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Dan Weikal and Jamie Johnson allow rap video to be filmed in CJC!?

October 25, 2013

What a powerful and emotional video! We feel that Daron Hall should be proud of allowing his agency, CJC, and Sgt Farley to be represented! Our favorite part of the video is when two men, with a child in the back seat, participate in a ‘drive by’ and commit murder. Daron has never been afraid to make a statement, as he once spoke to a group of white supremacists at Picadilly Cafeteria. We also love the addition of Sgt. Farley to the video, wasn’t Farley the one who hid a cute female inmates drugs in a sharps container instead of charging her with a crime? Isn’t Farley the one who keeps inmates juices and milks cold in his personal refrigerator? It is only fitting that Farley be cast in the role! This would be a great video to play for the public during Daron’s next election, possibly Daron’s theme song!? Everyone please follow Struggle on Facebook, twitter and instagram! FREE STRUGGLE CWB!


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  1. Chezeray permalink

    LOL you guys need to get a life. No one takes this site seriously because all of you are just a bunch of DCSO rejects LOL. Sad people.

  2. LEO permalink

    This shows you how incompetent Karla West and the rest of Daron Hals cronies are.

  3. chl permalink

    Blantant violation of policy. This needs to be reported to channel 5. Jesus christ.

  4. I assume EVERY would be rapper will now be allowed this privilege? You know, in the interests of being firm, fair and consistent?

  5. Steelcityblues permalink

    The Gomer Pyles of Metro Government. This is sickening. Lets get the news media on these guys so the citizens of Nashville can see whats really going on. You allowed this crap inside a penal institution? Are you serious? You allowed part of your daily staff to participate as well? I wonder if that Sheriff out in Arizona would let them film a Gang video in his jail. This sounds more like a Dan the man thing. JJ just signed up cause lord knows he dont want to rock the boat.

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