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Erin Vague (Alleged John Ford family friend) promoted!

April 27, 2013


(Hall Monitor) Chief Taylor writes:

“The OP/Dispatch division would like to welcome and congratulate Erin Vague for being selected for the OP/Dispatch position. Erin started with the DCSO as an intern last year and transitioned to a prisoner property clerk. One panel member commented, ‘Erin was clearly prepared for the interview. She was poised, while also displaying a level of enthusiasm for working in OP/Dispatch division.’ Please join us as we congratulate Erin on her selection.”

John Taylor was nice enough to take the time to write this cute snippet on the hiring of Erin Vague on the Hall Monitor. Interestingly, John Taylor found the time to write the comments..rumor has it that he is a womanizer who searches for affairs from within the agency. We have searched far and wide and we cant find an honest answer as to what John Taylor ACTUALLY does for the agency other than allegedly cheat on Jamey and make a ton of money? What Taylor did not include in his exerpt on Erin Vague is sources from within the DCSO claim that Erin Vague is allegedly close friends with John Ford’s (the coward pictured above) daughter (possibly named Melissa?) and that Erin’s mother, Joy Vague (DCSO employee) is also family friends with the Ford’s! Could Erin Vague have been promoted due to her family friendship with the Ford’s? Would Uncle Daron allow his administrators to partake in CRONYISM? LMFAO

The problem we have with cronyism.. As Newton said: for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction..For every person promoted due to ties with administration.. A qualified officer WITHOUT ties misses out on the opportunity! It is disgusting to say the least.. It is not Mrs Erin Vague’s fault.. However, Daron Hall who allows for this practice to exist!


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  1. Idontlikeyou permalink

    She’s a whore! An ugly, chubby, belligerent whore! She doesn’t deserve the job.

  2. BIGLeo2014 permalink

    Wow this should comes as no surprise. I read earlier and don’t see the comment on here anymore about what a great guy from the dept she is dating. Hes such a great guy cheating on his wife with kids and then taking IOD stress leave cause he got caught. Really great example of a fine dcso employee/darons boy

  3. Mike Murphy permalink

    I made my points. Thank you and I no longer need to clog your site with my posts directed to the people who needed to see it.

  4. We approve this message 🙂

  5. Floral Fann permalink

    Erin looks cute in this picture.. Can anyone tell us what her body looks like? I’m sure it’s better than Katie Stone’s who resembles a Sherman tank that was melted in a nuclear meltdown. What about Jenny McMullen always twitching like Jim Ross on WWE. Then you have Constance tait, didn’t old man Vince cheat on her? I saw him once at Kroger by turtle creek on nolensville road… Back to Katie .. I heard she took a discount in a meal from an off duty officer who was working an extra job, then turned around and got him suspended for wearing a DCSO jacket. Lol what a piece of trash!

    • who cares permalink

      Is this website run by a bunch of 16 year old girls? That’s what you sound like. These and other posts are meant to disparage and hurt people. Owners of this blog are not a bunch of underdog whistleblowers as you fancy yourselves and you are hardly exposing any injustice or corruption. Do really think stating that a man looks like he has AIDS who has battled an illness constitutes “satire”?

      If you hate the DCSO so much, move on and find another job that better suits your needs. Don’t sit around posting nasty grams on peoples’ marriages and appearances. You guys have your noses pressed up against the window looking in and everyone inside could care less about you.

      • Who cares? Dear sir, we have over 100,000 views in 5 months!

        We receive multiple messages daily of information involving alleged corruption from within DARONS agency. We owe it to every officer making 30k, with no raise, running a floor by themselves, passed up for promotions for cronies or volunteers. We do this for the front line officers and those who have been harassed, wrongfully disciplined or wrongfully terminated. We do this for YOU!

  6. ITSONLYME permalink

    As much as this article is not her fault directly, she would have to be as blind as Hellen Keller not to see it coming. She used to walk around CJC flaunting the fact that her Mom “works in legal”. Between that and the whole best friends with the Chiefs daughter thing she thought she was untouchable. Well Erin, I would congratulate you on your new position, but Im not the type to congratulate people for things they do not deserve. I just hope you can sleep well at night knowing that you were able to get a position that sooo many hard working employees with more than 1 year tenure were unable to get.

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