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Operating a commercial vehicle while using a hand held cell phone?

June 2, 2013



On Friday May 31, 2013 a DCSO commercial vehicle #2361AJ was located on Murfreesboro Road. The CSC corporal was using a hand held cell phone for several miles. The vehicle had two inmates inside the vehicle along with the Corporal. A nationwide ban on cell phone use by commercial vehicle drivers took effect on January 3, 2012.

The CSC division is run by one if the biggest (no pun intended) snakes in the DCSO Michael ‘the buffet destroyer’ Raines. Raines has a history of hiring ass kissers, Daron Hall cronies and treating good officers like he treats the food on his plate. Raines has been featured several times on this blog, most troubling was the resignation letter of a great man, officer and father Casey White. Will Raines punish this corporal for using his phone? We would speculate that it depends on who the corporal is, and who he’s RELATED to. We previously featured a video of a corporal allowing inmates to smoke and have heard nothing of punishment for the officer.

Also, THANK YOU for the pictures, videos and information! If anyone would like to share with us, just leave a comment with your email or the information and we won’t post the comment.


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  1. The law man permalink

    I will sum up the CSC division in a nutshell .. They have the #1 idiot in DCSO JUSTIN NORRIS and now have #2 STEVEN CROUCH! Didnt Norris get fired from CCA and juvenile for inappropriate relations with inmates. Call Glenn Cook at 8628000 and ask is Norris is eligible for re hire! I heard thst He called a victim and asked them not to come to court! I

    Steven Crouch is a racist who uses the N word like I breath air. He attacked a Somalian guy in his cell once, the guy was 6’2 90 pounds! Crouch got KICKED OUT of metros academy for being a loser.. Didnt Crouch hide drugs in the sharps container in booking for a hot chic? Him Sessions and Farley?

    Mike Raines and Daron love metros trash.

    Tim Lassiter and Mike Raines are heart attacks waiting to happen. It must suck looking at the mirror naked! They even have poor Skillet brain washed! He was such a good guy now he’s their puppet and ass kisser. Frankie Richardson has ALL the goods on theses losers. He should write a book lmao. Especially on Shonting!!!!

  2. Corporal Prince Hall permalink

    I’ve sat back, read the site and been quiet too long! The entire transportation division needs to be blasted on here! Mark mcClure and Oearson and the laziest most selfish people I know. What hurts is that as peers they were both GREAT people, so I thought! Pearson sent an email out the other day about us TEXTING and driving.. Meanwhile we are understaffed and the sergeants do nothing! I know a guy in courts who took 30 inmates into review court ALONE! The lazy sergeant didn’t even help. Hampton makes us come in at 7 now to cover his ass, yet we still are under staffed. Meanwhile Keith Brown and gustene go eat a 4 course meal twice daily. Hampton and the other sergeants need to be sent back to the jail. Pearson and McClure need to be fired.

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