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Inmate on inmate rape at CJC!???

July 10, 2013

As metro government is settling a 530k lawsuit for the brutal beating of a young man at CJC.. Allegedly.. A male inmate named Kerry Anderson (possibly pictured) enters a holding cell and has sexual intercourse with a female inmate (we will keep nameless at the moment). The basis of the settlement in the beating lawsuit is that officers in booking did not do their job in keeping the inmates safe. Now we are a few YEARS into the future and the inmates are STILL are not safe! The prison rape elimination act, states that there is NO consensual sex in jail. The DCSO actually employs and pays multiple tens of thousands of dollars for a PREA coordinator, Marcus Bodie. How could a man enter a holding cell, remove his clothing, remove a woman’s clothing and have SEXUAL intercourse with her? The holding cells have windows and are a few feet from the officers desk. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? This woman has another easy lawsuit on her hands and I’m sure attorneys are visiting her at CDC J pod as we speak (we may have emailed a few.)

The answer is simple. The officers of the DCSO are underpaid, overworked, treated like scum and there EVERY MOVE is questioned by administrators. While Dan Weikal is hanging out by the pokey (we have a copy of your cute email advising officers to no longer hang out by the pokey, after someone commented on you hanging there LOL) and Jamie Johnson does Tae Bo at the training academy weight room.. Officers in turnkey are sitting there at that desk.. Doing 1,000 things at once.. Juggling 1,000 things and are expected to be a perfect robot and not make a mistake. Sadly… Only the officers present during the incident will probably be punished or terminated.

Daron Hall should be very proud of himself.. He continues to embarrass himself, his family and the taxpayers.



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  1. CM Punk permalink

    Operation Blockbuster is now in effect!

  2. Cobra Commander permalink

    I heard from my homeboy Destro that Thomas “Spike Lee” Pillow is the next contestant to be featured on this site. Something to the effect that he makes, sells, and distributes bootleg DVD’s. Plus, wouldn’t he have to report those earnings to the IRS? Any truth to that rumor?

    • Hello Cobra Commander.. You must own a crystal ball? We receive information daily on a variety of DCSO supervisors and Hall cronies. Thomas Pillow seems to be quite the favorite amongst officers. We have built quite the portfolio of Sergeant Pillow rumors and allegations.

  3. Tommy bogle permalink

    the sheriffs office is a nice place to work and we are all lucky to have a job! The money may not be great, but it’s a paycheck and we have benefits! We should all thank Daron Hall and the administration for the privelage to have a job! So who is the piece of shit behind this site?? You should be ashamed of yourself! Everyone mentioned here has a family and children and you will faceThe lord one one day!

    • Dick Sargent permalink

      Tommy, you need to put your whole face up the sheriffs ass so it matches that dark brown nose of yours. It’s called a “forum” for a reason. Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and they usually stink….yours is no different. No one is holding a pistol to your head to make you come on this site. You obviously need a hug.

  4. William Cothron permalink

    Shut up Norris. I stopped sending these people anything 6 weeks ago you asshole! Why don’t you go use inmates to help you steal some more and flip a ohouse for your boss.

  5. Duck commander's top 20 quick hits permalink


    1. Daron Hall- lose the porn stache, you look gau
    2. John Ford- handshakes don’t make you a man
    3. Austin Bodie- you were a drunk and we know 😉
    4. Dan Weikal- Nobody loves you, everyone hates you
    5. Jamie Johnson- Kevin Williams was innocent
    6. Marsha Travis- cameltoe?
    7. Katie Stone- diet?
    8. Ruby Joyner- you and your mom
    Both raised criminals. favor don’t like fair
    9. Heath Kane- your a good guy, Daron isn’t. WAKE UP
    10. Michael Gilbert- you didn’t earn your rank
    11. Travis Pearson- flat tops went out in 78
    12. Harold Taylor- you teach homosexuality in your house? T Dawg
    13. Pam Hale- you can’t be professional and act like Trina
    14. John Taylor- stop cheating.. You shouldn’t have married a fatty
    15. Vickie Black- how did such a good man marry a worthless idiot?
    16. Tony Wilkes- you were awesome at master control! Garry is Thr best son.
    17. Tom Schwarz- we have cool video of your 2 hour walk over the veterans bridge.
    18. Mark McClure/ Pearson- wow we have a career KILLER of an audio recording of you two bums!
    19. Byron Grizzle- you deserve an atomic wedgie
    20. Linda Winters- we know what you did… Bad girl slurp slurp

    • Chezeray permalink

      Whats your name guy? I feel like we should meet. Typically, someone that have as much to say about others as you do, turn out to be losers. I would LOVE to meet you face to face. Just to see if you would say some of these things to my face.

      • Fridge Edge Hill permalink

        What it G like Chezeray? I already whooped Tennesse’s ass now you and Zanteon next. Y’all ain’t proper feel me, y’all putting G business on Facebook and it’s all about BOS now not banging! You need to remember The 5 p’s and 17 laws homie! I heard you be flip flopping? You was a 52 now you a G? Come on folk! I hears you let some vickey Lou’s punk you when you was locked up? Keep it 19-19 homie

  6. Justin Norris permalink

    William Cothron is the mole feeding the site info

  7. Paul Roberts permalink

    Why is my head so big? People call me bobble head and my gf says I have a baby di__.

  8. Drunk is mcloud it did aneeta welch with permalink

    Yo Jamie… You sure were worried about who Lt. K Williams was having sex with! Shouldn’t you be worried about the inmates you ‘manage?’ you uncle Tom
    Sell out fake Rock/Rick Fox good hair wanna havin son of a gun! You got a Samoan tribal tattoo LMFAO! You are such a loser you play police in apartments and you couldn’t arrest anyone, do you have an armed license? Are u still dating the blonde chic that dated all the brothers from
    CCA? Someone told me to ask you if you’ve ever been arrested for domestic assault? Just curious?

    Dan… You have the machismo levels of Rick Moranis on ghostbusters. You drive a silver Kia lmao SILVER KIA! Is that the car you still owe Frankie money on? Why did Katla leave you Dan? We hear she claimed that she was in love with someone else, but I bet it’s because your hung like a AAA battery! You are so soft Dan… You couldn’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag. Nobody likes you! Stop pretending to be a Steeler fan, neither you or JJ are from Pittsburgh .. Aren’t you from Mercer, PA? That’s on the Ohio border… You prob grew up a Browns fan. I know you followed your child hood hero Jerry Sandusky to Penn State? I bet you didn’t even get laid there. Back to the point, where were you when this I mate sex act occurred? You were prob checking this blog, begging Karla back, or chatting it up on FB. You suck at your job and life.

    Fate Thomas is rolling over in his grave

  9. thepokeyisofflimits permalink

    If this is true then where was Mr. Commander system “Jamie Johnson”? Why wasnt he watching what inmates are doing instead of trying to catch an officer in the wrong. Oh maybe he was doing Tae-Bo or just generally bullshittin the day away. Usually wherever he is in charge its nothing but chaos and confusion.I feel sorry for some officer cause if this is true it will fall on one of them.

    • Union steward permalink

      I am about to release a ton of information regarding Dan Weikal… Stay tuned! In other news did LOU WALSER steal from his Masonic lodge?

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