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Sgt. Thomas Pillow selling pirated DVD’s/CD’s?

August 3, 2013

Are you looking for the hottest DVD’s on the market, but do not want to pay the market price for them? Look no farther than DCSO Transportation Sgt. Thomas Pillow! For YEARS Pillow has illegally reproduced and distributed DVD’s, and CD’s for PROFIT! How disturbing is it that a DCSO supervisor, in a position of authority is allowed to solicit and distribute illegally pirated material, while wearing a DCSO uniform, on duty and to subordinates? Pillow is known for his hilarious look, girlish figure, and horrible attitude.. Pillow is known to be rude to co workers and snitch on anyone at a moments notice. Pillow is so cartoonish in nature that he has garnered the nickname “BUCKY PUFF.” One would speculate due to his puffy shape and buck teeth. Pillow is KNOWN to distribute pirated material, but it is also rumored that he also distributes bondsman information. It is alleged that Pillow has called bondsmen, requested them to bond females out of jail, and then removed the females from the transportation list. There are STRICT DCSO policies about this type of action, however Pillow seems to be cronies with the “right” people. Could Pillow’s protection possibly come from Tony “Tom Tom” Wilkes? It is said that Tony is a former DVD/CD bootlegger himself…

The fact is that SELLING PIRATED MATERIAL IS ILLEGAL!!! Any DCSO employee who has direct knowledge of Pillow’s actions are themselves violating policy by being “deliberately indifferent. This is just another DISGUSTING case of a supervisor/ crony being allowed to get away with violating policy and the law as otheres are punished for much much less!




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  1. William Zabka permalink


  2. Gilberts trigger finger permalink

    Anyone else want to sing a aerosmith song? John bass has a gun.

  3. Parker permalink


  4. Parker permalink

    hope your happy you just got three colleagues fired with your blog

  5. BigSheila permalink

    I thought we were discussing Thomas Pillow’s bootleggin ass! You mean to tell me while other Sergeants are upstairs getting write ups for officer’s rounds being one minute late that this guy is downstairs making dates with female inmates and arrainging for them to get out of jail and seeing them after they get out and he still has a job? C’mon Tom Tom, this going to bite you in the ass hard one day soon.When the shit goes down Tom Tom you gonna be the fall guy. Thats your purpose,thats why none of those”John’s” are the so called Chief of Corrections. You’ve been set up, you’ve been had,hoodwinked,bamboozeled, led astray.

    • As intriguing as the ‘John Bass’ story line is..we are currently discussing Thomas Pillow! (Bass will come later) Pillow probably posted the story about Bass to take the heat off himself.. We agree Big Sheila that Daron will drop Tony Wilkes as fast as he dropped Bill Hampton (another exposé coming soon)! There are many rumblings about Daron being racist.. And to be honest let’s look at the facts: He spoke at a white supremacist meeting, he made a rule banning DREAD LOCKS, subsequently ran Chris Simms, Charles Foster and Kevin Williams out of the DCSO for ‘sexual relations’ with co workers .. Yet Karla has married and allegedly slept with several? Daron himself is said to have cheated on his wife with Ginger, John Taylor allegedly was busted by Jamie for sleeping with a coworker. Recently a black female was fired for taking off with her sick child who was In the hospital, yet a white female took off a year with her sick child? Daron wants a black face to push in the community and If Tony gets dirt on his face.. He’s DONE! The johns and Michael Raines are safe..

    • Big Shiela,

      We are curious if your DCSO badge tattoo has Daron Hall’s name in it? Also, we don’t appreciate you tattle telling on Gleaves..he is a good man and if anyone deserved to be spit on it was Edward Ehonwa! Funny how Gleaves got demoted, yet Phillip Shipley punched a inmate chained to a wall and didnt get punished? Hmmmmmm

  6. Tonya Bass permalink

    So let me get this straight…everyone who posts on here uses an alias, not revealing your real identity. To all you HATERS stop being mad because Bass is more upstanding, trust worthy, and honorable than you will EVER be! Bass does what is right in situations so don’t be upset that you don’t have the same COURAGE or STRENGTH as he does. If you did you would stop using “fake” names and stand up and say who you!

    If you have issues with the Sheriff’s department go about it head on with some dignity and integrity about yourself instead of HIDING and posting behind an alias. Take a true stand you COWARDS, just like Bass does!

    • Reality Check permalink

      Hello Tonya,

      I will speak for everyone who has had the privelage of working with your husband. Obviously, you only know what he tells you and I’m sure he is a real life BATMAN LOL. I can assure you that he is thought of as an ass kissing, snitching, lying piece of vermin. He will smile in your face and stab you in the back when you walk off, then deny it when you confront him. This is all done in the name of pleasing administrators like Dan Weikal, Corley Pearson and John Ford. What Bass does not realize is that NOBODY like a rat.. The administrators will use him and discard him as soon as they are done with him. In their mind, next he will snitch on them. I don’t know any fellow employee who likes or holds Bass in high regard. The ONLY person who likes him
      To my knowledge is his brother and you.

    • Dick Sargent permalink


  7. Stop riding Simpson's coat tails permalink

    Hmmmm… ok BASS.. We appreciate you trying to spin your little hero ‘batman’ story. You are the same John bass who ratted on a good lieutenant to suck up to Weikal? The same Bass who went into Brentwood skate center wearing your badge like a cop cursing at Brentwood PD who had your son detained? The same Bass who was a property officer and claimed Big Johnny and Daryl Hall were stealing pills? The same Bass who played cop and pulled over ‘speeders’ at Bordeaux hospital? The same Bass who slammed a 80 lbs Aftican and tore his shoulder lol. The same Bass who got into a pissing match with Dr. Tuggle and towed his car?

    Let me guess the REAL STORY.. TDOC swaps handguns when they relieve each other. Their policies are different than ours and this burns Bass up. So they were exchanging guns and Bass stuck his nose where it don’t belong and played COP again like George Zimmerman. Hope his lying ass gets fired this time!!!

  8. Who ate Gilbert's finger? permalink

    Did anyone hear about John Bass attacking a TDOC officer and wrestling him for his gun? I bet it looked like Corley Pearson when he pulled his gun out in the courtroom and got choked out by Lebron James.

  9. Bulls Eye permalink

    I see a lot of comments on this site about Karla and they are very true but what about GINGER HALL? I still remember when she started working at DCSO. She came in as a property clerk started sleeping around and got passed from Tony Wilkes to “Chief Deputy Daron Hall” when Daron’s wife found out he had betrayed her and her sons she went up to Admin. and caused the biggest scene in Metro history. That event is why we have an armed officer at the door and have to be buzzed in to this day. After the divorce and Daron being elected to Sheriff she suddenly gets transferred and promoted to head of the Benefit Board. METRO did that, so they are culpable as well. The DCSO is “The Best Little Whorehouse in Tennessee” EVERYBODY that has ever worked there knows of a situation like this. I think it would be simple for the straight up hard working females there to file a class action suit over this. I have worked with a lot of great women there over the years and what they go through is way worse than racism. Knowing if you are going to get a promotion you have to have sex with those nasty Mother Fuckers who couldn’t get laid by a Dickerson Road hooker with a hundred dollar bill stuck to their forehead. So tax payers are flipping the bill to pay for these work place prostitutes with double and triple salaries. Moderator I hope you take this issue VERY seriously. This information needs to be made known to ALL citizens in Metro and the innocent women need to be supported and encouraged to take action.

    • Yes we have heard stories of Ginger spreading her legs for a married Daron Hall.. Reminds me of the stories of Donna Klein.. Please message us your email so we can chat on the Daron/Ginger affair.. Just comment your email and we won’t post it. Thank you!

  10. Bignateisnthe3rdtrimester permalink

    Can I ask a few questions here to clarify the bloggers’ understanding, or lack thereof, of a few things?

    Is it your understanding that Daron Hall and not the mayor and the finance department allot the budget for the Sheriff’s Office? There are many comments on this site about Daron Hall being personally responsible for your salaries so I’m just wondering.

    What in your opinion should your salary be when you lack a college degree and escort inmates around all day? Put a number on it for me please. I’m just wondering what special skills you think you’re bringing to the table in 2013 when a college degree is found just as frequently as a high school degree and most DCSO employees can’t even write a complete sentence. See the above statement by Master: “and he think we stupid too!.”

    Yes Master, when my 7 year old has surpassed your writing ability, most would assume you are quite stupid notwithstanding your Bachelor of Arts degree from T.S.U.

    • permalink

      I will use my master’s degree in Psychology to break down the above poster:

      Based on the name used, obviously the poster is insecure around men who would physically beat the living hell out of them, drag them into deep water, drown them, THEN have sex with their wife, daughter, sister and mother. I would speculate that the poster is in bad physical condition, unattractive and only fornicated with unattractive over weight women. The poster is jealous of any man who has relations with attractive women, and is in peak physical condition.

      Based on the racist statements about blacks being uneducated, and the downplaying of a degree from a historic black university, I would speculate that the poster is un athletic, has a small penis and suffers from visions of grandeur. I would imagine his wife, mother or possibly daughter has fornicated with a black man and this deeply troubles the poster and adds to weight of carrying the self esteem of a pubescent overweight teen.

      Now…We all know Daron Hall has a budget. Daron CHOOSES to OVERPAY his friends, cronies aka administrators.. and keep the front line officers eating out of trash cans. For example Tony Wilkes.. makes 90K, FOR WHAT? Walking up and down second avenue chain smoking and laughing and carrying on like a audience member of Def Comedy Jam? Rick Gentry makes as much as 3 officers.. FOR WHAT? Driving the 20K DCSO 4 wheeler around chasing Karla Weikel Krocker Davis Ford Gentry? Look at the LAWSUITS lost by the DCSO… the administration is an embarrassment.

      You are obviously in upper management, as you bash the front line officers. You mention officers not having college education? At no point in the promotion process is there any credit added for college education. POLITICS is what gets you promoted, not an education, ask Justin Norris. Once Norris makes it to an administrator position, he will get some bs online degree like John Ford.. then will bash officers and say they are uneducated?

      You comment on the literacy of a “Master”.. have you read the writing of 80K a year Harold “T Dawg” Taylor? Tony Wilkes was making 90K and having sex with a mail clerk Meshawn Cook? CLASSY. The communications director makes 80K and has spread her legs for multiple coworkers? PROFESSIONAL. Dan Weikal makes 70K and fixes tickets, challenges officers to fight, and sits at the three crow bar every night., Kevin Cox get busted pulling people over and TWO DUI’s before being fired.. We could go on and on…The administrators are a joke and a waste of tax payer dollars.

      YOU sir.. THE ADMINISTRATORS are the problem.


      PS Please refrain from posting on metro computers 🙂

  11. Master permalink

    and he think we stupid too! This slick ass so called Sheriff is a liar. After he speak to that hate group in the piccalilli cafateria and got called out in the media he says it was his secretary fault. Then had all of us listen to some audio bs where he talked about the media being hard on him and said something we all notice right away about how he has “worked very hard” to have a good image with the black community. No one should have to work hard at it if it is in your heart in the 1st place. Some of us talked about it after that. Believe me, 90% the blacks that work there know what’s up and can see a closet, fake ass racist and some of us just recent agreed we would refuse to shake the man’s hand next time he tries. We going to try to get all of us to not shake his KKK hand. Even we said we have been telling people in our churches what’s up with him. I am talking to a very important mnister about them and he agreed with me and was suprised at whats been going on.

  12. Losersinlife permalink

    Funny, I haven’t seen a report on how you were on light duty, but my oh my, you could still climb up in the deer stand. Now that would be a good one to tell.

    • Matters permalink

      A deer stand? who did that? Name names or you are a bitch ass coward. Bitch ass uncle tom Tony covered up for social club fat albert lookin ass Pillow? Bitch ass Tony used to run every building at Harding place and pressure his employees to buy his own pirated DVD’s so of course he helped homeboy fat albert lookin ass Pillow when Pillow did his shit by covering the shit up. Wilkes fuckin ass got moved from Harding place because he was fucking meshawn in the office and got a baby by her. Motherfuckin Wilkes is a bitch ass coward who violate civil service rules a few years ago by promoting people who were at the bottom of the list and they was his fiends, I hear he got a rap sheet of his own. Why you all aint calling the media about this fucker and his past? Believe me, most black people in the Sheriff Department and around the community know that the Sheriff only gave this man a job as a chief after he got caught speaking to white hate groups and had only white chiefs. Sheriff is a racist who gives a couple of blacks positions to try to get black votes just like this community service job he gave to Hunter the other mondth. The blacks know the man and especially KKK ford are racist and got people fired over wearing braids. We gonna be out in force in the next election. No one can fool us by handing out positions to Tom’s.

      • VERY GOOD POINTS ‘Matters!’ the Sheriff picks and chooses blacks to put into positions, to give the APPEARANCE of diversity. However he only protects the ones who follow the rules and stab their co workers in the back If asked. John Ford single handily created a policy THAT ONLY EFFECTED BLACK OFFICERS.. Some very good people were lost because they could not cut their ‘braids.’ Daron Hall can be voted out.. Look at the recent judge election where Rachel Bell a young black female defeated a well known white, Masonic attorney Jack Byrd.. Bell had the backing of the black community and she won easily !

  13. Bulls Eye permalink

    @ GP What is sad is there is a significant amount of employees in high ranking positions like that.

  14. Bulls Eye permalink

    He was not allowed to leave his post. He abandoned his post. When the Lt’s went to booking and there was no supervisor in booking. They called him on the radio and he lied and said he was in his office and that’s where they were calling him from. Then they went out and busted him trying to sneak back in.

  15. Bulls Eye permalink

    What happened was Pillow was the only Sgt. in booking. Lt. Tevis and Lt. Walker came down to booking looked all over and couldn’t find him. They went to the Sgt’s office in booking and asked for his 20 over the radio. Pillow responded and said he was in his office. Both Lt’s went out onto 2nd Ave. and Pillow came rushing out of MPD warrants. When they spoke to MPD they were told Pillow just applied for a protective order against a young female he was in a relationship with. After finding out she was a frequent flier at DCSO they contacted her and she confessed to the relationship then stated it started when she met him in booking. An obvious amount of disciplinary charges were filed which should have resulted in TERMINATION. When it got to Tony Wilkes desk it magically went away and he was punished with a transfer to a much easier post. As Paul Harvey would say ” now you know the rest of the story “

    • Hmmmm …Pillow is allowed to leave his post in booking to attempt to gain an OP on a female he was dating that he met in booking? The same booking area where a man was damn near beaten to death costing the tax payers tens of thousands of dollars? Also, A very respected Corporal was FIRED for not reporting a girl on his FB friends list who came through booking?


  16. Ghost permalink

    You shall fear the dogs of war, for they have been unleashed and will stop at nothing to destroy all that remains!

  17. Buttcrusher McCoy permalink

    The transportation division is so f’d up! Pearson and Mclure are lazy and worthless. You can look at their physical condition and tell how lazy they are. They are as bad as Cox and Tevis! The other day a cpl had to drive 20+ People on The bus alone, men AND women! While the sgt slept in his office. Meulhauser told us. He is the only real man in the division! Meulhauser should be over asd!

    • We would like to add that rumor has it that Pillow was originally moved out of booking due to a relationship with a female who he allegedly met in booking. WE HAVE REQUESTED PILLOW’s DCSO RECORDS STAY TUNED!

  18. Mr. Spider permalink

    My, my, my….What a tangled web we weave, Mr. Pillow!

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