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Sheila Stinson named case manager!?

October 16, 2013

Yes, you heard us correct… Sgt. Sheila Stinson has been promoted to case manager! Stinson has been moved up and down the floors of CJC more than the broke down elevators.. Even though the elevators WORK BETTER! How many times has Stinson been written up? Really Daron? Was Stinson the best candidate for the position? Or are you trying to SAVE her by moving her out of uniform? This is the same Sheila Stinson who fed 5C-44 locked down inmates lunch sacks, then immediately called a shake down and THREW AWAY all their sacks! Of course she then disappeared to the control room to let the poor officers deal with the angry inmates. The same Sheila Stinson who let an officer go take a 15 minute break, then began screaming for him over the radio 5 minutes in, to return to the floor. Upon returning, she was sitting in the control room as usual and made him search an Inmate who had just returned to the floor. How many officer assaults has Stinson been a part of? Derrick Gleaves, Hal Van Metre, Matt Cothron? We could write an entire blog itself dedicated to Sheila Stinson and her antics..What is her college degree in? Did she go to a ‘buy a degree’ online program like John Ford and Tony Wilkes? At the end of the day… she has a DCSO tattoo and that makes her the most qualified to be a case worker!? WE NEED A NEW SHERIFF!



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  1. ShipleysDonuts permalink

    Notorius for serving inmates their lunch sacks and then immediately calling for a shakedown before they could eat it and then throwing their food away. She did this on more than one occasion. Then, once the shakedown is complete she promptly leaves the officers to deal with any unruly or management problem inmates. Once things settle down she returns to area. NOTORIOUS…it happened!!

  2. Melinda Lakota permalink

    Hahahahahah ur still a coward little man ! Drunk oh is that a excuse for u ?
    I’m going to guess u must have gotten a DUI lol ! U can say whatever u want about me
    Cause guess what ? Wanna guess or would u like to print out another lie ?
    I’m good with who I am and further more as a person ! Lol here is another
    Dare for u ready ? Sign ur name COWARD. Lol u make me laugh ! Yea poor thing
    I’m sorry u really must have some problems in ur life and for that I really hope
    Things get better for u ! Seriously ! Prayers to u xxxxxxx
    Melinda Lakota. (That’s my real name lol)

    • AnonymousOfficer permalink

      C’mon now, everyone just write an apology letter and post it on the Hall monitor. Wait that didn’t work either. Let me call my buddy Ford and get back with you. LOL

  3. I live in Virginia Beach, VA permalink

    You want to know my name!?


    Google image search ‘Nasty Boys Wrestlers’ and you’ll see a pic of Sheila and Lakota! MULLETS R US! Party in the back business in the front! Ahhhhh I’m
    Drunk sorry Daron forgive me I’m Drunk and I have Tourette’s and rock back and forth like a a nutcase psychopath. The only lesbian that I respect is mike McCoye he is a hero and watches porn at work.

  4. Parker permalink

    Do we have anyone who can translate Retard? I can’t understand what she is saying. She misspelled her own name. You have to give Sarge props for one thing. I have never seen a person so WHIPPED my entire life.

    • Melinda Lakota permalink

      Hi Parker
      If that is even ur name COWARD , Hey if ur so educated and my spelling bothers u contact me
      With ur name for a class ! Oh wait I say sgt all I want because I can lol ! Oh and by the way that is
      Correct as a short cut lol! Wow all these men on here that have no set of fill in that blank sad boy !
      Prayers for u as well ! I’m very comfortable with myself and anything I miss spell !
      The only thing that bothers me is people with no class no back bone and have I said this before ? Yes oh being a COWARD !!!!! Sign ur name what’s wrong u scared ? I don’t spread lies on people as people on here !!! But if u say some lie about someone have a set and put ur real name !
      Just saying !!! Sweet heart seriously look in the mirror and change urself be a better person ! U have the problem evidently u must have been written up for something u did ! U can’t take responsibility for ur own mistakes ! U blame others for ur actions I see this from ur posts !
      I feel sorry for u trying to hurt people because ur the one hurt ! Hope u can maybe talk to a professional to maybe get passed ur anger ! I don’t believe the sheriffs dept or any authority status
      Is where u should be !! Pray for u xxxxxxx ! Sign ur name
      Melinda Lakota

      P.s. I hope and pray for u ! Hopefully ur not one of those people u kill others I’m seriously worried
      U could hurt someone ! U show all the signs of bulling and a psycho who goes in their work place
      And hurts people !! Own ur mistakes and get help ! Blaming others for ur actions r signs of a very
      Immature and sick person ! I hope supervisors see these and really take notice ! U need help

      • Parker permalink

        Melinda I must apologize, I misjudged you. I didn’t think you could possibly look more stupid but I was wrong. Let me explain the prior post. The term “Sarge” is NOT you. It is in reference to Sgt. Stinson. The prop is for how “Whipped” she has you. Now do you understand the importance of knowing how to read and write? Next time I will be sure to have a kindergartener write my post so there is no confusion. Parker

  5. Melinda Lakota permalink

    P.s only person who needs to be fired is u and the other COWARDS that write on this with ur lies and slander ! Sheila Stinson is a great person who has great evaluations can u say the same ? As for my friend the Sheriff his work record and stands to show ur again slandering both their names !
    Oh also for u to say something about his father again shows ur in a special low class of people !
    Sign ur name chicken lickin !!!!!!!
    Melina Lakota here !!!!!! I refused to say anymore to a low class individual as urself. !!!!!!!
    I will pray for u and hope u grow up and live ur life better than this !

    • We here at post rumors, and satire.. Which Is covered by freedom of speech! Pick up a National Enquirer, or watch Saturday Night Live or TMZ.. Also it has been ruled in numerous court cases that government officials are ‘limited access’ and would not be protected by ‘slander’ or ‘lible’ (which it is called in written form, which this is) even if we posted these items as fact.. Which again we do not. I would suggest not reading the blog, or we would be happy to post a rebuttal. We also do not control the comments that are sent, as you can clearly see as yours were posted. Thank you again for your support!

      • Melinda Lakota permalink

        Freedom of speech true ! However COWARDS that can’t sign their name to their statements isn’t freedom it’s called chicken shit liers!
        Because they spread lies and false accusations ! This is why ur name doesn’t show !
        If it’s a true statement u can not get in trouble but lies well u know cause that’s all u say !
        Freedom of speech ur a joke COWARD ! Write ur name

      • Melinda Lakota permalink

        Cyber Bullying ! This is what this site is and I will do all I can to find out who u r ! This is against the law u do know the law don’t u ? U think u don’t slander peoples names and say horrible things about people ? I hope the TBI will get on this ! Also the news media will be informed !
        Better get ready for some jail time ! COWARD that want sign their name !!!
        CYBER BULLYING !!!!!! That’s all on this site

      • Hello Ms.

        We can assure you that we are not intending to bully anyone, only inform the public of the rumors from within the Sheriff’s Office. This is no different than the I-team, Phil Williams, or any other news source… EXCEPT we disclaim that all information is RUMOR, SPECULATION or SATIRE. We have not solicited your views, we have not contacted you or anyone else. You are truly wasting your time attempting to BULLY us and keep us from using your freedom of speech. Please be advised that continuing to post the same comments will result in a ban. Thank you.

  6. Melinda Lakota permalink

    Hello there u must be the COWARD ! My English grammar is a far cry to slander ! U r and need a ethics class do u even know what that means ? Do u know what it means to slander someone’s name as u have ? So I don’t really care my grammar is not up to ur par because anyone like u clearly has severe mental issues ! I sure hope that u grow some and sign ur name ! Because u can be charged for slander ! Ur claims r lies and I have proof ! I however would love to see ur work record ! Again thanks COWARD for not saying ur name ! Melinda Lakota here !

    • www permalink

      Whatever blabbermouth. Obviously you guess alot because you don’t know even if I am a man or woman. Keep in mind your friend screwed over more than she can count and was always stabbing both men and women in he backs even Sgts and even her partners. Being her partner was hell for anyone who had to do it.

  7. Melinda Lakota permalink

    Hello my name is Melinda Lakota … Yes I put my name here because I have read all these cowards
    Comments on this ridiculous blogs …. I think most of the lies I have read about my friend and
    A loyal employee of the sheriffs dept . For years . For all u so called lying cowardly men writing
    These bull shit and yes I said bull shit .. I pray Darren Hall fires u because he is not a bad sheriff
    Matter of fact I went to school with Darren years ago .. He has always been a stand up guy ..
    U coward that writes shit without putting ur name out and lie on Sheila and the sheriff ..
    Grow a set u stupid low down lying probably a screw up and blame everyone for ur write ups!
    I Melinda Lakota work for police dept which got hurt so I’m out ! This is facts something u know
    Nothing about ! I call u out write ur name after ur blog COWARD ! I think anyone who says anything on here that can’t sign their name at the end is a spineless wimp coward lowdown scum sucking
    Stupid dumb and probably a real F up any way so sign ur name next time ! Let’s see how ur
    Record there is and stop lying on a truly good person who cares ! If u had any common since
    Clearly u do not her job was less pay ! She isn’t a sgt anymore ! U the coward u the one who
    Has so much to hide I’m daring u to put ur name out ! I hope Sherriff Hall finds out all u low down
    Worthless people who write on here with out ur name he fires each and everyone !
    He is a great person and Sherriff ! Sheila Stinson is a caring human being something
    Clearly u COWARDS who don’t sign ur name r !! Here is my phone number coward call if u have
    A set ! Oh but u don’t ! Grow up ! Ur a weak minded person who doesn’t take responsibility for their mouth ! Better yet I’m sure u have and would put my car up ur the one who has a record
    Of problems ! My number COWARD is 615-618-0355 so here I’ll wait and see !

    • Hello Melinda! Thank you for your comments and support of One thing that troubles us, is that you went to school with Daron Hall? I truly hope that he went to a different English/Grammar class than you did? However, we are pretty sure he skipped ETHICS class.. He learned that from his daddy.

      • Melinda Lakota permalink

        Why would it trouble u that my grammar or anything bothers u ! I’m my own person and ur simple minded remarks I laugh at ! Ethics do u know what that means ? I guess not as for ur
        Small minded friend who wrote about my injury at work ! Sorry r u saying the doctors all of them r lying ? You who want even write ur name after u make these statements r telling me I’m
        Faking ? Have u examined me ? So I’m I understanding u r saying I’m lying ? Wow u have some serious problems don’t u ? If u know me so well sign ur name Doc ! I think ur hilarious
        And u must be a lonely person to sit around and talk lies about me and the Sheriff also Sheila!
        Nothing u say is true and by u saying I’m faking I can assure u that now I’m positive all ur statements r lies now ! Sign ur name COWARD u have mine ! Don’t hate cause that is a true ugly thing that will show from the outside ! Sad sad person ur very sad ! I’m sorry u r in so much pain u lie and gossip about others ! Slander is a felony ! Believe me u r the one in
        Jeopardy not me ! I have nothing to hide ! Can u say the same ? Why want u sign ur name?
        Why show the facts of ur slanderous lies or shut the F. Up COWARD !!! Let us look u up r
        U scared and have things to hide ? Or r u afraid of going to jail where u work and probably treat
        The inmates badly ! Oh what a day if that caught up with u ! Scared chicken COWARD
        I bet u wouldn’t help someone in need cause u have no back bone !

        Melinda Lakota

        Ps Craigslist really u must know a lot about that don’t u ! But I can assure u that my number
        Isn’t on any sight ! Another slanderous remark ! Sad boy u need to ask for help

    • www permalink

      melinda lickedkotakat,

      The work record you talk about is about to get bad for you since you are violating your own employers policy while making them look bad with your stupid posts which scream to anyone that you are a dumbass. How did you ever get a job as anything other than a motel cleaner with your spelling? And you are park police, not a police officer and you are laying out on temporary disability faking an injury which is a felony. Loosen up on your strap-on and calm down. And don’t be surprised if that number of yours ends up on craigslist under casual encounters.

      • Melinda Lakota permalink

        Hahaha believe me u small minded sad individual ! Ur a waste of my time I feel sorry for u
        And the rest who clearly have no balls or courage to put ur name to ur statements ! U call me dumb hahahahahah ! I don’t hide behind lies low life ! Slander we’ll get u and ur a COWARD ,,,,I’m not scared one bit of ur threats about my phone number but u should be COWARD ,
        Be glad to discuss this in person but ur a fake lying dumb pond scum sucking shit licking ugly from the inside out person ! Cause u hide behind ur thoughts and lies u tell on others ! As far as me getting a strap on as u say in another response wow ! Believe me when I say this I have
        Never had one complaint so what ever I use or how I treat people is beyond ur capability
        Of understanding ! Cause when men say things about gay woman it’s because they can’t
        Keep it up or last as long so u say what u will ur words r so funny ! I feel sorry for u and whom
        Ever ur with or divorcing because I’m sure u don’t have anyone !! Get all u need out on me if
        U want let it out ! COWARD !!!!!!!!!!! Can’t sign ur name to ur replies or ur slanderous remarks
        And I can’t blame u cause u probably have a discipline record on the job a mile long !

        My name is clear I’m not scared to defend people I trust and respect !!! U on the other hand hide little one hide behind ur lies u print hide cause ur a scared little boy in a big body
        Playing with people’s lives shame shame shame on u !!!!! Yes I’m gay and I’m not scared
        People who know me know what type of person I am !!! I’m sure with ur secret
        COWARD no identity they now u for all I have said to be true about u !
        That is why u want put ur name where ur mouth is ! I pray for u lost soul
        Ur sad and lonely and hopefully u see the light before u loose everything !!!!

        Melinda Lakota I speak the truth and stand by my friends !

  8. adozenglazedplease permalink

    For real!? Wow. She is useless. Should have been fired years ago. How she has lasted this long is beyond me. I will give her 2 months before she is in trouble….AGAIN.

    • Melinda Lakota permalink

      I guess adozenglazedplease u have been in trouble too ! Ur actions got u written up not her not any other supervisor !!! Grow up or find another job ! Stop ur false accusations and slanderous remarks ! Please get some help ! Sign ur name or r u afraid everyone will know u r the one who
      Can’t do their job as it’s suppose to be done !!!
      My name is Melinda what’s urs ? Let’s see if u have been wrongly accused for all these lies ur posting ? Come on now come on out sign ur real name if it’s true then u can not be punished !
      However if ur lying u will be fired and hopefully charged for a felony for slander ! Do u know what slander is ? If anyone person believes any lie u have told on these innocent people u go to jail !
      In with the inmates u have abused probably !! I just don’t know but I want lie on u guts less chicken
      COWARD ! Hide behind ur post KARMA bites hard people like u !

      Oh my name Melinda Lakota

      Dare u to put ur real name what’s wrong afraid of everyone seeing u as the COWARD that u r ?

      • adozenglazedplease permalink

        What difference does it make what my name is? This blog will not stop because “you” commented on it. You are wasting your time. Freedom of speech is in full effect here. You are expressing yours just like we are expressing ours. All day long people are running down the President of the United States of America with lies and false statements and threats but i havent seen anyone going to court over it. What makes the Sheriff of the Davidson County Sheriff office in Nashville Tennessee think he is exempt from ridicule? He signed up for it. He isnt any better than any other government official. John Ford,his cheif deputy created a policy that gives an officer a “military ribbon”. Ribbons that so many soldiers have paid the ultimate sacrfice for in Iraq and Afghanistan and so many other conflicts. Yet he feels like such a big man to hand someone one of those ribbons like its a piece of candy for doing nothing. Freedom of speech! If you dont like it then take your ass back where you came from. Have a nice day. This blog will never stop.

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