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DCSO Warrant Officer Tony Evans Wallace ARRESTED in second alcohol related incident?

April 4, 2013




Tony Wallace of the DCSO Warrants division appears to have had “a few too many” on March 3, 2013! The attatched affidavit describes the actions of Wallace as described by a Metro Police officer Zachary Huber. We seriously doubt that getting “plastered” and refusing to leave a gas station is “conduct becoming of an officer?” Maybe Tony was looking for a copy of “Just Busted” from 1997? Tony Wallace appears to have ALSO been previously arrested for DUI and eventually plead guilty to Reckless Driving! Now Wallace drives a metro vehicle, serves civil process, and obviously still has alcohol, and control issues (And people wonder why the DCSO is  viewed different than the MNPD). Will anything happen to Tony Wallace? We would speculate that if he has a strong family name (Robert Lillard), donated money to Daron Hall (Alan Shonting) or lives life as Rick Gentry’s “voluntold” slave (Mike Yarlett/Corley Pearson).. then he should be ok.


Since we are on the subject… We have received SEVERAL stories of DCSO employees and their transgressions with alcohol.. look forward to a future post about AUSTIN BODIE and some of the “skeletons” in his closet!

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  1. Dick Sargent permalink

    I have been reading this site for a while and just want to say “bravo”. I look forward to reading what you have on more of the administrators. I have been an officer for years. There is one case manager for years that has come in and given her all and for some unknown reason keeps getting messed with. I went to see her last week and found she had been moved probably to make her job harder. The back stabbing has infiltrated every nook and cranny of the sherrifs dept. It’s a sickness that won’t get cured until someone new comes in and cleans house. Bring in people with fresh eyes and a clean slate. Fire all of the incompetents and their flunkies. Chiefs, administrators, supervisors….all of those nasty pimples on the butt of the dept.

  2. thetallguy permalink

    Why is it you can recieve disciplinary action and when you apply for another position within the department it can be held against you. Yet a guy can go out and get a DUI and keep his job and his position

  3. thetallguy permalink

    How about a sergeant getting taken behind closed doors and getting an ass chewing over a dozen doughnuts… me, it really happened.

      • thetallguy permalink

        As a random act of kindness the Dentist/doctor will stop at Krispy Kreme every Thursday and bring 3 or 4 dozen doughnuts. Thursday is the only day he comes but he always brings doughnuts to show his appreciation of the officers hard work. He is a very nice man. The Sgt recieved a call informing him that the dentist was in his work area and said doughnuts were present. He went to retreive these items but was met by his 2 supervisors .One of them took a box of doughnuts and proceeded around the corner eating them while the other began to berate the Sgt about having more doughnuts than he needed. The Sgt tried to explain to him that the items were for the officers and he was simply going to take them to them as a gesture to promote good moral. Maybe 20 minutes later the Sgt encounters his 2 supervisors again in another part of the jail and was told to report to their office for a counseling session. Upon reaching the office he was told to shut the door and was then verbally confronted about the Krispy Kreme doughnuts. This is the same jackass who told this Sgt he needed to staff his floors according to the color of their skin.

  4. john permalink

    what bout bobby sory hasnt he worked for like every metro agencies and been fired. You have William im divorced Lee for cheating on his wife. Then you have his shadow Rodney divorced Kelly for cheating also. no surprise since they showed up at the warrant christmas party drunk and hungover and when confronted by ford they mysterously disappeared. Maybe it was cause Kelly had training pants on that looked liked capri being 5 inches to short and without shoes on. And lets add Ricky Perry to the list also he couldnt keep his wife either but guess she left cause she was tired of him rolling over on her and smoothering her.. Poor girl. Then lastly you have kenny crossland trying to fight over john taylor thinking he will get promoted and taking him to races i thought he already knew bogle had the racing thing on a dead lock…

  5. LEO permalink

    To be in the gang you must have a alcohol or theft charge. Look at Justin Norris.

    • Douche bags of the DCSO Part 1 permalink

      – Tommy Bogle: brought Leo Waters in to talk to deputies when he was a Lt. Was then said to go on a rampant ass kissing fest to make it to warrants. Acts like he has an IQ of 40. Follows John Taylor around like a lost puppy.

      – Dan Weikal: looks like sloth from the Goonies had a love child with a yetti. Allegedly a severe alcoholic along the lines of Kerry Hall. Plays video games like a 12 year old kid. Begs women for dates and brags that Paul Roberts is his bitc^! Rumor he has a tiny Greg that resembles an enlarged cli#!

      – Chris prater: fat, slob, lost his shotgun “, got his ass beat, has a Dickie do and Dunlap disease.

      – Tony Wilkes: went from master control to administration by being Joyce Joyners pet.

  6. Uncle L.E.O. permalink

    This does not surprise me! Tony Wallace is lazy and worthless like the majority of warrants. There is a few good people and the rest are just Darons pet monkeys! Take Chris Prater for example.. Got his ass kicked when he was a dispatcher for running his mouth. Then Prater has some weird covered up incident involving a MISSING SHOTGUN! Yarlett is a suck up loser who went from maintenance turning wrenches.. To ICE supervisor? WTF! Then he begs for a warrants job.. Meanwhile good officers watch him bounce around and do what he wants. Alan Shonting is said to have gotten a second mortgage and gave it to Daron.. LMFAO what a loser! And what ever came of the girl who allegedly killed herself over him? Hmmm! Anita welch shakes the earth when she e ters or exits a car SMH. Old farts like Jackie Ray don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground and get plunked out when trying to serve a levy at a night club. Then you have idiots letting women who are evicted Put their ‘stuff in storage’ I’ll email that information to the site. Of course you have a guy like John Taylor leading the pack.. Is he still cheating on Jamie? I don’t blame him she’s gained a lot of weight. I wonder if Tommy Bogle is still holding Johns dick at the races LMAO! Then you have the fat 400 pound guys who are in their 30’s but won’t live to see 50 because of obesity.

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