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Cjc Sgt Paul Roberts, harassment allegation!?

August 30, 2013

*Breaking News*

Multiple reports from CJC claim that Sgt. Paul Roberts has been alleged to have sexually harassed a CJC nurse.. Who is the WIFE of a DCSO officer!? Allegedly Lt. McLoud informed Roberts in roll call that is is being moved from the 5th/2nd floor to the 4th/3rd floor! Paul Roberts seems to be following in the footsteps of his hero, CJC administrator Dan Weikal and creeping on CJC nurses! Rumor alleges that Roberts was smoking with a female nurse, who is the wife of a DCSO officer and Roberts asked for oral sex from the nurse.. The nurse is alleged to have became upset and reported the troubling proposition. We at firedaronhall are not surprised in the least by these claims. Roberts is a proven screw up.. As he has once been demoted for ‘horseplay’ with an inmate which resulted in the inmate being sprayed with chemicals. Others have been FIRED for such action, however Roberts is tightly connected to the ‘jock’ of Cjc administrator Dan Weikal. Please stay tuned for future information as we are in the process of confirming the ‘husband’s’ identity!

Paul ‘bobblehead’ Roberts.. Please remember that no means no and sexual harassment is wrong! We know he is Dan Weikal’s video game buddy… But Paul needs to be fired!!!!



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  1. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Bless you!

  2. Josh Marshal permalink

    I worked at CJC almost 4 years in the medical area. I worked with Sgt Roberts almost every day I worked. Sgt Roberts was never out of line around me. If Sgt Roberts really wanted to say sexual harrassing things I really would think he would find someone better looking then the person that is calling sexual harassment. Sgt Roberts was the first officer that made me feel safe working in a jail when I first started working there at CJC. I could see some of the other sgts getting accused of sexual harassment, even some if the LT’s. But I can’t see it with SGT Roberts.

    • Mr. 615 permalink

      I cant believe ron paul “bobblehead” roberts, is trying to get his greg sucked of his torso. We all know after he gad to fight that big head in wiekals Kia, he was to busy sucking that tic tac dick dry. If he hit my wife up for something. Id beat his ass till I made his eye balls explode.

  3. James Cool permalink

    What a great stand up guy Holliman is, alright. He gets a fellow officer, a subordinate, pregnant, has a baby by her all while he is married. He should get upstanding male of the year.

    Isn’t is strange that this nurse’s allegation came up the same day Sgt Roberts became eligible for LT? Oh, and that her husband is good friends with Sgt Denton, who is also on the list.

    There is not one officer in all of DSCO that doesn’t flirt and nurses are even worse. So, get off your high horse. I am Team Roberts all the way.

    FYI: It’s kind of hard to flirt with Cole’s wife since she hasn’t worked there in almost a year or more. And the other one? A picture is worth a thousand words.

    • We appreciate the patronage, as we are a “views whore”… however you live in Hendersonville, correct? Would you like us to post what DCSO employee lives in Hendersonville, within a mile radius of your IP address? We all know that you would not say the above things to Holliman to his face, would you? Its funny how you are Team Roberts..isn’t your last name Roberts?

  4. Lynette Holt permalink

    I think this accusation is an outrage! I worked with this man over 2 years! I knew, when he was on duty, I didn’t have to worry about anyone harassing me because he did his damn job! In that environment, women are going to be flirted with, it’s the nature of the beast, but to make an accusation of this magnitude is downright scandalous! The way I see it, only those involved know what was said, everyone else needs to stand down. I hate to read trash such as this, but I consider Sgt. Roberts a friend & hate to see his name drug through the mud like this. Sgt. Roberts, you do have people in your corner who believe in your integrity and character! Be strong!

    • Dan, i know what you did last summer ;) permalink

      LMAO you would take Roberts side Lynette! Let’s look at facts: Roberts was reinacting WWE Rumble Royal with a maximum security inmate, a fellow officer thought they were serious and sprayed the inmate with chemicals! Come to find out Roberts and The inmate we’re having a bromance and ‘just playing.’ Roberts then tells his subordinate who sprayed the inmate, to LIE and not do a report, now risking the officers job. What a piece of SHIT!!!!! Then he is SUPERVISING a bad use of force in booking and BLAMES HIS LIEUTENANT John Holliman! Holliman is a great stand up guy, and Roberts blamed him to save himself. AGAIN, what a piece of shit!!! Now he is always flirting with nurses. Is that what he is paid by taxpayers to do? NO! I don’t care how much Weikel pole he smokes.. He needs to be fired

  5. 3rd shift Sergeant permalink

    Wow! So because Roberts and Weikal wack pud and play legend of Zelda together all night it’s ok to make sexual advances towards a nurse? How many people have been fired for the same thing!? Especially considering Roberts history or discipline and demotion. Maybe we should all join the gilmer, Weikal, Roberts circle jerk and get to do whatever we want!? WHERE IS DARON’s REPLACEMENT!!!!!

  6. Gilmer and his Lackey's permalink

    I heard it was either Steward or Coles wife! Roberts has been flirting with both of them and so has Weikal. Not sure which nurse complained but he is an idiot! Roberts was crying the other day because he said now he won’t make Lieutenant LMFAO!!!

  7. LennyandSquiggy permalink

    I got a feeling I know who the husband/wife pairing is. Wow! If he did that then that is the ultimate disrespect, especially on the job. Isnt his wife a DCSO nurse or use to be? Ticket fixer is gonna have to break out the knee pads to save him this time. Its gonna be hard to punish a guy when you have been doing the same thing.

  8. C Barnes permalink

    WOW! Roberts has fucked up for good this time! All the pecker sucking, arse kissing cant save you from a woman who has been disrespected! You are a big head idiot who makes peanuts to sell out his soul! GKY BOBBLE HEAD LMAO!

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