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Jamie Johnson working out, while you work!?

September 9, 2013

How cute.. This photo was taking at approximately 10am on a week day.. Is CJC chief of security Jamie Johnson doing Tae Bo and Pilates while the hard working officers of the DCSO WORK and earn their lowly pay checks!? Allegedly Jamie spends a few hours a day flexing in the mirror and doing heavy sets of 135 on the bench press!? In the past two weeks TWO CJC officers have been assaulted (more to come on the assaults) a Sgt is allegedly sexually harassing nurses, rape accusations in Booking, vicious inmate on inmate assaults, accusations of Sgt Pillow selling DVD’s, a multi million dollar lawsuit on officers NOT GETTING BREAKS or paid correctly.. Meanwhile Jamie gets to work out ON THE CLOCK!? Do us a favor Jamie.. At least put a little weight on the bar, your looking skinnylicious 😉



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  1. C Barnes permalink

    STFU Gilmer you butt boy! You have the worst breath in the county, smells like a cat shit in your mouth! The SEIU is garbage liberal organization! Doug Collier is a quack! I like how your wife calls your children the minions of Weikals minion! What a joke!

  2. Gilmer permalink

    I have sat back and read this smut long enough! This needs to stop darnit! It may be your first amendment right to write this stuff but its not right! As a men you all need to man up! You know gosh darn well that Jamie, Dan or Paul would kick your ass! Excuse my language! Everyone should be glad to have a job and come to the union when you have a problem. We have done a lot of good work, look what we did for the janitors and cafeteria people with metro! Dan and Jamie are great people and they love their officers. Only a few bad seeds post this crap! If you really want something to do volunteer for your great Sheriff Daron Hall! He is fighting hard to get the officers raises and is having an appreciation day once a year with condiments drinks and chips! GROW UP PEOPLE! Whoever is behind this sight is a coward!

  3. Parker permalink

    Hey ya’ll give JJ a break now ! He shows up to work. Hardly a day went buy that he wasn’t in my SMU unit fist banging and socializing with gang bangers. He has to go to his office almost daily to check out his “MATCH.COM” account because he can’t do it from home. He was trying to hook up with an 18 year old in the Boro asking her to send nude pics. What a small world, she just happened to be a close friend to a Cpl’s wife and was more than happy to print it all for us.(time stamped) As far as his toughness, didn’t he catch a domestic violence charge in another county? Haven’t we heard enough witnesses about him assaulting inmates for saying something to female employees he is trying to hook up with, and let’s not forget what he did to Gannaway. So he does come to work and he is tough in his own mind.

    • jerry sandusky permalink

      I was arrested for 68 in a 15.

      jerry sandusky.

  4. krispykreme permalink

    Now this guy Johnson, if there was ever a wasted paycheck this is it. Mr Commander system. Lets take back the jail while i watch it all on camera.I really dont want to get my pretty pink shirt dirty. So officers are at the Justice center with no breaks, getting urine and feces thrown at them, cant get a day off to spend with sick children, got to jump through hoops just to even find a day to take off period. Officers being assaulted and recieving disciplinary action for any kind of actions good or bad. A supervisor is selling bootleg CD/DVD’s while on duty,this same supervisor is making dates in booking, arrainging for them to get out on bond then seeing them once they get out, an officer supervising inmates while on light duty(painting floors,striping tables), offenders coming to clinic for medical treatment no matter what classification they are or what area of the jail they are housed then this clown acts like he dont have a clue as to whats going on. Good job “CHIEF OF SECURITY”.Some of these incident probably went on today while he was at the “GYM”.

    • Actually we hear an officer named Sykes was assaulted TODAY! Maybe Jamie should have helped Sykes pull roof Rec Instead of working on his twerking like Miley Cyrus in the mirror at JNC!

  5. krispykreme permalink

    Of all of the most idiotic things that went on while i worked there that had to be close to the top as far as stupidity is concerned. How can you hire a person, send them through your training class, then put them to work all while they had the ethnic hairstyle and then create a policy that says the hairstyle can not be worn. Plus, one of the people is a female!! Her hair was not in any way a distraction, it wasnt extra long or exceeded the policy. She kept it in a professional manner while on duty. This was all done to single out one guy who was in a supervisory position who had let his hair grow long and was or may have been in violation of the policy. I guess that really doesnt apply to Marcus Bodie since he wasnt supervising anyone and since Beth Gentry was his supervisor it was OK.

  6. Marc Mcklure permalink

    I remember when my office was behind The gym I use to come outside to fart because Pearson didn’t like the smell and he was talking on the phone to his mistress and had a protractor on the top of his flat top also pearson looks like mr crabs on the episode of sponge bob when he lost his shell He is 35 and looks like 55 anyways Jamie and Marcus Bodie would be working out every day how does Bodie have dreadlocks still I though John ford ran all the brothers off also Marcus and Austin done look like brothers Marcus dad must have been the mail man lmaoooooooo go braves pulling out in my white Taurus telling black n yellow black n yellow

    • Gents, we do not need any racist remarks. John Ford and Daron Hall have made enough decisions that could be looked at as racist.. Such as the ban on dreadlocks.. A ethnic hairstyle that is primarily worn by African Americans.

  7. JNC gym rat permalink

    I wish jamie would wipe his grease from that rick fox hair of the bench. Poor gym etiquette SMH

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