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Mike Yarlett, currently the DCSO’s second biggest embarrassment?

May 19, 2013



Obviously Kevin Cox is the biggest embarrassment in DCSO history..Dan Weikal is arguably the current champion..however we would speculate that Mike Yarlett is a close second! Mike Yarlett represents everything that is wrong with the DCSO under Daron Hall’s reign. Mike Yarlett has went from a maintenance man, to supervisor of a federal immigration program, back to a maintenance man, and now in the highly coveted warrants division. What makes Mike Yarlett so special that he can move around the DCSO as he pleases, passing up other, arguably more deserving officers? For one Mike is allegedly a former Marine.. and we all know that John Ford makes a mess in his pants every time he hears the word marine! Secondly and most importantly, Mike VOLUNTEERS for almost every event that Rick Gentry offers. Is it fair that someone gets promoted simply because they volunteer? There are GREAT officers within the agency, who have kids, second jobs, and other things going on in which they cannot volunteer as much as Yarlett, or Robert Harris (DCSO’s newest Warrant officer.)Is it fair to punish the officer who literally CANNOT volunteer for events?


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  1. GoPreds permalink

    Chuck Willis is gay..



  2. GoPreds permalink

    Seriously.. HTF does this idiot go from turning wrenches to running a federal immigration program? Then back to plunging toilets to serving civil process. This administration is a JOKE! How many qualified people were passed up for this clown?

  3. BIGLeo2014 permalink

    Well I agree what a suck up yarlett is. I haven’t figured out how he can quit shaking long enough to qualify. Bottom line is you must screw up or volunteer to get promoted. Look at that female incharge of inmate workers on work release she milked the IOD system forever and the key to her is she’s not even a US citizen. How can this be possible that on the job application the 1st requirement states must be a US citizen. Well wonder who she knows to get that past probable another “family friend” or a daron reign person. This has got to STOP

  4. Hey, admin. Sorry about my misinformation on that last post. That particular miscreant was employed by CCA. Sorry.

  5. I think the little miscreant on Harding Place who just got himself arrested for child porn might be the biggest embarrassment DCSO has had to weather for a while. I remember Admin telling us at HDC that the woods were FULL of people who wanted our jobs. Well, sister, you got ’em. Enjoy the fruits of that.

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