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*Breaking News* Did Dan Weikal break policy by entering secure area to engage inmate!?

June 6, 2013



We at FireDaronhall have been flooded with reports from within CJC in regards to a recent incident involving everyone’s favorite ticket fixer Dan Weikal! Allegedly an inmate named Byron Shannon was on ‘property restriction’ and in his cell alone. Allegedly Dan Weikal was doing a ’round’ in Shannon’s cell block and noticed Shannon had a sheet in his cell.. He is supposed to be restricted from such items. Rumor has it that Weikal, while holding a cup of COFFEE opened the cell and slammed inmate Shannon to the ground. Reports claim there were witnesses to the incident and possibly a video. Supposedly Weikal claimed Shannon was attempting suicide. Our question.. Who is going to review this incident!!!?? Granviesse Young LMAO (we hear the programs lady has been reviewing use of forces)? Was the proper procedures followed? An inmate inside a secure cell requires a ‘calculated entry.’ We will be receiving the JMS report within hours and will contact HR for ALL videos from the cell clock. We will review the Incident with a fine tooth comb.. Stay tuned!!!

Please comment any Information and if you wish to remain anonymous, just let us know.


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  1. The white whale permalink

    Hah…. Ruby Joyners son was at CDC a while back as a weekender and when he started to name drop that she was his mother the C.O.’s told him to go lay down and shut up. That asshole made such a big damn deal about who his momma was he had to spend his weekend in the holding cell. He was a real disrespectful POS. I’m pretty sure I heard that Ruby later came by to see him because what a fuck he was being…. I wonder if she made a SAIR report for that.. Pssshhh!

  2. The Unknown permalink

    Were you ever able to get the video of this incident?

  3. I huffed gold paint in the past permalink

    Dangerous Dan Weikal can be found near the pokey leaning over the rail peering out towards the street. He is likely day dreaming of his ruined marriages, low testosterone, and how he is a loser dad.

  4. boutdone permalink

    Well, think what you want, but Im definitely not LT Kidd. Dont even know if hes seen this. Just somebody that worked around dude for years and wanted to speak up.

    • ‘About 9 years ago, he repeatedly tapped a female officer I used to hang with back before he got gray, fat, and married.’

      Pics or we don’t believe you 😉

    • You lost us at ‘ Harold by and far is probably the most fair of the assistant admins. He aint no nice guy, definitely not a book smart guy and can be an asshole, but if you are right, he will go to bat for you. ‘

      Harold may have been cool with you.. He may have never screwed you over.. But WE CAN ASSURE YOU that there are several good people and officers who claim that Harold ‘T Dawg’ Taylor stabbed them in the back and screwed them over. Harold has the IQ of a do do bird.. He is a waste of a paycheck!

  5. Cpl. Cash permalink

    I was there!!! Weikal popped the door without back up slammed Shannon to the ground. He then grabbed Shannon by the towel that wrapped around his neck and drug him into the hallway. A code red was called. Weikal spilled his fricking coffee all over himself and Shannon! If I had done that, I would be FIRED!!!! He violated so many policies it is sickening!

  6. LEO permalink

    Jaime and Dan have been making decisions with the 3rd head for years. Jaime keeps his ladies in check with his pimp hand. He has lied and snitched on a lot of good officers. He has even got them fired and slept with their wives. His dump unsecuirty minded decisions have got several men hurt.

  7. Ron permalink

    I need everyone to lay off my call of duty partner. Can we all just get along. Hit me up on xbox live gamertag blacknyellow

  8. LaroyCloyd permalink

    Granvisse needs to worry about those case managers, who all hate her intensly. She run off one guy I think she was in love with.

    • Leon? She also ran off Susan Gray!

      • LaroyCloyd permalink

        Well she run him off too but this was another guy who was a teacher. Poor Susan Gray, she caught hell. She worked there 25 years and getting write ups about the pettiest of stuff. it was a sad affair. Granvisse in over her head as far as being a supervisor. She need to tighten up her people/customer service skills.

  9. 33rd degree Scottish Rite permalink

    Lmfaoooo Dan is an idiot! Him and Jamie Johnson both suck at life! Didn’t Jamie catch a domestic in a nearby county? Then his high yellow ass walks around Cjc looking like Rick fox knowing he wouldn’t throw rice in a wedding!!! Dan hangs at the three crow bar getting shit faced crying over Karla who loves Tom Davis and Eric Bauder. Face it DAN your ugly, pay too much in child support, nobody wants you. You drive a KIA and live on your ex wife’s garage. Even your sons should be embarrassed of you. Your a both are fake steelers fans. Your such a coward you won’t even look people in the eye who you feel inferior of, yet you try to lie on them and stab them in the back after they walk off.

    Oh yeah is Harold Taylor’s son who is a SO gay or what? Geez he is fruitier than sissy Willie jasmin Nelson, Adam Goodrich and Barry Kidd combined! FTW!!!!

    Austin bodie we know what you did 10 years ago!!! Drunk driving nude running around SOB!!!

    Rusty Owens for sheriff!

    Fire daron, fords a fraud, Hudson and Taylor are cheaters, Rutledge sleeps around w subordinates, Pearson has aids, Chris brown has aids, Marsha Travis camel toe, ruby Joyner’s son is a drug dealer, tony Wilkes is a waste of a paycheck, Pam
    Hale is an idiot, VICKIE BLACK pound for pound lowest IQ in the agency, Byron grizzle got wedgies as a kid! Chuck Willis in the closet, Mark McClure fat worthless lazy bum, capt Gilbert aka craw fish claw

    Rusty good dude, Kane and Johnson are good dudes.

    • elliottwoods permalink

      Harold Taylor? Now there’s a real genius there. This guy snitched and “yes man’d” his way to where he is. He sure didnt wow anybody with his intelligence. Ever tried to read one of his emails? Looking like a broke ass Cedric the Entertainer.

      • We heard his son is now in the SO division… And is sweeter than Splenda! That is poetic justice for a ‘man’ like Harold ‘T Dawg’ Taylor. Allegedly he talked Christy Jordan into making ‘sexual harassment’ claims on the late Charles Foster.. Due to Taylor holding a 20 year grudge against Foster. Of course Foster won his appeal and Jordan got fired for sexual relations with inmates. We also hear there is a audio from a few years back that an officer recorded in a private meeting with Taylor… in which Taylor claims to ‘holds grudges.’

    • Boutdone permalink

      Say what you will, but cracking on Taylor’s kid is going a little far. I am no fan of Goodrich, but other than cutting up too much sometimes, Kidd is definitely not gay. About 9 years ago, he repeatedly tapped a female officer I used to hang with back before he got gray, fat, and married. That dude is actually a pretty good guy, if you can stand the fucked up sense of humor. A bit on the nerd side, but will back you up as much as he can when the shit hits the fan. Harold by and far is probably the most fair of the assistant admins. He aint no nice guy, definitely not a book smart guy and can be an asshole, but if you are right, he will go to bat for you. Jamie and Dan, on the other hand, are the biggest jokes in the department.

    • Chezeray permalink

      None of Ruby Joyner’s kids are drug dealers or have even been in trouble for drugs. It is looking more and more like you people are just a bunch of butt hurt disgruntled and or fired employees.

  10. CJC Nurse permalink

    We all laugh at Dan behind his back, thanks to trishs stories. After she sucks his two inch greg. He likes to snowball.

    • Goodmornigdcso permalink

      Wow cjc nurse! You’ve worked at cjc probably a total of 3 days???and your commenting on the blog…
      You will probably be walked out and fired for screwing an inmate by the end of the month. This is not a blog for the nurses 2 cents

  11. dozendunkin permalink

    This the same guy threatening an officer, the same guy dating and fraternizing with female workers, the same guy getting his ticket fixed, the same guy that had inmates in a high security area using tools to sand and scape paint off tables,the same guy who when he took over as adminstrator created a work schedule where it was impossible for staff to have time off, the same guy that had all offenders coming to clinic area regardless of their classification to please the CCS site manager, the same guy who was buddy buddy with Blake Cantrell and got him a job in Community Service? If he knew what I know about Mr. Cantrell he would have never sign up for that. If he only knew…..This doesnt surprise me though. Lets get Mr. Shannon’s next of kin’s involved.

    • Corporal Prince Hall permalink

      The same guy who argued and threatened a subordinate, Nathan Hibbs? The same guy who confronted Tom Davis about screwing his sloot wife? why is this idiot still here!? The same guy who used his position to hit on an attractive facebook profile lol.

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