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*Breaking News* Disturbing inmate on officer assaults!!!

September 10, 2013

Last week a CJC Corporal was viciously attacked by a SMU inmate and left with multiple facial injuries requiring surgery. This particular incident brings to light some very disturbing evidence as to the management of Dan Weikal, Jamie Johnson and a few supervisors. We at firedaronhall will do out best to ensure that this incident becomes ‘the straw that broke the camels back’ for the administration!

Cpl Matt Cothron was working alone in 5A SMU and was allegedly left ALONE by his Sergeants to let multiple SMU inmates out of their cells for outside recreation. If anyone has worked in SMU, it is known that this is a VITAL time for assistance from the floor Sergeant, as these are the most dangerous inmates in the county! We are hearing that the Sergeant was none other that SHEILA STINSON! Yes, the same Stinson who was supervising at officer Hal Van Metre was viciously attacked, the same Stinson who has been alleged to sit in the control room for hours a day, then harass officers via radio as to where they are, the same Stinson who once passed out lunch sacks to locked down inmates then immediately had the OFFICERS pull the inmates out for a shake down and throw their sacks away. Why was Stinson NOT IN SMU ASSISTING HER CORPORAL!?!?

Possibly more troubling is the comments of ‘Mr.. Gym Rat’ Jamie Johnson on Cothron’s use of force report. Please read Johnson’s comments for yourself…. He basically BLAMES the Corporal for being assaulted. This is common practice for Johnson and Weikal. They like to sit in the gym, or nurses station, on facebook hitting on young girls, or at the Three Crows Bar, then harass the officers to the point of morale being at an all time low!



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  1. Parker permalink

    I think “Webster” is a LITTLE bit better !

  2. Big Daddy V permalink

    Tony Wilkes and Meshawn come into Frugal McDougals and buy liquor on da weekends. Tom Tom better stop smoking cigarettes and drinking liquor because he had addictive personality in
    His family.. HIs brother Gary is a crack head and even prostituted for drugs! Also I know Tony was called Tom Tom as a boy.. Buy now that he’s grown up shouldn’t he get a grown up nickname? I’m thinking UNCLE TOM? What do you guys think?

  3. jk1116 permalink

    Campaign Records: Metro Election Commission
    800 2nd Ave S Nashville, Tennessee 37210
    (615) 862-8815

  4. Parker permalink

    And while you are at it re-open the Timothy Shelton case. He worked at CDM got a DUI and the Administration dealt with it COMPLETELY OPPOSITE of Austin Bodie, Kevin Cox, and Linda Winters etc. etc. etc. and he was found dead the next day. Do you know the only difference in these four employees? Campaign contributions. I encourage everyone to go and request the Sheriffs campaign finance record which is public records and it will answer every question ever asked on this blog. It is very interesting reading !

    • Yes it is very sad that two good men like Haggard and Shelton were vilified for their alcoholism.. When Kevin Cox was allowed to allegedly pull people over in Rutherford County, have his transportation people pick him up at bars on the weekend, harass Jennifer Vardiman, and get TWO well publicized DUI’s WITH A WEAPON before he was allowed to RESIGN. It is sickening! Haggard and Shelton should have been allowed treatment.. Look at how many chances Tina Fearn got after blowing the breathalyzer through the roof several times.. Fearn is a Sweet lady, but it appears She was treated different because she was close with Tony Wilkes.

      • Dick Sargent permalink

        Yes, so true. Loretta Phillips supervisor used to be Daron Halls babysiiter! She used to be a case manager at CJC for the juveniles. She was terrible. She never saw them and when she did they kicked her ass. Officers were constantly going in to save het ass. Rumor has it she keeps her staff strssed out because she is about numbers and not humans. Also, she and her best friend Tomika Hicks systematically harassed Loretta to the point it started messing with her health.

  5. Dick Sargent permalink

    Please investigate who and what really killed Loretta Phillips. She was the case manager at Harding.

    • Melinda Lakota permalink

      R u accusing someone of murder ? I hope u had no part of killing anyone as I’m concerned u may !
      Hating others for u insecurities or disciplinary actions is what children do when they f—- Ed up !
      Oh I’m sorry no one knows u ? This is cyber bulling and I plan on reporting this sight and will work
      To get the authorities on this ASAP

  6. Jay Jay Jonnson permalink

    On today’s menu.. A nice appetizer of side bends and crunches, a side of bicep curls with tricep extensions to burn with the 10’s, main course will be two massive flaky 45 pound grey filets on a rusty grainy 45 lb bar for 3X10 on the bench press. For dessert I will enjoy a 10 min brisk walk on the nostalgic life fitness 1981 model treadmill, all under candle light with my bestie and fellow caramel domestic partner Marcus Bodie.

    If any officers need to be thrown under the bus, I will be Gone from 1030 – 1 so I will ruin their career when I return. I will be hanging by the pokey after 1 if you need me. I will be the tall light skinned guy with the prince hair and I’ll be hitting on white girls.

  7. Dan and DeMoss breaking at 12:30 9-10-13 in front of the Pokey permalink

    Dan Weikal and Lt. deMoss hanging out by Ricky’s hot dogs at 12:30 pm!!!! Lazy worthless pieces of trash! DeMoss must be waiting on Crystal Adams LMAO!

  8. Ineedavolunteer permalink

    They are more worried about an inmates possible legal action than they are about an officers health and welfare. Im afraid to say this but in my heart i feel and officer is going to get seriously hurt soon and I dont mean a scratch on his arm. No doubt its going to happen while JJ is working out at the JNC.

  9. Cantrellismybuddy permalink

    A typical response from this loser. What about what the inmate did? He just assaulted one of your staff. This is a poor ass supervisor. He is guarding his money point blank. He could care less about that officer.All he is concerned with is his own job. Shame shame. You take for granted that these so called”correctional professionals “know what they are doing.His statement is made for the sole purpose of”possible liability” later on down the road. Sheila Stinson is a”liability waiting to happen” on a daily basis.She is the CJC cancer and has been for a lot of years. From what i understand they are constantly moving the Sergeant staff around her on first shift because of these type incidents. Why wasnt she helping her officer? You know why? Cause she is afraid of inmates. What are they going to do to her this time? Im sure she did nothing but stand by and watch as usual. Useless.

    • We are hearing from within CJC that Sgt. Denton was also assigned to the floor. We would like to thank the officers at CJC for so much information. We receive a plethora of pics, videos, reports daily and we will continue to fight for you!

    • Melinda Lakota permalink

      U people own ur mistakes grow up ! Stop the slander ! Poor little boys who can’t do their jobs right blame their supervisors for their behavior !!!! Wow sad sad sad u worry me and all the supervisors should be worried as well ! U r a classic nut case hope u don’t have a gun license ! U have seriously disturbing issues ! Hope and prayer u don’t do something criminal more than u have !
      Slander , and or going postal on folks ! Ur mental problems r seriously dangerous and scary !The fact is u need mental help ! I pray u get it before anyone gets hurt by u !

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