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Daron Hall curses employees during focus group!?!?

September 19, 2013

Daron Hall Has been allegedly holding ‘focus groups’ with 10-12 DCSO employees, to discuss issues, morale, etc. We spoke to a employee who was at a recent focus group, when Daron Hall was put ‘on the hot seat!’ Allegedly a caseworker Ms. Hicks advised Daron that it is not fair to promote an intern (Erin Vague) because she is best friends with John Ford’s daughter, when other employees are more qualified. Daron then asked where did you hear that she is best friends with Ford’s daughter? Allegedly the members of the focus group stated that they read the information on this blog! Daron is said to have became very upset, cursing and claiming that Hicks is ‘anti-intern!’ We would like to thank Ms. Hicks and other employees who stands up for themselves! How in the world did Erin Vague deserve that promotion, as an intern, more that current employees!? We all know… Because she is John Ford’s daughter’s BESTIE!

Now this brings me to another question… How many DCSO officers have been disciplined for CURSING! I can think of a few.. John Holliman for cursing at a large group of unruly inmates, Jerry Clark for allegedly cursing a medical staff member.. WILL DARON HALL PUNISH HIMSELF FOR HIS OWN OUTBURST!?



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  1. Mike permalink

    LOL I heard about him cussing. i wish i was in that focus group trust me he would had heard it all straight up raw from me no hold back. I heard a lot of the members was holding back on the information.

    Best thing to do now is around election time make sure he do not get voted in. That is the best way to get even.

    Make this blog well known. get bumper/pole stickers and cards that say fire Daronhall with this website it, do not vote him in.. Get creative

  2. Parker permalink

    This could not have happened at a better time. What an idiot. This will be humiliating for him to explain in court during an election. Daron, thanks for what you do !

    • AnonymousOfficer permalink

      You think they will blame this on the one who asked the right question?

  3. AnonymousOfficer permalink

    Hint another quote: “Okay why..if you… if you had to guess, um what do you think he is so anal about and why is he pressing this so hard?”

  4. AnonymousOfficer permalink

    Quote of the Day: Yah, Yah that’s what we’re trying to figure out, we are trying to ah trying to get to the bottom of the mess see how… you know. Just trying to get all the ducks in a row, you know what I saying, so we can line them up right and um everything come out the way they are suppose to come out… Any guess?

    • AnonymousOfficer permalink

      Last HINT: This is the classy investigator who asks another officer for a favor during what was suppose to be an impartial, unbiased, fair investigation with what is clearly NO pre-determined agenda?

  5. westernkentuckyalummi permalink

    Prima Donna, Pretty Boy,Narcissist. He thinks everyone should be “pro Daron”. The sooner this moron moves on the better. He comes around officers like he is some kind of foriegn dignitary. Fool you’re just the sheriff in Nashville Tennessee. There is a Sheriff in every county in Tennessee and you’re just one of them. Citizens voted you in and we “WILL” vote you out. P.S. Dont worry about that “Mayor” spot, thats going to someone else.

  6. AnonymousOfficer permalink

    We all know freedom of speech does not apply to everyone. We also know Professionalism, Integrity, and Accountability applies only when they need to exploit it for personal gain. Those who believe and supported the Mission statement know our place. (Under the bus). When admin violates laws it appears there is no oversight. But know, time is growing short and the storms continue to grow. Justice comes to everyone!

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