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DCSO jails are unsafe!!!!

September 25, 2013

9-25-2013: ‘Four inmates at the Hill Detention Center in downtown Nashville have been charged with attempted homicide.

According to a police report, another inmate testified on behalf of the state in a case. When he got back to the detention center, two inmates allegedly attacked him for “snitching.”

Police say he was being strangled, but guards were able to break things up. Officials say the inmate had a lot of cuts, a broken nose and some internal injuries.

Tommie Bowie, Dee Waine Bumpus, Dashawn Slone and Ronald Reedy were all arrested and charged with attempted criminal homicide.’


Sheriff Hall and his DCSO administrators are so worried about screwing over good officers, screwing female staff and promoting cronies. Meanwhile the jails are a dangerous place for officers and inmates! Has Pam Hale, who runs HDC ever even wore a uniform!? Chief Ford and all of the ass kissers look real cute at the ‘safety days’ collecting old computers (garbage men) meanwhile an inmate is almost killed, officers in SMU are assaulted, and every action by officers take to quell the inmates seen to be met with an investigation, disciplinary action, and if they don’t like you… TERMINATION!

PS Jamie Johnson get your girlish figure out of the gym and go to work! There is a new nurse and donuts in the clinic, Weikal wants to introduce you.


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  1. Temple permalink

    I know what happens when you get on there on bad side. They ran me out of there. I wish I could have recorded my last d board hearing just where people would have believed what they did to me. After that I had enough.

    • Let us guess… The panel already had their mind made up, didn’t let you tell your side, ate you alive every time you opened your mouth?

      • Temple permalink

        That plus while we were on break and the hearing was supposed to be stopped me and my “awesome” union rep walked back in 10 minutes early to find they had restarted the meeting but there was no recording going. They were calling my insurance company to get all the dates I had visited my Doctor in the past 6 months. The hearing was for not turning a Doctors note in time, then they switched it to the notes had different signatures and I explained my Doctor doesn’t sign them he has 7 different nurses that sign them.

        After walking into the hearing ongoing and my union rep basically rolling his shoulders I realized I never was going win. I had 1 write up in 4 years then all of a sudden I get them every week or two weeks when Tevis arrives.

      • We would never recommend joining the ‘union!’ For starters, Gilmer is very friendly with one of the most egotistical, selfish, vengeful administrators that lives. The ‘union’ represents the school cafeteria workers and custodians.. Why in the hell would a Sheriff Deputy need to join! We are not making fun of you, many get duped into joining when they first start. Have you looked into how you can get out? ONE DAY A YEAR! We would suggest every deputy join the FOP! It is cheaper than the union, and they will provide legal aid for the disciplinary, civil service process! Imagine walking into a d board with Attorney John Brown, or Gilmer and Satterlee…

  2. AnonymousOfficer permalink

    Supreme Court retaliation post is excellent: what is also interesting is how Metro deliberately ignores wrongful acts by some employees and systematically targets others.

    Favoritism. If you’re being subjected to favoritism because of your race, age, sex, religion, national origin, disability, pregnancy, color or genetic information, that is unlawful discrimination. If you have to complain, make sure you complain about something illegal. Your employer CAN retaliate against you legally for complaining about favoritism, but they CAN’T legally retaliate for reporting discrimination or whistleblowers.

    Furthermore retaliation is forbidden under Tennessee & Federal Law. The U.S. Supreme Court has issued a series of rulings broadening anti-retaliation coverage and protection. Be aware accountability works both ways.

    Damages: A struggling job market makes litigating damages in discrimination and retaliation cases far more challenging for employers’ counsel. Juries are more inclined to consider the lack of available jobs when deciding front pay awards—and to grant emotional distress or punitive damages.

    Also note Tennessee has laws with some teeth:

  3. Parker permalink

    What about a Sheriff who has never done the job? Might explain this three term epic fail. The real reason all of these situations have happened is because Daron never cared about being Sheriff. He is a politician. He has neglected his DUTY as Sheriff because he has always seen it as a stepping stone to something better. Therefore many Officers and Inmates have been seriously injured. It is also why honest employees have been harassed,fired and looked over in advancement. It’s behind the desperate attempt to cover up any truth. His attention has always been on fund raising and political favors. His downfall is the responsibility and legality of this position. To win any battle you must know your enemy and how they think. Daron learned politics from his Father Durward who was a long time Metro Councilman from District 28 (Antioch) Durward learned Metro politics from his mentor and friend Fate Thomas. Two years ago my Father showed me some paperwork from 1981 or 82. Someone had come to our property in what is now the Cane Ridge area and cut down and removed a large amount of tree’s. Our neighbor got the tag number of the thieves. My Father called Metro Police and filed criminal charges. Low and behold the vehicle was registered to none other than Metro Councilman Durward Hall. Durward insisted it was an accident he was supposed to be cutting on another property. Criminal charges were not filed but Durward was forced to make financial restitution. From that day forward my Father dug deep into the Fate Thomas circle. Durward Hall, Judge Gilbert Merritt, DA Jack Lowery and many others to understand how they operate. He mastered the art of Fate Thomas politics long ago. When I realized I was in this Politicians cross hairs I told my Father. Imagine my surprise and my Fathers when we both realized he fought this battle for me 30 years ago. In the hundreds of pages of documents was a perfect blue print of what to expect, His weaknesses , and how to maneuver offensively. I wish I could say Daron is an isolated problem but many of the people who run the Metro Govt. are cut from the same cloth of the Fate Thomas circle. If you have been a victim of these things or you feel you are about to, I would be happy to navigate you to victory. If not don’t waste your time dealing with these matters within Metro. Find a Federal or State avenue.Metro history will repeat itself. Daron will suffer the same fate as his predecessor Fate Thomas except for the fact there will be no Judge Merritt tipping off John Seigenthaler to lessen the blow.

  4. Spurlocke permalink

    HDC is a safe place! The only reason assaults occur is because I go outside to meet my wife, Pearson’s sister, who is always outside HDC smoking. During the day my wife spends hours with me outside HDC. I usually walk around with stains on my shirt looking like a slob. Pam Hale is a great woman! She flirts with Tony Wilkes so I think that’s how she got the job. I really miss Kevin Cox, he was a great man! We would drink beer out by the dumpsters. I haven’t became friends with Chris Brown yet… I’m nervous talking to him because I think he had the gypsy spell put on him like in the movie ‘thinner.’ Chris likes the squeelers who are 0-3 lol! The only problem with HDC that I know is Sandoval and Goins are dirty rats.

  5. Henry"letmesellyouagun" Lehman permalink

    Somebody gonna get killed. It will happen in the near future.

  6. AnonymousOfficer permalink

    Shame, be safe people! Again someone tells the truth and evil will protect evil. But like it says, justice will come for everyone. Sometimes it is in a court room and other times…. it just lands on you when you least expect it!

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