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Inmate wrongfully released from CJC on 3-6-13?

March 7, 2013

Several sources from within the DCSO allege that an inmate was wrongfully released yesterday from CJC. The inmate is said to have had a ‘hold’ however this was over looked by the property officer… ALLEGEDLY, None other that Daron Hall crony RICKEY MARTIN! The same Rickey Martin who ran for metro council, worked with Daron at CCA, was handed a DCSO job in standards and was disciplined for inappropriate relations with female inmates as a laundry officer.


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  1. @TheRealBigNate permalink

    I keep running into people, saying that ‘this person’ or ‘that person’ was bitching about this blog..Even insinuating that I have something to do with it. To set the record straight I 100% support this blog and will help any way I can! Also I have had ZERO missed calls, texts or voicemails from anyone with a problem.. Only one person had the guts to send a drunken text about it. I know who my friends are and everyone else is fair game. I will be glad to meet up with anyone at the park, for lunch or a drink and we can discuss WHATEVER YOU WANT. I honestly feel sorry for everyone there making pennies, walking on eggshells, having some idiot pull your strings like a puppet.

    ‘Strike the Sheppard and the sheep will scatter’

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