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Dan Weikal compromising security due to his infatuation with CCS Trish Young?

April 21, 2013


Dan Weikal is said to be making dangerous decisions at the request of CCS cjc site coordinator Trish Young. Young, allegedly uses a DCSO radio, wears DCSO pants and is said to boss around and snitch on officers… with the threat of telling Dan Weikal. Weikal and Young made the decision to have ALL inmates come to the clinic at the same time, when they used to come floor by floor. It’s alleged that Young was upset that the nurse practitioner makes a nice hourly wage and this was an attempt to rush her through her day, limiting her income. Meanwhile the floor officers are handed the difficult task of managing all the inmates at once.. As we all know there are Incompatibles, protective custody, SMU inmates and it’s a recipe for disaster to mix them together! Of course every move from the officers is under the watchful eye of chief of security Jamie Johnson and the’ commander system!’

Please feel free to post your comments and opinions!!


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  1. Dick Sargent permalink

    After reading the posts on here, I cancelled my FB account and started another never associating myself to “The Office”. It has no mention of it and I have no “friends” from there. It’s getting harder and harder each night to go in and just be there. My smoke breaks can’t come quick enough. Retirement can’t come quick enough. There’s a rumor going around this last class of graduates has already had a couple to quit because the real world isn’t the professionalism taught in the class! Welcome to Daronland! Enjoy the ride! Please make a run for the can to puke! If you don’t make it, we understand. The inmates are allowed to do it. Administration does it….

  2. Dick Sargent permalink

    It’s a known fact that Weikal can’t function without the adulation of a woman. He held court outside of CJC on a daily basis when he and Carla broke up. I wonder if she let him move in with her? They say he has really cleaned the place up. Maybe, its just typical home improvements since he lived at CJC in his office after Karla put him out?

    • Allegedly he also moved into his EX wife’s garage. The real question was who did Karla move in? Tom Davis? Rick Gentry? So many rumors.

      You are so on point with Weikal seeming to need attention from women. It could result from being an unattractive man and with his position of authority he can use this to his advantage. This is evident in his ‘better than a cop’ statement on FB! Dan also seems to jealous of other men than he would view as ‘competition.’ It shows in his management as he seems to single out and harasses those he feels are ‘competion.’ This is also evident in a yet to be published FB conversation, in which Dan brags about firing people. So much more to come on this subject.. 🙂

      • Laura Tingo permalink

        Please someone call me to tell me that this Dan Weikal guy is bad news and that I need to not see him and be around him! An get away from him ASAP!

        Today’s date 3/6/2014 at 933pm

        Laura Tingo

  3. Jamie Pace permalink

    Does anyone remember the dental assistant Amy? Well i heard she had knowledge of Dan and Trish and even saw them out on the town drinking. Rumor is that Once they found out that she knew.. She was mysteriously FIRED! Dan Weikal is an embarrassment to the Sheriffs Office!

  4. Temple permalink

    Does anyone remember the stabbing incident that led to going to floor to floor to the clinic? That wasn’t that long ago. How quickly admin forgets things like that.

    • Parker permalink

      Temple it has nothing to do with forgetting. It’s called “deliberate indifference”

  5. Parker permalink

    This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. In all the years I have worked there I have NEVER seen a time where this was NOT happening. Whether it is ABL, Mental Health Co-op, CCS or non security (ie: Case management or programs) The Administration has always compromised safety in order to allow these people to be lazy. That is always a recipe for disaster. Van Meter is the perfect example. I worked with him personally when that event occurred. That man is a salt of the earth guy with no enemies. Look at how his career (and almost his life) ended. Dangerous inmates running around wild waiting to see the case manager. The message sent by the Administration after that event ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ! Business as usual. Not even a slight consideration in making things safer. Look at the other Officers who suffered serious injuries (including myself) directly following that incident and no change in safety. In fact it sounds like things are getting more unsafe in response to these incidents. Luckily there are two individual lawsuits being filed this week that will shed light on these issues. For those still in this dangerous situation, do not be intimidated by the atmosphere of bogus disciplinary charges for defending yourself or reporting wrong doing. You have every right to do so by the Federal Government. Hundreds of pages of evidence alleging a large variety of misconduct have been forwarded to the appropriate Federal Agencies and the media in an attempt to stop Federal funds from going to Metro until they are compliant with Federal law. In the mean time if Dan or Jamie want things run in a way that contradicts policy document it and contact the State Comptrollers Office. It is their responsibility to insure all tax based agencies have a policy and FOLLOW it. This entire situation is just a few weeks away from being turned completely around so keep your heads up and watch each others back. Help is on the way!

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