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JERRY CLARK awarded his DCSO employment reinstated with back pay!

September 7, 2013

We at would like to congratulate Corporal Jerry Clark who was recently awarded his employment with the DCSO to be reinstated! On August 29, 2013, administrative law judge Rob Wilson, declared that DCSO Corporal Jerry Clark was wrongfully terminated by the DCSO. The DCSO continues the disgusting trend of biased investigations, disciplinary hearings and actions. We contacted the administrative procedures division of the state at 6157417008 and was given a copy of the judges order. Upon reviewing the ruling, it appears that the horrendous and apparently biased investigation of Thomas Franklin and DCSO attorney Katie Stone were the main reasoning behind Clark being reinstated. It has LONG been said that DCSO IA will enter an investigation, twist, turn and report facts that fit the goal that they have in mind. This case appears to be no different. Regardless of how one may feel about Jerry Clark.. After reviewing the Investigative report, interviews, disciplinary hearing etc.. it appears obvious that a lot of information that was favorable to Clark was left out. We had high hopes for Investigator Thomas Franklin, however he appears to be following the footsteps of Chelle Ray and Ak Caroll as they appear to report WHAT THE HELL THEY WANT and not ALL the facts. An investigators job is to enter an investigation with a clean slate, gather all the evidence and report ALL the findings. Instead they report what supports their wanted result and ignore the rest.. Then a judge sees all the information and looks at the DCSO as IDIOTS, vengeful and retaliatory.. Which appears to all be true. The DCSO CONTINUES to lose court cases, continues to wrongfully terminate officers and protect cronies of administrators. Regardless of how we feel about him.. CONGRATULATIONS to Jerry Clark for handing the DCSO another LOSS!!




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  1. Cowboy Curtis permalink

    Mr. Clark, I wouldn’t be expecting the Welcoming Committee upon your arrival.

    • Jk1116 permalink

      I prefer chocolate with vanilla frosting lol. I also would like to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers.

  2. Parker permalink

    Moderator nice story. What I found most disturbing in these findings is the Judge ruling that this disciplinary panel maliciously violated State law. Tenn. Code Ann. 8-50-116(b) on page 14. Harold Taylor, Chris Brown, and Katie Stone were the people found to have violated State law. Which raises a very serious issue. What kind of disciplinary charges are they facing ? NONE I think this is the best physical evidence that someone over these three individuals pre-determined the outcome. Which leaves Tony Wilkes, John Ford, or Daron Hall as the only possibilities. As this situation progresses in civil and criminal proceedings I think ALL DCSO employees will owe a huge thanks to this judge. After all this report is not an opinion it is a ruling and when you take all the facts he ruled to be FACTS about the DCSO it is very damning.

    • The fact that these administrators and investigators do such things as OMIT facts in a persons disciplinary process is DISGUSTING! It is not a coincidence that the terminated officers who actually fight for their job usually win! If you are an officer and you are being harassed by administrators… DO NOT take 5 days off, DO NOT RESIGN under pressure.. FIGHT THEM! Forced Resignation is the same as termination. These people are low life scum and they abuse the power that they were handed. This is what happens when you as a Sheriff hand out positions based on family, friends and who donated money to your campaign! There are so many cases such as this coming down the pipeline..

      • Temple permalink

        I wish I would have read this when I forced to quit.

  3. jk1116 permalink

    FYI, telling someone their IOD system is B***.S. is now cursing them and will get you 10 days? Interesting. Freedom of speech is now a new weapon. heads up! Hope to see you soon and be safe.

  4. FYI if you are curious what The 10 day suspension is about.. Clark was accused of cursing IOD case managers. With all the stress Clark was going through it is not surprising that he lost his cool while going through the process of an Investigation, police process, IOD, etc.

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