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Security Captain pretending to be “police?”

March 30, 2013

We would like to introduce you to possibly the largest douche in Nashville/ Davidson County.. Donald “Donnie” Dixon. Dixon is the “Captain” over the general sessions court “SECURITY GUARDS.” We have received emails and info from several sources on Dixon.. and this troubling video appears to show Dixon wearing “POLICE” clothing, with a duty belt and gun. Allegedly Dixon works extra jobs as a “police officer” and informs his “security guards” that they can do the same. This recently came to light when Dixon’s subordinate Shawn Carter was arrested for working security at an apartment complex and claiming to be a “police officer.” If Carter had the proper leadership, he would have been advised that he is not a “police officer,” and needs to have an armed security license prior to working security. We have been informed that there are some GREAT men who work for the GS security division, however they desperately need new leadership. It is said that Dixon’s “Lieutenant” Christopher Edmonson has been known to park his personal vehicle in “police only” parking and place his “security badge” in the windshield to portray that he is a “police officer.” In the state of Tennessee a “police officer” must be POST certified..and we can find no evidence of Donald “Donnie” Dixon or Christopher Edmonson being certified as a “police officer.” To add to the confusion, Donnie Dixon is actually trained and armed by SHERIFF DARON HALL and one would speculate that he is wearing Hall’s weapon in this video, with his “POLICE” gear. It is time that someone steps in and gives the GS security guards new leadership!

P.S. It was also reported that this is the same Captain Dixon who accidentally fired a round off in the locker room years ago :/

Posted: Apr 09, 2012 8:23 PM CDT


The state of Tennessee is continuing to investigate after a Madison security guard was taken into custody over the weekend.

According to police, Sean Carter was not properly registered as a security guard at the time of his arrest on Saturday morning.

Authorities told Nashville’s News 2 Carter was drinking when he assaulted a man at gunpoint at the Meadow Brook apartments located on Spring Branch Road.

He faces charges for aggravated assault and possession of a handgun while under the influence.


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  1. Message to metro IT/ Warner Hassle permalink

    Please check the hard drive of Dixon’s office computer. He could possibly be violating metro’s computer policy by accessing this site and Facebook.. Thank you

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