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Philip Shipley promoted to Lieutenant? !

May 27, 2013


We at would like to congratulate Philip Shipley on his recent promotion to Lieutenant!

Processing supervisor Eric Bauder (waste of a paycheck) states: ‘A special congratulations to Sgt. Phillip Shipley for being promoted to Mobile Booking Supervisor. Sgt. Shipley has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 2006. He has been working in Booking as a Sergeant for over two years. His dedication to his job, staff, and his ability to overcome obstacles while keeping the Sheriff’s Office in mind will serve him well in his new assignment.”

Could someone please explain to us, how a man who violated policy by entering a secure location and ASSAULTING an inmate who is handcuffed to a wall, by punching him in the face three times still has a job!? Phillip Shipley violated several DCSO policy’s, arguably violated the law and the inmates constitutional and civil rights. Allegedly Shipley was given a “deal” by administrators, received a few days suspension and was not demoted from his position of Sergeant. The disparity in punishments from officer to officer is DISGUSTING! Vincent Carr, Tanya Mayhew, Wade Hales, Derrick Gleaves, Nate Sherron, John Holliman, William Shaw, Joseph Porch, Darrell Hardrick and many more have all been demoted or terminated for allegedly violating the same policies as Shipley. Most of the cases were mild compared to Shipley’s level of violence! Let us repeat… an inmate is HANDCUFFED TO A WALL, inside a secure room, harming no one. Phillip Shipley entered the room and punched the inmate several times in the facial area. If any attorneys are reading this, please contact this inmate as this should be an easy lawsuit/settlement. Furthermore, if any current or former officers who have received punishments that did not fit the precedent by the Shipley case are reading this, seek legal counsel immediately as you should have an easy lawsuit/settlement awarded to you. We can not fathom how the DCSO could justify terminating or demoting anyone after Shipley was only given a few days suspension. This is a government organization and the precedents set should be followed in all similar cases. Even more despicable is the fact that Shipley has now been PROMOTED to Lieutenant, as many others were punished by losing their jobs, rank, money, lively hood. Congratulations Philip Shipley! As your supervisor Eric “baby face” Bauder stated, you HAVE overcame many obstacles to get to where you are.


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  1. cobra commander permalink

    Did you guys PhotoShop his hair on????

  2. cobra commander permalink

    Did you photo guys PhotoShop his hair on????

  3. thetallguy permalink

    That Chief of Security said they was “taking back the jail”, so I guess this was okay. It appears to me it okay either way.The inmate can whoop officer’s ass and vice versa and nothing happens to anyone unless you’re Nate Shearon or Wade Hales.

    • I agree that the DCSO needs to ‘take back the jail!’ They need to remove Jamie Johnson (Rick Fox) Dan Weikal (Sloth), Daron and the rest if his cronies! These imbeciles appear to make decisions based on who they have grudges against, who kisses their ass, who plays Xbox with them, who is their drinking buddy, who scored with the hot nurse that they’ve been after.. Instead of doing what’s right and wrong.

      Another example HOW DOES PAUL ‘bobble head’ ROBERTS HAVE A JOB!? His exposé will be coming soon.

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