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Meet Captain Gilbert..

September 19, 2013


Everyone please meet MICHAEL GILBERT of the DCSO! Michael was lucky enough to go from a lowly Wakenhut rent-a-cop, to the Captain of the Sheriff’s Office over night! Gilbert bypassed hundreds of eligible officers who would have loved to become a Captain. Allegedly Gilbert is married to the relative of a judge and he played the ‘HOO RAH!’ card with Chief John Ford. (We all know Ford stands to erection when someone claims to be military.. Even though Ford was nothing more than a REMF!) Gilbert can be found driving around in his patrol car, wearing his pawn shop Masonic ring (he claims he went through all 3 degrees in ONE DAY SMH), wearing what resemble a dead squirrel on top of his head, pants sagging and back hunched over like a vulture. Gilbert learned the DCSO way quick as he appears to takes care of his pets, and backstabs those he perceives as threats.

Congratulations Gilbert! You were handed a position without merit, that so many hard working officers covet! It is not your fault. It is Sheriff Daron Hall’s!


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  1. 1986 permalink

    Hey this is 1986 calling I would love my 1986 atlanta braves sunglasses back

  2. Parker permalink

    It’s going to be even more interesting with all eyes watching. Ironically the arresting officers are the ones that have the most to loose. Remember recently a Rutherford Co. SRO was stopped by THP and let go when he was drunk driving and the trooper was the one who got fired not the SRO he let go.

  3. Tom Tom permalink

    I wanna see how Tom Tom is going to save Chesser on her DUI two days ago. Hardly ever caught sober. Tonyas bout to run you the hell over.

  4. Parker permalink

    how do you e-mail this blog?

  5. Cpl Prince Hall permalink

    Hold on… He got all three degrees in one day!? He must be one of those military morning free masons! Basically read some stuff on the Internet and want to claim something that they are not! I used to be so proud to be a mason until I found out how these pieces of trash like Mike Raines, Yarlett, and John Ford treat people. That’s not what it is all about!

  6. Catfish mouth permalink

    I love now he wont take anybody from a CO spot, cause he scared the might leave his position or have a mind of their own. He tried to screw over a former so2 who went to a blueshirt job. By talking to the judge badmouthing said so2.

  7. Mark mcKlure permalink

    Hey guys I’m back to share my wisdom! I am sick and tired of Gilbert aka Barney Fife getting in our business! He said that I’m a slob and I look Like if I bent over my greens would rip. he says that me and Hampton couldn’t handle PT in The coast guard like him and Ford. Everytime I see Gilbert he complains about my spaghetti stains on my uniform. I’m like sir we may both be captains but I make 50k and you make 30k lmao!

  8. AnonymousOfficer permalink

    Smart man! He didn’t want any of those ASD staff in HIS security!

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