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October 21, 2013


In 9 months this site has over 115,000 views! To compare, the DCSO YouTube profile has under 6,000 views in the same amount of time. Daron, the PEOPLE are speaking.. but are you listening? This site was started by a conglomerate of individuals who share a mutual goal.. Improving the lives, workplace for the front line officers! These officers are desperate.. They follow this site, send in information daily and desire a better workplace! The agency is so ‘top heavy’ it is sickening. Everything seems to be geared towards making the lives of the administration easier. A perfect example is how the agency is dealing with this site. Administrators will critique, punish, and terminate officers, but GOD FORBID someone criticize them! Maybe they should look into these rumors, and face their demons instead of further killing morale by harassing officers. Information is like water.. It will always flow and find and crack or crevice to leak out! What business does the DCSO have to ask officers in an official capacity ‘if they have talked about this site?’ We have received over 20 messages concerning these letters, mostly from Harding place and CJC officers. Within hours, the entire agency was aware that Armed Services had received these letters. The consensus is that these letters are an invasion of privacy, harassing, infringes on freedom of speech and officers have a right to share information under the whistleblower laws. Daron, stop looking out for the best interests of your cronies and address these concerns! Your political future is in jeopardy!


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  1. Tommie Steel permalink

    The admin building as adding some cameras to the side by where Daron parks! I guess they want to see who is riding down a public street ‘spying’ on them lmao! Or Daron is paranoid like The time he put the skitzophtenic old white guys picture up everywhere because he made ‘threats.’ that old bat wasn’t gonn hurt anyone, that was a waste of paper. Speaking of a waste of paper, that was a cool plan by Travis Pearson and Mark McClure to send out those love letters. You should send out a letter asking who took a dead deer home in their patrol car and got blOod all in the trunk lol. You two are Cox/Tevis 2013… Corporals, when you get called in and Interviewed about your answers..make sure you bring a RECORDER!!! You would be amazed at what Pearson and Mac will say when the ‘recorder is off’ and how much it will help you in the future!

  2. Whistle blower permalink

    I witnessed two seperate groups of Inmates smoking cigarettes today! One group was at UNA recreation center and the second was on Thompson Lane behind the double Mapco’s!

  3. Real Talk permalink

    WOW! This post is right on. Can’t sum it up much better than this.

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