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Ridiculous video starring GS Security Captain Donnie Dixon

March 17, 2013

Sheriff Daron Hall is in charge of security at the AA Birch courthouse. This “Harlem Shake” video appears to have been filmed in Judge Casey Moreland’s courtroom (Corley Pearson knows this place well). General Sessions Security Captain Donnie Dixon can be pictured in the video. Dixon is the portly gentleman standing in black guarding the judge. Dixon is allegedly trained by the Sheriff, armed by the Sheriff and answers to the Sheriff. What in the world is he doing making this video? Shouldn’t he be “securing” something? We have received a plethora of information about Dixon that will be published soon. Are there any DCSO administrators in this video?

Meanwhile….front line officers are managing thousands of inmates, with no raises and being scrutinized for every decision they make!


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  1. Big Lou permalink

    I heard Donnies meeting got interrupted the other day lmao! I’m Sure this is how a meeting goes… Donnie: ‘ok guys I’m gonna walk around and not do shit and ride my daddy’s coat tails getting laughed at by girls.. Chris is the only Lt in history to work a court room. He also has high estrogen and bad teeth!’

  2. Big Lou permalink

    It’s sad .. Donny actually called me crying asking if I had anything to do with this post! Everyone knows Donny is a douche and he bad mouths everyone. He said Sean Carter ‘got what he deserves’ after he was fired. But Donny does the same thing.. Working security in police gear! Donny is such a clown he never gets any hot girls.. Only fatties!

  3. Your Reality Check permalink

    You dumb ass, DCSO doesn’t handle security inside the Courtroom. What an epic fail this attack is. This entire site is an epic failure. Surely you’re not a disgruntled ex-employee. I’m glad we don’t have prudes for elected officials, such as the judge that allowed this after hours. Try again numb nuts.

    • Dear sir,

      This site is managed by a conglomerate of former and current employees. Our goal is to show another side of Daron Hall and his regime that they desperately attempt to hide. We will say what everyone is thinking, yet scared to say due to fear of retribution. If you are a happy DCSO employee.. congratulations.. This site may not be for you. Feel free to refrain from visiting or continue to post your opinions, we accept all opinions.

      If you re-read the post.. Daron Hall is in charge of security AT the courthouse. Captain Gilbert (post on the background of Gilbert coming soon) is the supervisor and it falls under Armed Services and Corley ‘can’t keep it in his holster’ Pearson. The general sessions security guards are trained by DCSO, received their weapons, etc from DCSO and the head GS security guard is in this video. Hopefully this clears up a few things for you.

      Also…. We see that you are a Mt. Juliet resident? Do you live in Chief Ford’s neighborhood by chance? If so, please tell him we said HELLO! 🙂

  4. Metro Voter permalink

    The fact that a man is HUMPING the table where defendants and victims sit is atrocious IMHO. This is an embarrassment to the judicial system and the Sheriff’s Office! It makes a mockery of something that is a very serious deal to everyone who steps foot into that courtroom. The Captain who takes part in the video should be fired immediately! The judge is an elected official so it’s up to the voters to voice their opinions. If it wasn’t for the sexual innuendo in the video I truly wouldn’t have an issue with it.

  5. Itsasecret permalink

    Do you have any idea what would happen to any DCSO employee if they were caught doing anything close to this off duty in our uniforms. But its ok because the Sheriff is such a coward and cant stand up to a judge and tell him no!!! And yes it may have taken place off the clock, but Im not exactly sure this is what the court house should be used for.

  6. Big Lou permalink

    Judge Moreland is a great guy, so is most of the people in this video.. Except Donny Dixon. He is an idiot and should have been fired along time ago! He makes as much as a DCSO corporal how in the hell is he a captain?

  7. karmaisa permalink

    Wow…Just FYI that video was done after hours, when the courtroom was CLOSED. It took less than 1 hour of time for the whole thing. Can’t we all just get along? This whole article is just douchey.

  8. ricky martin permalink

    Is that the same Donnie Dixon that had a fake police park pass for the metro garage? The same Donnie Dixon that Patty so fatty lied and got them illegal parking placards? The same Donny Dixon the wears a police shirt in Incredible Davies? The same Donnie Dixon that doesn’t take his people time when the courthouse is closed? The same Donnie Dixon that falsify his payroll? The same Donnie Dixon that got the interrupter pregnant? If that’s not enough, then come to our roll call meeting and listen to this clown. But don’t speak up or fat Humpty Dumpty Edmonson will threaten to kick your ass.

  9. RollTideBaby permalink

    Where Is SCOTT ROSS!?

  10. RollTideBaby permalink

    Donnie Dixon is the biggest douchebag ever! He tells people he is a police officer, but he’s not POST certified. Donnie is the one who they say popped off a round in the locker room. Donnie works at Incredible Dave’s in river gate and plays cop when he’s a security guard. BUT he comes to work and at least pretends to work a post unlike fat slob Chris Hampton and mark McClure. These dudes bitched everyday about work as Corporals and I guess Ford thought they would work as supervisors? LMFAO

    I like the Shriners cap in the video… I wonder If Lew stole that from his lodge along with some money? Lew left an old man in a holding cell about a week after he left the black woman. Donnie heard him banging and came to the rescue lol. Hampton swept it under the rug and blamed it on another officer. How in the hell does Lew have a job? He also broke into defensive driving class holding a knife!

    The armed services division resembles a monkey fucking a football daily lol. Good job Pearson, Ford, McClure.. It is ALMOST as bad as the train wreck at CJC with Weikal, JJ and Granveise

  11. thetallguy permalink

    Looks like the Hot Dog man from in front of CJC. Looks like his Umbrella as well.

    • Big Lou permalink

      No the tall guy is Gray aka LV.. The one who choked the shit out of Corky Pearson LNAOOOOO

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