? In our humble opinion, If this video was ‘secretly’ recorded, then all staff including Karla West, Sgt. Farley, security door who should have searched the visitors, CJC administrators Jamie Johnson and Dan Weikel ARE HIGHLY INCOMPETENT! Did Farley notice the human being walking behind him with a camera? Karla admitted allowing Struggle to ‘rap lyrics’ did she not notice the camera being pointed at him? We are currently in talks with the production company, and reaching out to the director and Struggle for a rebuttal. FREE STRUGGLE! FIRE DARON!



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  1. IAmStruggle permalink

    I work for Struggle and was just made aware of this blog and your posting about the Black Curtains video.. Clearly there’s much more to the story than what was reported on Channel 5.. The reported, Marcus Washington, only interviewed DCSO representatives and presented their side of the story as “truth”.. In putting together their fluff piece they apparently felt it wasn’t necessary to reach out to Struggle’s team for their perspective.. So much for fair and honest reporting.. I’ve even offered Mr. Washington the opportunity to get Struggle’s side of the story but he’s ignored the offer and is apparently uninterested.. Basically the DCSO made the decision to allow us to film inside the jail, got in trouble for it, and their way of dealing with this was to attempt to spin the story into “we were tricked”.. I won’t “sell” you my personal side of the story, but instead I will advise you all to read Struggle’s official statement on the situation, which we posted yesterday on his blog and his Facebook page..

  2. anothersergeantsmeeting!?...DAMN!!! permalink

    The laughing stock of corrections across the country yet our Shreriff is the president of The American Correctional Association. Whoever the person is that gave final approval should be fired. Duped or not. Mrs. Karla West Crocker Weikal should be fired as well. From watching that video it is quite obvious that it is a staged event going on by his actions not someone “mouthing a few words to a song”. She blew it. How much was she paid? Daron Hall will do nothing but try and wiggle his way out of this with lies and deceit. Meanwhile, while an inmate is making a rap video inside the county jail, the frontline officers are being chumped on their pay, can hardly take time off, cant have a lunch break,being targeted for disciplinary actions,being assaulted while their suprvisors are working out at the gym during work hours, being blamed and scrutinize for every action they do.

    • AGREED!!! Is Karla the same employee who scheduled Daron’s meeting with the white supremacist group? What exactly does Karla do, other than have romantic relationships with coworkers? Allegedly Lew Crocker confronted Dan Weikel and allegedly Dan Weikel confronted Tom Davis. Karla and her ‘position’ are an embarrassment! You could hand her ‘duties’ to anyone in admin and tell them that they now do both jobs. Isn’t that what they do in the jail to ‘save money?’ Two sergeants run two floors? The agency is so ‘top heavy’ it is DISGUSTING!

      • anothersergeantsmeeting!?...DAMN!!! permalink

        Yep! Lets double up the Sergeants duty and not pay him/her shit. Lets make him/her feel good by giving him a new title “Unit Manager”. That should make them feel important and not ask for a raise. Instead of 7 officers he/she has 14. Instead of 1 Special unit he/she has 2. Lets makem do payroll to go along with that and if they mess it up lets impose disciplinary actions on them. Lets make them have their work schedule done 3 months ahead when they are constanly moving staff around. Now, we cant have the Leiutenants do anything because Dan the man want to keep someone around to be his friend. By taking away their responsibility they wont complain about anything. He more or less eliminated them to have power and control over the jail. Basically paying a guy 50,000 a year to do nothing but show up and count inmates once.

    • It must be funny when Daron is speaking to ACA and every Sheriff in the room giggles, because he is the only one without arresting powers.

      • anothersergeantsmeeting!?...DAMN!!! permalink

        They may be gigling because they recognize a prima donna, pretty boy with lots of egg on his face.

  3. Jean Jeanie permalink

    Favor ain’t fair

  4. Traveling VL permalink

    Glazed Donuts For Tennessee and Chrzray 1919 712 6 dropping 5 popping

  5. Tiko taylor permalink

    Mane I was on The 5th floor and they wouldn’t let me film a video! Youtube me Cashville Tiko 98 main street mafia! Fuck this racist bitch Karla west!

  6. lpl permalink

    What’s hilarious is that admin is all shocked and dismayed that AN INMATE LIED. Stop the presses, everyone! I am crying, I am laughing so hard. Someone got impressed by the fact that he was Waylon Jennings’ grandson. What fatuous, naive, corrupt imbeciles. And the story is starting to find its way into lots of online music mags. Funny, funny, funny stuff.

  7. Your Missing Common Sense. permalink

    This doesn’t make any sense. West admits to saying that the guy was allowed to mouth the words into the camera. THAT is how he is rapping in the video. They flat out said that they allowed what was supposed to be a documentary. That explains how the camera followed him up the stairs. The point is that they used the video-recordings for fraudulent purposes. And really? “FREE STRUGGLE”? You want a convicted man, who admits openly to the crimes he committed, to be freed? That’s stupid. Your blog is stupid. You’re going to thank me for posting on your blog. I’m going to make sure people don’t bother looking it up.

    • PH33 permalink

      Ruby Joyner’s family is full of convicted criminals! I’m sure she wanted them to be ‘freed!’ just like Uncle Tom wants Gary freed and Harold T Dawg Taylor wants his brother freed! Y’all are an embarrassment to blacks, sucking up to the man and trying to play both sides of the fence! Daron is racist, he banned dreadlocks for God’s sake and spoke to a kkk group! We need a black Sheriff!!! And not one of these cracker loving DCSO uncle Tom’s!

  8. Alwaysracebaiting. permalink

    Wow that turned into a black-white thing quickly.

    • Steellcityblues permalink

      Wrong is wrong and im not a racially charged person. This administration is costing taxpayers money. This is sub-standard, poor decision making, and just plain vile. This guy manipulated weak minded people with his sad ass “struggling” story. Probably havent struggled one day in his life.

  9. Steelcityblues permalink

    I dont buy her propaganda one bit. Documentary my ass. This started as a Rap/Gang video and it ended that way. Even if they were duped as she says what makes this criminal any better than any other to have a film crew filming a documentary about him inside a penal institution? What about all those other young men who have had life “struggles” and more or less want to be heard? If a black inmate wanted this im sure it would have been shot down. This stinks bad. You have a convicted felon inside a penal institution looking into a camera and rapping his song to the world. Only at DCSO folks. Next up, Reality TV from inside your County jail!!!

    • Jk1116 permalink

      Clark has some cool videos and audios for you all LOL

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