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*Breaking News* Deputies forced to sign document in regards to!!!?

October 16, 2013

Allegedly, deputies across the DCSO were met with by their supervisors recently with a LETTER to sign in regards to this blog. The letter is said to ask these questions:

1. Have you provided information to the blog?
2. Have you posted on the blog?
3. Have you talked about the blog?

This letter is nothing more than a scare tactic, interrogation technique and feeble attempt to ‘stop the bleeding!’ EVERYTHING posted by Firedaronhall is posted as rumor, innuendo and satire. This is clearly stated in the ‘about’ section. Everything posted is protected by the freedom of speech. This recent letter only proves how strong this blog has become and Daron desperately wants to stop the spread of Information! Similar actions take place in areas where dictators rule. Daron should investigate the posts here instead of further harassing his under paid, over worked staff! We will continue to post rumors from within the DCSO! Please do not succumb to the bully and scare tactics by Daron Hall and band of overpaid idiots! Please do not be afraid… Rick Gentry will not be showing up at your house on his Dcso 4 wheeler!



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  1. Darrell permalink

    Time for action go vote.

  2. Darrell permalink

    OK let’s show how PO we really are go fricken vote. Change is good for dcso and the cronies.

  3. Darrell permalink

    OK I just read the Tennessean yesterday. Some guy named Kenny hardy is running against Daron. Anyone know this guy. What are his qualifications? Does anyone think he can win? Hell I’ll vote for him just for a change.

  4. ASD SGT permalink

    Jamie Johnson goes to admin crying that he was gonna ‘confront’ someone LMFAO! I love how Dan Weikal, JJ and these ass hat admins want to confront little people who the think are easy targets. JJ thinks he knows who took his pic, but what he doesn’t know is we sent in videos of him doing curls on duty, parking his car back by the SORT room, eating breakfast and lunch at the courthouse cafeteria. WHEN DO YOU WORK and WHAT DO YOU DO!? Other than rat on your friends… K Williams ring a bell? The letters were only given out to armed services and I took a picture of my letter and will email it in. I am a damn good Sergeant and should be a Lieutenant by now! SCREW DARON HALL TONY WILKES AND JOANNE FORD!

  5. DaKing permalink

    Nobody will say anything cause they cowards! People will go suck off the worthless administrator, talk shit bout you, they be spooked when they see you! You just gotta laugh at clowns like that! I can’t wait till you go to court, I heard they offered half back pay and u turned it down! They know they fucked you over to keep Hampton out of trouble.

  6. Channel5news permalink

    I believe Mr. Parker to be on point. Why does your Sheriff think he is exempt from this type of activity? Is it because he has higher aspirations when he leaves this office in search of another within Metro government? Local media is so ready to pounce on this. It appears their are moles within the department of all ranks feeding this blog. Mr. Hall it seems,has really used this office for personal gain because”rumor” is he aspires to be the mayor. This blog has certainley affected his chances because he will have to answer many question and disspell all the rumors here. Thanks to the modern technology era, people are able to express and document their views and concerns. From what I hear and understand,Hall operates under the buddy sytem,cronyism,nepotism and back slapping. Giving high paid jobs to guys who will do whatever to keep his name and face off the 6 o’clock news. It appears he is very top heavy as far as his staff is concerned. Two or three guys doing a one man job and all making 100,000 plus a year while running his facilities short of staff daily and refusing to pay officers any overtime to pull a double shift. He is saving metro plenty of money by chumping front line officers while his handpicked cronies are getting rich. Well all I can say is good luck with your aspirations.

    • The Unknown permalink

      So newschannel5 if this really is you, which I really hope it is, Im just curious to know why you have yet to do any kind of story to help the Officers? I think the people of Nashville have the right to this information and while you have done some amazing story’s about fraud in the government, why have you not jumped on this one? There must be a reason.

  7. Parker permalink

    This is very serious. Please spread the word to everyone who has been questioned or made to sign a paper. Document the date, time and names of all individuals involved. Because DCSO is a tax based entity any employee who witnesses anything that is even “reasonably perceived” as illegal or unethical has the right by Federal and State law to report it. Posting information or commenting on this site is protected speech under the Whistle blower statutes. For example: The story and comments posted about Jamie Johnson working out at JNC on the clock. Any employee who heard about or witnessed this would “reasonably perceive” that this is illegal or unethical based on the “waste, fraud and abuse” statute. Therefore these interrogations are proof of intimidation, harassment and retaliation due to the unspecific nature of the questioning. Anyone who has suffered this should file a complaint with the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division and contact an Attorney. If you are afraid of further retaliation you can e-mail me anonymously at and I will navigate you through this or file a complaint on your behalf. If enough people have already been affected and come forward this could possibly qualify as a federal class action suit. Lastly issue’s like this are dealt with on a civil level. According to the DOJ two things can cause these issues to become criminal. 1) If the civil right violation can be proven to be deliberate or 2) If the civil right violations are habitual (affecting many people) It seems like this might meet the burden of both. Good luck everyone, stay strong

  8. NHIBBS permalink

    We L<3VE the website! Thank you for all you do!

  9. AnonymousOfficer permalink

    Hey… any ideas who is feeding admin the mis-information?
    I heard the cover stories are getting desperate and they are stumbling over each other!
    What a web we weave when we practice to deceive….
    When things don’t work out, just throw a ton of crap at the wall and pray something sticks. LOL

  10. CDC1stShift permalink

    What a joke! I can say and talk about whatever I want and I will continue to do so! The sheriffs office is a trainwreck and we are ready for a new leader! Tony Wilkes is a womanizing imbecile, ford is a snake and a coward, daron only cares about his pals, mike Raines is a snake and selfish fatty, Travis Pearson is a lazy bum who just wants an easy paycheck, Dan and Jamie are snakes and are power hungry maniacs, John Taylor is a cheating bastard, ruby Joyner is dumb as a box of rocks, Byron grizzle is a pencil pushing nerd, Marsha Travis needs to pull her pants down.. Camel toe, Chris brown is a snake and anorexic, pam hale is an idiot, Harold Taylor has short fat man disease and a gay son, Austin Bodie has more skeletons in his closet than Jeff dahmer, ak Carroll and his crew go into every investigation assuming Thr officer is guilty. They all need to be fired!

  11. adozenglazedplease permalink

    So now they can go after anyone they”think” may be supplying information. Typical witch hunt. Sounds like a Dan the man idea. Meanwhile Jamey Johnson is working out when he should be watching the commander system. Officers being assaulted while he is posing in the mirror.

    • Baltimore's Facebook permalink

      Jamie Johnson – Chief of the JNC Weight Room

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