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CJC inmate left in leg irons for DAYS!?

September 30, 2013

WTF is going on at CJC!? What a ‘trainwreck’ this place has become.. Rumor from a DCSO supervisor is that 38 year old maximum security Federal inmate Emonnie Branch was left in his SMU cell for DAYS with leg irons on!? Allegedly Branch left SMU for court, was returned later and received by a Corporal Lynch. Word is that Lynch placed Branch back into his cell, still wearing leg cuffs… A few days later (we heard 4days) Branch eventually told someone and the leg cuffs were removed. HOW IN THE HELL DOES THIS HAPPEN!? We will tell you how… In our opinion, Dan Weikal is incompetent and too busy hitting on nurses and drinking beer.. Jamie Johnson is incompetent and too busy WORKING OUT ON DUTY! the Sergeants supervise multiple floors and many themselves are incompetent.. The front line officers are over worked, under paid, harassed and scrutinized by Johnson and Weikal. Toby Wilkes is too busy with Meshawn, John Ford is too busy telling REMF military stories and organizing buffet’s for Mike Raines to attend. Congratulations Daron… Mr. Branch will soon receive a nice settlement from the taxpayers of Davidson County!



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  1. overworked&underpaid permalink

    Emmonie branch, real grade A piece of breathing shit too.

  2. AnonymousOfficer permalink

    Wow that some serious stuff in here. Parker has been unloading some very interesting facts… True accountability only needs a little integrity. Truth is a nightmare to some.. Anyone requested any documents lately? “Master Log” coming soon (Looking for both copies), Maybe a grievance history or two with UOF backgrounds. The truth is bad enough but when the lights shine bright I wouldn’t want to be caught naked in the dark and stuck having to explain! last hint, better pass the buck because ignorance wont work. DONT manufacture OR tamper with any evidence, that takes you into a whole new nightmare.

  3. Kemytha Sayers Dcso IA permalink

    Tom Tom randed over my pinky toe! Damn Tom Tom why u gotta be fucking meshawn when you over CDC complex and she a CDC complex employee? Now I gots to put you’s on the ‘bubble’ like I did all the metro police before I got fired and put on Phil Williams! Hey can you help mr at Thr gun range? I keep shooting in the 40’s and I still have my gun. I think when Tom Tom ran over my toe it messed up my shooting. Why does everyone get me mixed up w ruby Joyner? Ruby is the one with drug dealer son and piece of shit crooked eye and crooked cop brother Ernest Cecil. I am the one who fired Cecil that bastard! Now ruby son just like him big Baby. Hey since the gov shit down me and pal hale will be getting weave at Rosie’s chicken and hair on Jefferson

  4. Parker permalink

    Don’t forget the possession and casual exchange charge or the assault of a Metro Police Officer. Tony is probably Tanyas’ Dad. Remember when Tony drove his car through a Metro road block and was arrested for running over a Metro Police Officer on the James Robertson Bridge. They thought that was covered up but the paper trail remains. Someone needs to ask Maury for a DNA test here. Like Father like Daughter.

    • Jerry newsome permalink

      Tony and Chesser are actually the same age… Late 40’s early 50’s. Chesser looks good for her age, Tony looks like a crack head that’s been living in a crawl space sucking greg for crack.. I guess Tony takes after his dad and brother.

      How in the hell does Weikal and Jj have a job? If a sports team was as much of a trainwreck as CJC is, the GM and coaches would have been FIRED long ago! WTFFFF! It’s disgusting all thr things that have happened under Weikal and JJ’s watch.

  5. Tanya Chesser drinks Slurricanes permalink

    So when does Tanya Chesser get her 15 minutes of shame?

    • We will wait and see what happens with her DCSO status.. At this point she has two alcohol related arrests and should be terminated! HOWEVER, as we all know, Uncle Tom Tom has a liking for women.. He allegedly protected Tina Fearn after she came in to work HAMMERED several times.

    • overworked&underpaid permalink

      Whoa, I’m waiting for that one too!, shes still in booking after her 2nd PI also

  6. Helen Keller permalink

    You mean all these shifts went by and the equipment went unaccounted for? Oh I guess you just write a report and all is covered. How come Jamie Johnson wasnt checking his “commander system” when that officer failed to remove the restraints from that Federal inmate? I guess he was at the gym. The next blog will be Fire Jamie Johnson. Its coming!! Cheif of Security…what a joke!

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