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How many chances will John Bass get!?

August 15, 2013

We have been literally BOMBARDED with messages begging for DCSO security guard John Bass to be featured on our site. John Bass is said to have had a drama filled career with the DCSO, filled with suspensions, back stabbing and ass kissing. It all started with Bass’ hiring as a property officer at CJC. During this time, Bass and officer Daryl Hall were investigated for stealing drugs and money from inmates. Bass is said to have flipped on Hall.. even stated that well respected Sgt. Johnny Hollins was in on the action. Bass was later hired as a officer, however the drama quickly followed him. Bass is said to have entered Brentwood Skate Center wearing a DCSO badge and claiming to be a cop. Bass allegedly received a 5 day suspension. Bass became known as an admin snitch and ass kisser.. especially to Austin Bodie, Harold Taylor, Jamie Johnson and Dan Weikal. This culminated with Bass turning on his Lt Wade Hales and snitching on him over an alleged use of force. Bass is said to haved called ‘diaper’ Dan Weikal stating that Hales handled himself inappropriately .. Prompting the investigation of Hales (we have the audio of Bass’ interview during the investigation to confirm.) Bass allegedly caused many cell extractions in SMU by harassing black inmates, then bragging how he was from the ‘projects’ and had a mixed child. Bass’ relationship with administrators soon payed off, as he quickly moved to armed services division.. And so did the drama. He quickly began to play police and harass hospital staff, towing dictirs cars, even pulling people over at Bordeaux hospital. A well liked maintenence man claimed Bass PULLED HIM OVER on a public metro street. To date Bass has slipped through the cracks and escaped and trouble, while causing many around him trouble.

Everything came full circle this week as Bass is said to have attacked a TDOC officer taking his gun from him. YES….. Bass engaged a fellow correctional officer while the man held a HANDGUN. Is this what the armed services officers are trained? Think of the possible ways the incident could have went ugly? John Bass is NOT a police officer, he is NOT POST certified..bass has no more arresting powers than his wife who is a nurse. How long will Daron allow this to happen??

On a side note..where was Bass at when Corley Pearson has his handgun episode in the courtroom? If ww ever needed Bass to take a handgun from fellow officer.. It was while Flat top was playing chicken with judge Moreland.

Hopefully this man will finally be fired!



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  1. James Cool permalink

    I had the extreme honor of working side by side with Sandoval and Goins. When these two are responsible for your safety, they are awesome. I trust them completely and this comes from someone who has worked with them for several years. God bless you both and remember this statement ” I got this, remember”, Love God.

  2. Quit putting targets on Officers permalink

    I agree with the moderator on the point that TDOC has their own shift change policy, and who are we to interfere if they are not under us (which they are not).? We have Care, Custody, and Control of the jails and workhouses, that is it! some people (Bass) take their job as if they are Federal Marshalls. I have no love for Bass, but I also think that TDOC should find somewhere BESIDES next to INMATES to swap their service weapons. Was Bass out of line and could have handled it better? YES! It takes a different breed to be a Corrections Officer…. Under paid and over worked and if you miss step ONCE, they are quick to nail you to the wall. I am just saying, if you are all about Officers and Green and Tan against orange, there is no need to bash Officers or their families because you don’t agree with them! eVEN IF YOU ARE A BLEEDING HEART AND LOVE oRANGE, STILL, oFFICERS FAMILIES ARE off limits!

  3. Jose Miranda permalink

    True, It seems that Tenn is about 30 years behind NYC. I was one of the original officers that refused to swap weapons at a hospital outpost or exit the facility witout one. Maybe the Tenn State DOC needs to take a page from our play book. I admit we had to grow to realize our authority as Peace Officers, but we have, and maybe its time that they do too.

  4. Jose Miranda permalink

    Also BTW if Mr. Bass is reding this I carry in Tenn under HR218 (if you know what that is) I suggest don’t try that garbage on me, you will wind up in cuffs before you had a moment to think about what you are doing. And I know guys & gals it would be a citizens arrest but what the heck, its a habit. I know enough to call the local Police for assistance. 🙂

    • Ironically, Mr. Miranda.. John Bass has no more arresting powers than a computer salesman from Office Max. Bass is not Post certified and not a police officer. Why he would attempt to go hands on and disarm another corrections officer baffles me. Bass has ZERO authority over that state officer.

      • Jose Miranda permalink

        That’s why I am astonished and appalled that a Correction Officer allowed himself/herself to be disarmed by such a twit. Nothing happened to him? The Tenn. DOC didn’t investigate and arrest this idiot? He would have been cuffed and stuffed long ago if he was in NYC.

      • To be honest.. The TDOC pays a VERY low salary and hires from the bottom of the barrel. However, there is some very good people there and they should be respected. Everyone with DCSO who works hospital posts knows that TDOC swaps weapons at shift change. Everyone makes fun of their policy and disagrees with it, but it is THEIR policy. It is ludicrous to think you should intervene at their shift change and disarm them!? I could only speculate, but I have seen TDOC officers who are small women, older people.. Even elderly! We totally agree that it’s insane that Bass took the weapon and that the TDOC officer allowed it to happen.

  5. Jose Miranda permalink

    Okay, this is stupid. I am a New Yrrk City Correction Officer and had any security officer attempted to disarm me on/off duty for no reason, I would have arrested him. Now let me qualify that, we Correction Officers in NY are full time Peace Officers and make warrantless arrests. This guy Bass, well if that was one of the CO’s I supervise and he let his weapon be taken I would have suspended him and still have arrested Bass.

  6. Quit putting targets on Officers permalink

    Front line Officers are what makes the jails work, I agree. I’m just stating MY opinion as to the unnecessary slander of two fine front line Officers (goins and Sandoval) that did nothing wrong. You have your opinion, and others have theirs. No need to get butt hurt because someone states an opinion that disagrees with YOURS. You should be able to take it if you are going to dish it out! A wise man once told me, “Don’t argue with a fool, because from a distance no one can tell who is who”……

    • Goins and Sandoval did what they ‘had to do’.. They still have their job, for now.. We have talked to the Inmate’s attorney and shared all information that he needed. Good luck in all your future endeavors gentlemen 🙂

  7. Quit putting targets on Officers permalink

    oh, and its funny you are so concerned about “SNITCHING”, yet you post rumors and stuff about everyone but YOURSELF! since you are SO perfect, please, tell us about your SPOTLESS career with the DCSO….or is that too much to ask…

    • Please spare out viewers from your propaganda. If you do not like the site, please refrain from viewing. In 8 months we have over 100,000k views! There is obviously a vast number of individuals who are tired of the Sheriff, administrators and their friends, and family. Personally, we are upset that administrators head hunt officers.. And a guy like Paul Roberts (Dan Weikals bff) can wrestle with a rockman, get him sprayed with freeze and then allegedly advise officers NOT to complete a report and keep his job… However an unblemished officer, a good man loses his job for allegedly the same thing? People like John Bass can wear his badge into the skate center and get suspended, but Clarissa Cross is fired for wearing her jacket to PAY a ticket? Meanwhile administrators are on the news for FIXING tickets. These are the types of issues that concern us. This is what we will fight for! As you see Goins and Sandoval were brought up in a comment and we merely weighed in with our opinion. Personally we do not appreciate Sondoval’s flippant attitude towards this man losing his job. This is what admin wants.. Officers stabbing each other in the back, no unity, it’s easier for them to control us and allows them to continue making six figures while doing no work and keep us making 500 a week while busting our ass.

  8. Quit putting targets on Officers permalink

    You are a master at twisting peoples words huh? Did I say that he WAS snitched on, let alone DESERVED to be snitched on? NOPE, not once! I said they stated their point of view on what they say and it wasn’t their fault that the officer pulled his spray and sqeezed the trigger…. as a moderator, you should be fair to ALL side, as I believe that is the DEFINITION of a moderator, so YOU SHOULD TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE AND gtfo

  9. Quit putting targets on Officers permalink

    how exactly is it deliberate indifference if the officers didn’t even have time to react to stop the inmate being sprayed? have YOU seen the video? not their fault the Officer did not think about the consequences of his own actions on his fam\ily. That officer should not have put them in that position. No one is perfect, and that should be remembered when you blast officers and their families.

  10. Quit putting targets on Officers permalink

    and to bring family members into it when they aren’t even responsible for DCSO politics is just showing how fucking ignorant that person is! “Let he who is WITHOUT sin throw the first stone”!

  11. Quit putting targets on Officers permalink

    Goins and Sandoval didn’t snitch, they told what happened. they didn’t “bow down”, just stated what they witnessed from their point of view, and are stand-up Officers! Personal attacks need to stop if you don’t have first hand eyewitness accounts! what hypocrites you all are for talking trash about Officers who did nothing wrong! By reporting it, they showed they are not at fault for deliberate indifference! this blog seems to put a target on anyone’s back that doesn’t agree with them. Shame! You (moderators) should be above that!

    • Do you know what ‘deliberate indifference’ is? If I watch a man assault an innocent person.. And I fail to intervene and help, THAT IS DELIBERATE INDIFFERENCE. In our humble opinion.. Sandoval and Goins are rats, boot lickers, and bowed down to Chris Brown and John Ford! No reason to keep coming here posting in different names to convince people.. This site is about freedom of speech.. If someone wants to say a mans wife is ugly, we don’t care that’s their opinion. Just like we will post your babble and vein attempts to rescue Sandoval and Goins from the sinking Titanic. We most certainly will put ‘targets’ on anyone’s back who is against the hard working front line officers.

  12. Kevin Tevis' tiny hands permalink

    I’d give this website 2 thumbs up except that I have these tiny, tiny hands!

  13. Laura Looch has a busted mug permalink

    Keep up the good work site moderator!

  14. Uncle Creepy permalink

    Thank you Mike Murphy for spear heading the lawsuit! Thank you to the site owner for providing a forum to discuss DCSO matters freely! Everyone who has been unjustly fired or forced to resign should join the movement! #Firedaronhall

    • Mike Murphy permalink

      I have received two calls in 24 hours regarding this site. One saying I was criticized for being disloyal to the Sheriff while working there (Guilty as charged) and the other asking me about my connections to this blog. First, to my critic(s), I respect your opinion and you have a right to it regarding me being “disloyal” as you mentioned while bashing Goins, But what I did will possibly benefit you and many others while benefiting those hired in the future. Since the suit was filed, changes have taken place that apparently already have made your agency a better place to work (from what I hear). As far as Goins, I think he was just posting his side of the story. I won’t bash him.

      Also, on the rare occasions I post, I post under my own name and prefer to post updates about the suit.. This is a site that I do not own, did not start, and am not the moderator of. No disrespect toward this blog or the owner intended but on the occasions I read it (not very often), I come away from it marveling at the lack of unity. There is too much hatred between too many here. Personally, I wish Chris Brown, Harold Taylor, Grizzle, Vickie Black and a couple of others there in upper management well. I also feel family members of those who are criticized should be off limits. I scrolled down and read the remarks regarding Sandoval and his wife, I think that comment (and any about women or children) should be removed as well as the comment about Ginger Hall who I met once during a meeting with Jim Kramer in 2011 and I found her to be extremely nice and classy (Daron Hall definitely married up). If I were running the site as someone apparently has alleged, I would have removed the comments. To Chris Brown, I pray for good health for you. To all, God Bless. I am in a better place and content with life. I don’t plan on posting anymore until after the March trial unless I have to make another correction to misconceptions or lies.

      • Mike, we appreciate every thing you have done for the officers of the DCSO! Mike is in no way affiliated with the blog, however he is a trend setter, a leader, a hero and an influence In so many’s decision to stand up and fight!

  15. V for Vendetta permalink

    The only thing butt hurt Sandoval is YOUR WIFE’s FACE! She looks like someone hit her with a brick. Her forehead is so big it probably broke the Brick in half! I hope your kids come out looking like me and neither of you ugly fucks

    • REALLY? You think it’s okay to rip into an officer’s WIFE? Let me tell you something.I have gotten hotter and tter as I read down this page. Goins and Sandoval are anything BUT what you accuse them of—which, oddly enough, runs the gamut from not caring enough about orange to caring too much. Get your story STRAIGHT. I have served with both of these men and as you can see I don’t hide behind an acronym. Both of them are lawful, ethical officers who do what they have to do. When a jail gets an infection (bad officer) you don’t try to cure that infection, because there is no cure for bad character. You cut that infection out as soon as you can or you will have real trouble on your hands. Sandoval and Goins are clean officers, and you’re barking up the wrong damn tree. In a less litigious society Sandoval would have already made you pay for that crack about his wife. I still suggest you stick to well lit streets.

      • V for Vendetta permalink

        Awwww Laura! Now who is Butt hurt? I am not allowed to make it personal? I think Chad going home to his family without a job, insurance, or paycheck is pretty personal.
        You think that you are better than Chad? Because he allegedly made a lapse in judgement? We all have done it! I have seen you Laira, walning into work with your shirt untucked! POLICY VIOLATION! Commenting here in this site is a violation Of the social media policy! Thats why i use an anonymous name unlike you three nit wits! Like the moderator said, it was Sandival and Goins job to protect the officer and inmate. They should have stepped in and separated the two. To be honest I think Chris Brown was on a witch hunt and pressured these two cowards Into claiming something was wrong. As fat as walking in Well lit streets? I’ll put it like this, I’d beat Sandoval and Goins’ ass, and I wouldn’t sleep with Sandoval’s wife unless I was drunk!

      • We have to agree with Ms. Laura… There is no need to attack this man’s family. Even though we feel Goins and Sandoval are cowards, boot lickers and will eventually be sued and punished for deliberate indifference.. The man’s wife is innocent. Hell, it would be a blessing in disguise if they lost their jobs.

  16. Thank you Goins and Sandoval permalink

    Hello, A DCSO officer told me and my mom about this sight. My brother was assaulted while at HDC by Jeremy, Goins, Chad, Washbern and Jonathan Sandoval. My brother had a DCSO officer tell him everyones name and tell him about this sight. My brothers attorney Ed Swinger said thay Goins and Sandoval commenting here stating that they were witnesses makes them guilty to. If they saw an assault take place, wictch they admitted, then they should have stopped the assault. If they did not stop the officer assaulting my brother then they are guilty too. We will sue all three of the officers and the leutenant and the Sherrif! I want to help you to officers for being honest and commenting here. Mr. Swinger is very excited about the comments admitting that you were witnesses. Thank you.

    • BigSheila permalink

      That is called “Deliberate Indifference”. If they saw it and didnt report it they are guilty as well. Case closed.

      • Oh wow.. Goins and Sandoval admitted that they witnessed an alleged assault and did not assist the inmate? If the attorney would please contact us directly.. I can provide IP address information. ‘Goins’ posted from an address in Lavergne and ‘Sandoval’ from AT&T Wireless. I can provide exact address and phone number. The statements should definitely assist you in winning a judgement against the DCSO.

        Gentlemen .. This is what happens when you turn on your friends.. You end up screwing them and yourself! Goins… Are you related to federal informant Shawn Goins? The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

      • Sandoval permalink

        It was reported. Thats the reason “V for Vendetta” is all butt hurt. Case closed.

      • So you as a sworn officer can WATCH an assault take place, not act in any way to protect the assaulted, and you think since you reported it that’s it’s ok?

        Lmao you just keep digging yourself deeper and deeper.. Like Big Sheila said .. That’s DELIBERATE INDIFFERENCE! What you should have done as a MAN in green and tan, is step in front of the upset officer, restrain him, do whatever you had to do to protect HIM and the alleged assaulted inmate. However you stood there and did nothing, like a COWARD. It’s your job as his partner to protect him, even from himself in the event that he gets upset. Only a true coward stands there and does nothing and then ‘reports’ what he feels was wrong.

        Furthermore, I hope you do a SAIR report about your posts on the blog.. Because you might have violated the new DCSO social media policy. Goins is obviously a tad smarter.. He hasnt commented again and someone keeps emailing us begging to delete his comment LMAO!

        It was oh so cute when you first commented about him ‘having more time for bjj’ and he ‘threw himself under the bus!’ I bet you regret commenting now huh? We will see how cute it is when your sitting in Kevin Carroll’s office and his fat where’s Waldo looking ass is asking you ‘why did you discuss DCSO matters on social media?’

  17. V for Vendetta permalink

    Wow another great officer ran out of the DCSO by piece of shit administrators and the coward REMF Johnny Ford! Pam Hale (the closest thing she ever wore to a uniform was her wigs) and that turtle without a shell, AIDS patient Chris Brown pushed a good man out the door. Special thanks to Goins and Sandoval for cowering down to big bad Chris Brown and changing their story saying that the officer had a bad use of force. It is sickening how many good people have lost their jobs at the hands of fucktard administrators.. These cowards never had any control in real life, so they come to work and play checkers with people’s lives. Don’t worry Karma is real.. Think about that every time you look in the mirror Chris, because you look like Patrick Swayze on his death bed and the guy on THINNER! God is Good!

    • Goins permalink

      Holding the mop closet door shut while a rockman is inside and then spraying Freeze +P into the closet isn’t a use of force. It’s at least horseplay, at worst it’s assault. Get all the facts first. I’m not hiding behind a made up screen name and I actually witnessed the event, can you say the same thing?

      • Hello Mr. Goins! We appreciate your patronage to our site! I can assure you that we are investigating the incident AS well as investigating YOU, and officer Sandoval. It is only fair that you are held accountable in the court of public opinion, as the officer was who you allegedly turned against. We do not condone ANY officers assisting in the harassment, or punishment of good officers.

        Furthermore, If your assessment is true that It was horseplay, how Dan Weikal’s butt boy #2 PAUL ROBERTS still employed? He was found guilty of a horseplay incident where an inmate was sprayed and is still a sergeant with the DCSO! Also, Mr. Goins what else have you witnessed? Officer Spurlock vs. Officer Dunlap?

    • Sandoval permalink

      I think it is awesome that you are an obvious Washburn groupie, but you may want to get your facts straight before riding his jock. The only story that changed was his. That guy threw himself under the bus… I just waved goodbye as the bus drove away. Why should I put my neck on the line for a guy who is dumb enough to spray an inmate and lock him in a closet after asking where the camera is and being shown that it was pointed right at him? That being said, I am truley sorry that Washburn is no longer around for you to idolize. However, I’m sure he has quite a lot of free time now and would love to hang out with you at his BJJ school.

      • V for Vendetta permalink

        Awwww is Sandoval and Goins nervous and trying to rationalize being rats? I like how Goins claims it was horseplay and you claim it was a bad use of force? I work on Harding Place and i only care about tan and green! NOT orange and not suit and tie! Im the kind of guy who has a thin blue line license plate on my truck… And actually live by it! Pieces of shit like you, Goins, Bass will come and go.. Maybe after you suck Chris Brown off you can go jerk off the rockman, bring him a cell phone and some McDonald’s.. You inmate loving piece of trash! Why should you put your ‘neck’ out for a guy? Maybe for honor, loyalty.. Obviously things you know nothing about. You talk so casually about a good man who has a family and kids and LOST HIS JOB.. You make fun of him? One day it will be you.

        I can remember being in use of force review board with Chris Brown and he is so liberal it makes me sick! He needs weak ass officers like you to assist him in feeding his glass ego.

        Trust me gents I have sent the site a plethora of information on you two..

      • Sandoval permalink

        Nervous about what… some douche, hiding behind a fake name, talking trash??? You might want to go back and read my last post again. I never said anything about a “use of force.” Seems to me like thats the second time you have spoke on something you know nothing about and twisted the facts. So what you work at Harding Place… who cares? Why don’t you just stick to passing out tampons and stay out of grown folks’ business. Do I feel bad for the guy’s family? Yes I do. Unfortunately, they have to suffer for his stupidity. However, I don’t have any sympathy for a guy who obviously did not have any respect or care for his fellow officer. If he did, he wouldn’t have put us in such a position. You should probably climb off his now. You’re going to get a rash.

  18. Short Round permalink

    *Claps* I am so happy to see this post about John Bass! Bass is such a lying, manipulating, rat of a person. He used to try to tell on John Holliman all the time when we worked together! The incident with Wade Hales, BAss started all of it! He had cell extraction, after cell extraction because he was harassing the black inmates! The guy kept getting up and Hales pushed him with his foot. Bass personally called Dan Weikal and started the entire investigation. I am so happy to see him on here! I hear he ran and did a SAIR report this morning LMAO. Like that is gonna save him from people posting their opinions on him? I also gotta say that the people who run this site are awesome! Thank you from the DCSO!

    • V for Vendetta permalink

      STFU Goins! Is that what you tell yourself so you can sleep at night? You sure weren’t so inmate friendly when you and medina were running around putting orange into choke holds. Your a rat bastard and I sent in EVERYTHING I know about you, and we started together.. So it’s plenty! Your just a puppet and you let Brown pull your strings. Real stand up guy you are. You and Bass should hang out. Karma is coming!

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