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How many breaks does Kristie Bratcher need?

July 8, 2013

DCSO administration employee Kristie L. Bratcher sure likes to take breaks.. You may be familiar with Kristie, she is one of the DCSO employees who had a speeding ticket fixed. Kristie and her admin coworkers take a lunch daily, along with SEVERAL smoke breaks. Must be nice huh? Meanwhile in the jails.. Officers are being forced to manage dangerous inmates without lunch breaks, and working 8.5 hours a day. Ironically while Kristie and Spurlock take their smoke breaks.. The lack of Officer breaks are at the crux of a HUGE lawsuit by DCSO employees vs. Daron Hall. Long stressful work days, along with spiteful, and vengeful jail administrators has lead to extremely low morale amongst uniformed officers. Maybe if Daron wore a uniform he would care more about their needs? Or perhaps another half a million dollar lawsuit settlement will get his attention?



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  1. Cobra Commander permalink

    Dusty Rhodes sure let himself go didn’t he?

  2. capt. gilbert permalink

    She looks the the blue koolaid man about to bust thru the wall. OOHH YEEAHHHH. With that triple h hair do.

  3. LawDog permalink

    Anyone noticed the HUGE classes going through the DCSO academy? Ford knows that the current officers are aware of the idiots running the department and he wants to get rid of everyone and hire new people. Don’t be afraid people..making 400-500 a week after taxes is an embarrassment. Seriously 30k a year? Before they take taxes and insurance out? Daron and his boys make 100k a year..2,000 a WEEK!!!! To do nothing.. The guys on the front lines make peanuts. FUCK THE DCSO

  4. Norris permalink

    STFU Frankie!!!! Aren’t you addicted to pills? Wasn’t your wife banging a young stud? The same thing happened in trucks when you tried to fight her boyfriend at a fast food resturaunt with inmates riding with you. The Dcso IS a game of politics and everyone who sucks at it gets mad! If I donate 1000 of my tax money to Daron and I move up 10k in salary and a better position.. Isn’t it worth it? I learned the politic game from my parents and I’m proud to be a DCSO deputy!

    Kristie is a sweet girl and she doesn’t deserve this posting or people bashing her weight issues!

  5. Frankie Richsrdson permalink

    I know about every dirty little secret in this agency! Where do I even start!? Once I ‘sold’ a car to Weikel, he is such a loser he didn’t even pay me for darn near a year! What a POS! Mike Raines in trucks thinks he’s a mafia boss over a group of inbred rejects! Lassiter and Raines eat all day while skillet sucks them off and goes around ‘checking batteries’ lmao. What a joke! Shouting in warrants paid his way to captain over trucks, and then got on Raines, Skillet and Lassiter’s bad side. It didn’t help that the woman he was having an affair with killed herself. Mark McClure is a fat lazy bum and Corly Pearson is a skin hanging lazy bum and both haven’t seen their Johnson in years! Austin Bodie was a huge drunk and wrecked his car once near HDC. Karla Crocker used to flash her boobs for attention. Daron cheated on his wife with Ginger, what a leader lol.

  6. left over knuckle permalink

    All day, go to cdc I think a Lt. Has a desk out front for smoking

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