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Photo of the week! No caption needed!

August 25, 2013



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  1. Dick Sargent permalink

    All of a sudden I am craving a twizzler!

  2. Bobble head permalink

    Paul Roberts- under investigation for sexual harassment! I emailed you guys the story please post it!

  3. William C permalink

    Ommfg what a physique! Maybe instead of snitching all the time he should get in the gym like me! I remember when he tore his bicep slamming a Somalian.. I was like do you have a bicep?

  4. Apparently John Bass has been going ‘nuts’ calling around.. In a vain attempt to discover who Is behind the blog.. Allegedly John has been making threats and giving ultimatums. Well, Mr. Bass we will continue to fight for the GOOD officers..! We can assure you that there is not one person to be threatening.. The majority of front line officers believe that you are a rat and know how you handled yourself in the WADE HALES incident! We received emails, phone calls, texts within MINUTES of the TDOC gun incident.. It is a matter of time before admin uses you, abuses you, chews you up and spits you out.. Remember! ‘A coward dies 1,000 deaths.. A soldier dies but once!’

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